Somewhere in Between 23yr (29812, Barnwell, South Carolina)
Ok so I'll be honest, I don't understand why I'm getting hatemail. People have prefrences and it's not cruel it's just who they are. A person who has asthema would never date a chain smoker and it's not because either of them are bad people they're just not the right one. So take a look at why you're really writing me and please stop. I would never interfere with someone's attempt to find someone please don't interfere with mine. I'm not on here to hurt anyone, to make anyone feel bad I just want to find someone that I could stand spending some time with. I miss the phone calls just to see how you are, I miss getting a drink or two and dancing, and I miss kissing. I tend to find men who don't care and I walk away easily enough, or men who cling to me every second and I run away. Is there someone in between who wants to have a good time? I am: 23, Female I'm a smoker, planning to quit on June 1st, so we'll cross our fingers and hope for the best. I am 420 recreationally not daily, Drink every so often, but every Wens and Friday for Karaoke I'm a stuent on summer break looking for a job but I have savings enough to pay for me. I will be a High School English Teacher when I graduate next spring. I paint, sketch and sing as often as I can. I like horror movies, comedies, and kung fu movies I'm looking for: 22-28 male Ethnicity doesn't matter Religion only matters if you yell at me or condemn me for mine. I'm a Christian, but not a bible thumper. Smoking ciggarettes is a plus because I do, but if you don't make me feel like crap I don't care either way. In my last post I said I don't like drug ABUSE. I'm a recreational smoker but not everyday, sometimes not every week. I go out drinking sometimes but I don't want an alcoholic or somoeone into harder drugs. It's a prefrence, not a judgement. I just know when exposed to things like that people can become one themselves and I like who I am right now, why change in that way? I would prefer no kids, I'm only 23, I'm not ready to be a mommy figure. It's nothing against people who have kids, I'm just not ready for that. I would prefer people who don't change their opinion to agree with me on everything. I won't change my opinion. And yes, I do post on here a lot because it's cheap, more men than women look at it, and there is a confidentiality attached to posting here. So yes you may have seen me before but that's because I get bored with the people I meet in real life and why not see everyone that's out there before making a choice? I'll be honest, please don't reply if you don't have enough self esteem to post a picture. I've been with selfconcious guys and I hated it. I can do it so you should be able to too. I also know it sounds shallow but initial attraction does have a basis in appearance, I'm not a model you don't have to be either, but if you're a guy who is worried about their looks my best advice is get a personality to compensate. Men can get away with being ok looking as long as they have a personality, women don't always have that luxury. To prove you're real post a pick up line as the subject. The cornier the better. I'm a big fan of puns. Oh and by the way... The first picture I decided to take about ten minutes ago... so that's me, right now.

I am currently dating a married woman. I have known her for eight years, but we have just become romantically involved in the last four and a half months. I've known she has not been happy with her marriage for years and wants to end it, but she has not yet done so due to a variety of reasons. I'm certain that she does not love her husband -- I've met him before, and I cannot understand why she's with him at all.>>

thick girl 21yr (29812, Barnwell, SC, Barnwell County)
looking for a guy to talk to... message me with a picture to see mine in exchange.

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Sweet and honest mom looking for soul mate 47yr (Barnwell, 29812 , Barnwell County)
I'm looking for a husband for my mom. She sucks at doing that for herself. She has been single now for almost a decade and she is too sweet to live the rest of her life alone. I would hate for her to go by life w/o having the joy of togetherness that I have w/ my husband. She is a widow and has been married twice. Read on if you are interested. A little about my beautiful mom: She is my best friend and the closest thing to my heart. She loves life, music, traveling and is very adventurous. She is the most sincere and honest person you will meet. She hates lies and has never lied to or for anyone in her life. A strong Christian and she would prefer a man who shares the same fate. She has been a teacher for 20+ years and is still doing so. She loves her job, is athletic, is up for almost any adventure. Over and above, she is a beautiful soul and the right person will soon see that. She wants someone to dance w/ her until the end of time. So yes, this 47 year old mama is looking for a fairytale married life. She lives by the book, and is very happy and content she does that. She has lived a lot of her life in India, worked and has traveled extensively. If you like spicy food, that's a big plus. She lives in Atlanta is going to be in NYC soon. I want to screen some people for her to meet and eventually settle down w/. Send me an email and if possible meet us. You might just find the love of your life who is the sweetest angel who doesn't deserve to go through life alone. Neither do you :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! Email to exchange pictures

CURVACEOUS,ROMANTIC,Intellect,WRITER,Humor..for Young, Sensitive Man (Barnwell, South Carolina )
Hello you brilliant cerebral self-confident sensitive guy...looking for someone special like me! Still, If you want a real, fully alive woman with a brain, a heart and a spirit, then by all means, proceed to the following: Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I am copying here, for you, a post I placed at another site. Here goes: *[I'm a mature, loving, tender, warm, compassionate woman seeking a special man with similar qualities, who loves music and humor and wants lifelong love. If you're younger than 50, you're much too young for me; UNLESS YOU ARE OF THAT RARE BREED OF MALE who truly appreciates the unique wonderfulness of a woman of my depth, intellect, femininity, sensuality and more and who will not be deterred by society's opinion of mature woman-somewhat younger man relationships. A YOUNGER MAN WHO WELCOMES MY SPECIALNESS.] I'm 5'5'', curvy, don't smoke, and am highly eclectic. FEMALE ROMANTIC, INTELLECT, WRITER, MUSIC-LOVER.. LAUGHTER AND CHALLENGING CONVERSATION INVIGORATE MY DAY... If you enjoy a lively conversation and love humor and the arts, you will like me. I'm a writer, love to read varied subjects . You would call me ''shapely;'' I would agree. Full lips, high cheekbones...etc. I have another career, as well as writer -- ask me about it. Searching for a sensitive, kind man who is not afraid of a tender woman who is also wise and curious and funny. He should have a spiritual dimension... meaning, you are not arrogant, but have some humility about things unseen and that can't be fully known on this plane. I think you might be in the arts or sciences...but this is not required. Definitely you must be a nonsmoker. [Sorry to all sincere/decent/honest men reading this, but I have to add this caveat : PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE MARRIED, SEPARATED, INVOLVED WITH ANOTHER WOMAN, OR WANT SOME WIERD COMBINATION OF CRAZINESS THAT WOULD BORE ME TO DEATH. MY CREATIVE IMAGINATION SUFFICES TO KEEP ME HAPPY. I do not require anybody and everybody to invade my life. And, by the way, IF YOU DO HAVE SOMEONE TO LOVE, THEN COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY...AND LEAVE ME OUT OF THE RIDICULOUS TRIANGLE!!!] Importantly, I don't want to limit myself as to the age a man must be to get to know me and for us to become friends . Therefore, any man who is interested in a woman of my qualities -- say, a male between ages 50 and 65 - could be appropriate for me. I'm open to exploring. So...Looking forward to speaking with you. Arrivederci for now. The following are some descriptives that apply to me : . artistic . caring . classical music . companionship . compassionate . curious . creative . curvaceous . dependable . devoted . ecstatic . empathic . exceptional . friendship . full lips . high cheekbones . humor . intellect . kind . laughter . lively conversation . loving . nonsmoker . opera . passionate . philosophical . pretty . profound and light-hearted . reading . respectful . Romantic . romantic music . Rubenesque . self-confident . sensitive . sensual . shapely . spiritual . talented . tender . tender-caresser . thoughtful . unusual . wise . wonderful . Writer . Young Man or Young-at-Heart Man

Refined, Fun, Artsy ISO W/A Master of Universe - Protect/Serve,Laugh 41yr (Barnwell, 29812, SC )
Petite and very pretty, voluptous/slim brunette w big eyes, cross of Scarlett o'hara and Wonderwoman ISO successful, goodlooking handsome hunk o'burnin' love to excite me and take care of his favorite gal. I'm fun, happy, fiery and sensual....I like philosophy but I like pop too....I'm a great listener and I love animals, gardening, sketching, the beautiful clear nights with stars in the sky and people who have a refinement of the soul. I am very loving and need someone who is affectionate and for real. I can be passionate about my views, but am open-minded, forgive quickly, esp when you mean it! Please don't waste time if you intend to write emails forever. I want to meet a dating for married guy to have all kinds of fun with, a cool and compassionate, smart ambitious guy who knows its all worthed for the right lady! I am adventurous and yet love the basics. Having fun and being happy is better shared.

Much needed attention (29812, Barnwell, SC)
SBF seeking out single race open man to meet and get to know each other. Possibly ltr, depends on our milfs Please be older than 25 and younger than 45 and include a pic in your response

Dating a married man is absolutely verboten, at least this was what our mother used to say, but then she was always a religious woman>>

HUMAN FOOTSTOOL 34yr (29812, SC, Barnwell County)
I'm 6' tall, 155pnds, 34 yo, thin, totally smooth, and I'm looking for a man who wants to use me as his footstool. I'm very submissive and the more masculine and aggressive you are the better. If you'd like, I can be your bitch and your sex slave. The kinkier and dirtier you are the better. I need a man who can over-power me and beat me into submission if I don't obey. I'm generally into latin guys, middle-eastern guys, and thug types, but if you're a white guy who can be forceful behind closed doors, that's great too. If you want, I'll bring over my dog collar and leash, make you a nice dinner and then you can treat me like a dog, throw me under the table and use me as your footstool while you eat dinner and watch T.V. Just to let you know, I would love to be used as a footstool by a straight guy as well. Gay guys are fine too, just as dating for married as you are aggressive and testosterone filled. No sex required. Please send me a ''face'' picture for a response. Again, PLEASE SEND ME A ''FACE'' PICTURE FOR A RESPONSE.

Loss for words 27yr (Barnwell, South Carolina )
I really am at a loss for words. To best attempt to explain my current state of thought would go something like this. I am a very nice person, attractive, smart, ambitious, really funny, a little crazy but not like every other female. I am not asking for much, nor do I set my standards too high. I just am at a loss for why it seems to be so difficult to find a good guy. In a million years I never would have begun to imagine it would be this difficult. I am beginning to believe it may be time for me to give up completely. Perhaps the life as a cat woman wouldn't be that bad? I read the dating for married on Cl for what men are looking for and for the most part they are looking for strictly a sexual relationship , a party girl, a girl to do drugs with etc. Don't guys value a woman that can find entertainment in the simpler things in life? I mean I am attractive, not drop dead gorgeous, but I have my assets. I have three degrees, am good company to be around, debt free, childless, never married etc. Why is it that no one can find value in me?

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