It's getting harder and harder... 36yr (Brandon, South Dakota )
To wait for true love. I am freaking horny. I want to find the man of my dreams but I am beginning to doubt he's anywhere to be found. Meanwhile, I have needs... yes women want sex too. I am not sure what to do and not sure if any of you losers can help me but putting it on list is kind of like telling the universe.

I am currently dating a married woman. I have known her for eight years, but we have just become romantically involved in the last four and a half months. I've known she has not been happy with her marriage for years and wants to end it, but she has not yet done so due to a variety of reasons. I'm certain that she does not love her husband -- I've met him before, and I cannot understand why she's with him at all.>>

RE: Equal Rights For All (57005, Brandon, SD)
''I can tell you up front that I don't get along with narrow-minded bigots/racists, etc. '' What a bigoted remark. People who don't have the same beliefs as you are narrow - minded. I'm straight, but not narrow minded. Just because I don't have the same beliefs as you doesn't mean I'm bigoted. I accept my beliefs and I accept that you have the right to your own beliefs.

Date married ladies/guys in your neighbourhood.

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Seeking smoking friend 28yr (Brandon, 57005, SD )
420 friendly female here that would like to find a special friend to be close with.. Must have an honest an straitforward demeanor, be gental, an like to have fun! Kinda a hippish woman, clean, works, drives-is kinda shy at first...True heart. Not shaken by the world. Simply looking for a friend to hangout with...share things with.

Slim, Long dark haired Beauty 41yr (Brandon, South Dakota )
5ft 7, long dark hair, brown eyes, extremely fit, elegant, super smart, successful and fun loving... Looking for a Confident, Witty, Easy going Male in good shape and with great integrity age late 30's - late 40's 5ft 10+ in the Florida area... Please email in the first instance with a photo and I will be in touch

Non-Religious Non-Conformist Seeks Same 31yr (57005, SD, Minnehaha County)
Non-Religious Non-Conformist Seeks Same I want it all Ė that GENUINELY REAL & EMOTIONALLY-HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with my best friend/significant other/playful lover. Underneath my petite, happy, sexy, and somewhat reserved exterior is a brainy, outgoing, sassy, and sweet interior that cherishes traditional values like honesty, great communication, and passionate, monogamous intimacy while rejecting traditional institutions like marriage, religion, and raising a family. While Iím truly happy for the rest of the world, itís not the lifestyle for me. Call me a well-rounded hedonist, but I seek to live out the rest of my days enjoying life with my most favorite person. I am no longer dating for fun or the experience. While my biological clock is NOT an issue, I would like to be committed to someone before Iím 50. I am dating seriously to find the right person for dating for married not just the next pretty good guy that comes along. In a sound bite, that means my future best friend and lover doesn't believe in God, doesn't want kids, and doesn't smoke or do drugs. I'm seeking someone that has time to date consistently, wants to get to know someone new, and most of all enjoys a long-term relationship. Like me, you are happy as an individual, at work, and pretty settled in life, you are only missing that special person! Eventually, I'd like to see you two or three times a week. Send me your best smiling face. ;) I love men who smile! Instead of getting stuck in email hell forever, maybe we can exchange a couple of emails and think about meeting up shortly thereafter! Let's share laughs and kisses! Yum! I'll cover the major, important topics. 14 Things That You'll Love About Me: Religion: I'm 100% atheist, not hardcore in the sense that I've read Dawkins' books, but enough that as many Christian, Roman Catholic, and Jewish best friends that I have, love, and happily accept, none of us talk about religion because, really, what's the point? Who do we think we'll change? Seriously. :) Kids: I don't want kids. I LOVE other peopleís babies and am the designated babysitter when we all get together, but I just donít want any kids of my own. Pets: I'm very allergic to pets Marriage: I don't need to/want to get married, although I do expect a monogamous and committed relationship Financially Savvy: I have great credit, am smart with money, financially sound, secure, hence, I'm independent. A man is NOT a financial plan to me. I like to save and also enjoy what I've worked hard for. So should you. Social skills: Can be very social/outgoing, love to have gatherings at my place at least once a year, but also enjoys nights in and doing nothing Lifestyle: Love to sleep in/relax, am not a morning person, pretty clean/organized for 95% of the time, not OCD clean Food: Love to eat out, total foodie Emotional/Psychological Health: Life should be simple and free of drama/baggage, not on any meds, believe in positive outlook and creating one's own happiness You are drug/smoke/disease free and are sound in mental health without the aid of modern science. -We're both independent beings, but can rely on each other. You happily encourage me to have my own life at work, with friends, and further develop my own interests so I can stay my own independent person. -We inspire the other to be our best, true self; we're not out to change each other. You can appreciate or also have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, learning, and growing when it comes to connecting with others and learning about how to be an even better person. -We believe in creating the life we want and seeing the glass half full. Carpe Diem! You agree that no matter what hardships may occur in life, in the end everything turns out for the better. ***One must be a complete and happy individual alone first, to bring joy to someone elseís life.*** -Top 7 Traits I Believe are Important: self awareness, self reflection, selflessness, self actualization, self esteem, philanthropy/charity, and the wisdom and determination to grow and live a balanced life -Iím not your average woman. Iím better. Iíve been described by others as patient, giving, nurturing, selfless, and caring. And because you can tell a lot about a person based on what they like/dislikeÖ I barely like traveling. I havenít traveled abroad because 3rd world countries, unsafe places, or being in cold weather donít appeal to me. I once went a few years without being on a plane and in summer 2008 went to Hawaii, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Canada. I am not very outdoorsy, adventurous, or spontaneous. I love planning my social activities. I'm also Asian, bilingual, petite, sexy, sassy, sweet, smart with an hour-glass figure and killer dimples. Iím probably more mature than most, with a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed approach to life. I hope to start out as friends with great chemistry and have a strong foundation built on trust, honesty, great communication, patience, kindness, selflessness, fun, and laughter.

Re: I got hated on and removed. Whateva. milfs read - 37 (Brandon, 57005 , Minnehaha County)
Dang... by the time I was able to reply to your ad, it was pulled. Contact me.

Are you currently dating a married woman? Is this your first time or are you experienced when it comes to dating another man's wife? Whatever the case may be, you must know the basic rules and regulations when it comes to dating a married woman.>>

where are you . . . . . . 55yr (57005, Brandon, SD, Minnehaha County)
Are you just a dream I had and are not real? Are you not out there and I am just fouling myself? I have read the ads from men in here but they are looking for their own dreams and they are not me. I am still looking for you. I don't like going out to look for you because all I come across are empty flirts. You would want to know all about me and me about you before we went to the next step of making love . you are the type that likes to hold my hand and loves just kissing me. Loves doing things with me like going to a girl flick just because you know I want to see it but also knowing that I would love going to the games with you because I know that makes you happy. wanting to do yard work with me because we laugh and talk and get to spend time together. You would know that I love it when you come up behind me and put your arms around me and lean in and whisper that you are happy and that you just love the way I smell then kiss me on the neck. You call me just because you had to hear my voice and tell me that you miss me even though you are still in my driveway after a date. Then sometimes you ask me to leave the dishes till in the morning and that you will help me with them then because you wanted me to be with you right now. You see dating for married in the paper that you know i would really enjoy and you come get me and take me there without telling me anything about it because you love surprising me. You love looking into my eyes because you can see my soul and you can see you there So, where are you. . . . . . . .I miss my best friend, my partner, my better half, my love, my life. . . . . .my all.

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