Any Cute and caring men left? - w4m 23yr (37188, White House, TN, Robertson County)
I am not sure...I know they are out there just need to find one! I work full time and keep busy, although still looking for that special person in my life. I wouldnt mind some new friends also :) I would love to meet a intelligent, cute, fun and caring guy. I enjoy, walks, the beach, vacations, cooking, reading, outdoors. If you want to know more send a pic and some info about yourself. Please put your area code in the subject line so I will know that you are real! thanks for reading and good luck!

Your dating a lady who is married. Even thought u may love her I think its best that you move on and find somebody else because if this lady is cheating on her husband with you, whats to say she wont cheat on somebody when she is with you?>>

People tell me I look like Katy Perry at least three times a day 21yr (37188, TN, Robertson County)
So u probably wanna know a little about me five foot eight... That is six feet in heels. Hwp... I fluxuate a lot. I'm never fat or chubby and I do work out . But somtimes my waist is little and sometimes it's normal. Probably bc I'm such a bipolar eater. Dark hair... Shoulder length . It's naturally curly but I straighten the hell out of it which is why I'm relunctant to go crash head first into a wave if I have plans later that night. A great smile that will light up a room and your life. Green eyes. Beautiful smoldering captivating amazing green eyes. A crapton of tattoos most of wich are unfinished. I get too excited about getting new stuff. Oh and tattoos aren't cheap! I was a shop bitch back home so putting up with bs equals free tattoos. I'm a genuinly happy person most if the time. I cant sing well but I have a song for every situation. I love camping. My favorite cereal is a tie between cocoa pebbles and peanut butter crunch. I'm kind of a gypsy. I hate wearing shoes... Except for my toms. I drink but not often. I smoke ganja kind of often. I smoke cigarettes but how often usually depends on my stress level. I sometimes don't smoke for days other times I chain smoke like a tramp. I really love bonfires. But I'm kind of scared of fire if that makes any sense. I can't stay mad for very long. I love to go on adventures climb rocks go on hikes build forts and be silly. I am in live with art of all forms. Now about you. I really like hair... On your head I mean. Longer hair is amazing but short hair is ok too. Have a sense of humor .... Sarcasm counts. Take me on dates, picnics, To shows, to meet your friends, adventures ... Let's do fun things together. Please don't be an alky. Appreciate art. I <3 boys that skate , snowboard, surf like the beach! So many people claim to love the beach but everytime I ask them to they complain! Please have busted your ass a couple of times in the year bc I frequently. Interesting tattoos are nice don't be overweight. Beer belly's aren't terrible but nothing gross have stories to tell. Don't tell me I'm hot please come up with something better. Don't just try to kiss me right away or put your hand on my leg or other smooth shit . I want to get to know you first. Be over 21 under 36 enjoy cooking or eating I enjoy both. Your picture gets mine include your age where you live what you do and something that will make me want to respond. DO NOT send an email asking if I am real bc I just spent thirty minutes writing this and don't have time to deal with your insecurites already:-p please put your favorite type of burrito in the subject. Peace and lurve

Date married ladies/guys in your neighbourhood.

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Seeking an artistic mate (White House, 37188 , Robertson County)
Super cool, free-spirited gal here, looking for someone special to be my guy, my muse, my oasis in the middle of this crazy city. A little about me and what I'm looking for.. Well, first off, I'm uber female and I take healthy pride in my appearance, but I'm not high-maintenance in the least and don't expect you to be. We should be totally comfy together in our pj's. I'm whip-smart and I can spell every word I say . Cheesy as it sounds, my brain is my greatest asset . Best believe I will challenge you intellectually. Simply put, if I don't feel as though we can learn from each other mutually or broaden each others' horizons in any way then I can't be with you. I'm a total giver. I enjoy giving as much as getting- in bed and in general. I'm super affectionate and love cuddling, holding hands and soft kisses. I also love to cook for my sweetie, so expect all kinds of yummy little treats! Making my guy smile is the best feeling in the world to me. I don't care what you do for a living, where you did or didn't go to school, how much money you do or don't make, etc., as long as you have some kind of aspiration in life and a positive outlook to go with it. I love men of all shapes, shades, sizes and styles. Just be healthy and carry yourself well - that's what's going to make you attractive in my eyes. A little edge to your look wouldn't hurt , but anything goes with me as long as you rock it. Last but not least, I DO NOT want to date you if: -you're already seeing someone -you're only looking for a hookup -you're insecure in your sexuality -you like to play games -you're a bimbo, a hoodrat, fake in any way, or a total jock! -you're afraid of honesty or have problems communicating on a real level -you're unintelligent or boring. I don't care how handsome you might be- if you open your mouth and end up sounding like Jessica Simpson I'm going to run screaming in the opposite direction. A little bit of character goes a long way with me. So there you have it. Basically, I'm looking for someone who has the potential not only to be my boyfriend but also my best friend. After all, the best relationships begin and end in friendship, no? I'm ready for something real. I'm ready to make someone happy. If this is something you want also, take a chance and send me a message. The beauty of this whole thing is that if worse comes to worst and there's absolutely zero spark between us, there's always the chance that we'll end up good friends. :) Ciao for now but talk to you soon! <3 P.S. Be a babe and send me a pic with your reply

Do you want a real best friend first? 34yr (White House, 37188, TN )
A true best friend, intellectual match, equal and caring partner. A man that can see beauty in who a person is rather than their physical shape. Someone that wants to truly communicate on a deep level and build a LTR. I need a cuddly mature best friend that wants to build a life partnership over time. You should be the type of person that loves communication, cares about feelings and thinks of yourself as a different type of being. If you want to write emails, call every now and then just to say hi would be really nice. Showing you really want to get to know me through writing and asking questions about me and sharing who you are would be wonderful. Please come across like a real person. Kindness is a passion when someone is kind to me as well. I also am passionate about creating a true partnership with someone - as a best friend, intellectual equal, spiritual companion and physical match. I like big and cuddly men alot :-) It matters more to me who you are and how you treat me than what you look like. Most days are spent working on accounting homework, writing, listening to music in my small studio apt, walking on the beach, walking to the library or just hanging out downtown for a sense of reality and fun! I also love having time to snuggle and play with my cat friend :-) I am a homebody - it would be nice if we shared that way of being too. I have been described as voluptuous and have a big body at 5'6 and 200 pounds now. I am taking off the weight for myself and my health, but at my normal weight I am around 160 - 170, so still big. I walk a lot, but I am not the active/fit/exercise type. I am WAY more than a body :-) I hope you are too :-)

looking for a nice guy 36yr (37188, White House, Tennessee)
I'm a pretty woman...blonde hair, blue dating for married single mom, 5'6....looking for a nice, good looking SWM 29-35 to date and spend some time with. I do like my men younger and fun so if you like older women, send me an email and we can take it from there

Looking for possible ltr 24yr (White House, Tennessee )
I don't live in the city yet, though I am going to be apartment hunting soon. I'm 24, light skinned African American, short brown hair and brown eyes, short stature, average weight with some curves. I work in the education field at the moment, at a school upstate. I'm posting in the manhattan section because I spend a good deal of time in the area. I'm looking for a single, really tall guy, 6ft and over, preferably Caucasian or Hispanic.Your weight isn't very important to me, I have no problem dating a larger guy. I'm more interested in your personality, that always trumps looks in my opinion. I'm not planning on trading pics in the first email, I'd like to get to know you a bit before we exchange pics. I'm looking for someone close to my age. I'm not looking for a father figure, as I don't have daddy milfs Please be between 24-36, though a year older would be acceptable. I have a lot of interests and hobbies, that I'm looking to share with someone. Hope to hear from someone soon.

So I'm dating this married girl. She's very cool and we only kissed a few times. She cheated on her husband before and I know damn well she is not in love with him. I could have slept with her at least twice but my morals said "NO">>

Request for Excitement 34yr (White House, Tennessee )
Hi Guys, I am a married woman dating for married can not stand the redundancy of life right now. I miss men. Talking with men. Flirting with men. The Chase. The first kiss. The newness. The excitement. So this is my request for that. Because of my situation discretion is obviously required. Are there any married men out there who are feeling the same way? I've never cheated on my husband and can't say that I want to. But, damn it, I need some EXCITEMENT! Please be between the ages of 30-40, educated, witty, and empathetic of my situation. The last thing I need is more annoying men trying to tell me what is right and wrong! And don't worry guys - this is not YOUR wife ;)

Bay to Breakers, are you going? 30yr (37188, White House, TN)
I lived on the run route last year dating for married couldn't believe it! It was so crazy! I want to go to an be part of it this year, but it starts really early. I'm not looking to run it, but just dress up and party. It's helps if you live out in sf since the race starts at 8am. I live close by the route. We can meet before hand, maybe the day before? About me. sbf, 30 years old, 5'4, 105 pounds, lives in sf and I would love a reason to dress up and have fun. Send a pic, I will not reply without one. You should be ages between 23-40. Any race. Live in sf Ready to party