any good guys out there 26yr (Lake Ariel, 18436 , Wayne County)
are there any nice guys out there, looking to go out and meet for a date educated, single here, must know how to treat a lady be single and be real

Now a days many of married men looking for a date with the married women. When considering married dating, women and man both are looking for somewhat they dont have at home. Step lightly and expect to get the best from extramarital affair.>>

Wow 20yr (18436, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania)
I'm not entirely sure why people on here are soo effing flag happy. I would put why I think its happening on here, but it would probably hurt those who are flaggings feelings.. Oh well. I'll try one more time. I finally gave into my nerdy ways... I had a personal agenda against the game so I refused to play it for years, but I finally gave it and.... Enjoyed it?? Yes.. I was surprised too... Who would have known? I am by no means obsessed, nor do I play it all the time. But I DEFINITELY enjoy it. BUT, enough about that. I should probably tell everybody a bit about myself. My name is Catherine. I'm 20 years old. I work extremely part time. I plan on going back to school in the fall. I have lived in portland most of my life. I took a 4 year detour in a really small town. It wasn't terrible, but I am definitely a city girl. I love to live in the city, but do small town things. camping, hiking, swimming. Its all awesome! This summer I plan to get in as much camping as possible. I also love electronics / games/ movies/ tv. I tend to not watch tv shows until they are finished making it, and then sit and watch it all the way through. I hate waiting. Some of my favorites are dexter, battlestar galactica, V, and WAY more. lol. I am a very musical person. I sing, play the guitar, and the piano. and not the fake kind of playing where you know a few chords and then you can claim it. I actually went to school for a lot of it. Vocal coaches, guitar and piano classes. I'm pretty bad ass =P Now, lets talk physical. I 'm about 5'7'', light brown hair, bluish green eyes. I'm a bigger girl but I carry it VERY well. All proportioned for my weight if that makes any sense at all. I guess I'll attach some pictures so you can judge for yourself. Might as well get that out of the way from the get go. Because, lets face it, if you aren't somewhat attracted to someone than odds are it isn't going to work out. And the final chapter to my ad is what I am looking for. I'm looking for someone who likes the same things as I do, but also is different enough to go off and do their own thing. I want the kind of relationship where you can spend your day with someone, without completely hovering over one another. Don't get me wrong, I love to cuddle and be close to someone, but not ALL the time. Someone that I can spend a week with and we wont get sick of each other. Someone who LOVES sex, and wants it a lot, but doesn't need it. Will want to fix a problem if its something important, but will let the little things go. Likes PDA, but doesn't get upset if I am not paying 100% attention to them, or at the very least will let me know if they are feeling that way so I can give them a giant hug and a kiss to make them feel better. Lol. Someone that will also take the initiative to hold my hand if they want to, and wont wait for me to do it. Will sit down for an afternoon and play a game, or have a movie marathon and be completely content. Maybe I am asking too much. I dont think so, but oh well. Physically, I am into someone who is taller than me. Not extremely skinner, but not really heavy either. A little extra is perfect. I am into all sorts of guys physically, so I tend to judge case by case. lol SO, if you're interested in responding than go ahead. Just so everyone knows, I am also not by any means going to just jump into a relationship. I want to make sure its someone thing that really fits and works. Yeah, its not 100%, but There are some things people know they can and can't live with. In your subject, put your favorite color and add a picture so I know that you are real. Have a wonderful tuesday!! On to my 2 hour drive home! ::Catherine::

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lookin to meet a cool potential boyfriend 22yr (Lake Ariel, 18436, PA )
I swear im NOT uglY and im not desperate lol just too lazy to do the dating scene again after wasting 3 yrs of my life oN a total dick...Im a gorgeous girl looking for a sweet guy preferably black or white no older than 26 has hids own place or atleast own car im a funny down to earth i dont smoke but im 420 friendly as long as ur fully functioning in all aspects lol not just on petes couch all day....i like family guy, adult swim, movies lotsa movies i like to make fun funny memories i love cheap stuff like chilis but i occasionally like a romantic date im not a nagger im more of a best friend / girlfriend i like basketball no specific team bt i like specific players...i like sanfrancisco and the sea lions!! im a cancer and im very sweet goofy and silly im also hoping to start a family within the next 4 yrs. um im a brown skinned black /indian female with a reddish tone long dark brown hair and big pretty eyes DD boobs if ur an ass guy keep it movin lol borderline thick but not quite i wiegh 140 and im 5 foot 7 i am down to exchange pics talk on the phone face book and myspace....not rushing into things i just wanna meet a cool guy...and let the sparks fly

Single black BBW 16/18 31yr (18436, Lake Ariel, PA, Wayne County)
Im a single black female 31 years old i stand at 5'4 with a medium carmel complexion short black hair and brown eyes, no kids and never married.. I'm looking for a single mature male to start a friendship with and hopefully a long term relationship can progress... pic 4 pic and color dosent matter.. :) please put ''mature male'' in the subject line so i know you real.

friends & lovers - w4m 35yr (Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania )
Professionally, I am an aspiring writer and graphic designer who spends most of my free time reading & writing. In an effort to meet single people in my age range, I'm reaching out virtually. I prefer meeting people the old-fashioned way, but that doesn't happen so easily anymore. People pay more attention to their electronic devices than to the live humans in front of them! So here I am.I prefer Blue Bottle to Starbucks; John Sayles to Oliver Stone; Tilda Swinton to Sandra Bullock; Henry Miller to John Grisham; the Zen Center to Church; and organic & crunchy to processed & packaged. I prefer museums, bookstores, and cafes to dating for married clubs, and shopping malls.If any of the above resonates with you, do drop me a line!

Hott latina looking for an older guy 19yr (Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania )
I guess I'm mainly here to find someone who could prove me wrong that there is such a thing as a great guy. I haven't had the best of relationships but I'm still hopeful. Right now my main focus in life is to finish college and pursue my singing career, so with that said if you want to date me you should be into music lol. I'm a very laid back kind of girl, I enjoy going out to dinner and a movie as boring as that may sound. I'm content with playing video games with that one special guy, although I suck at it. I'm an artsy/musician type individual so I enjoy going to museums or concerts, obviously do to my age I can't really drink or go clubbing, but I don't really have the desire to do these things anyways so it's no biggie. I think another reason as to why I've had some awful relationships is because I wasn't being selective enough, so that is definately going to change. I don't want to come across as being conceited, or picky or w/e else but I'm going to list some qualities that I'm looking for in a man. 1. I'm looking for someone between the ages of 22-30. . 2. They need to love dogs-If I date another cat person I will throw up. 3. I like guys who are 5'11 and up milfs 4. I prefer guys with toned/average bodies. 5. I love white guys. . 6. I love an educated man, so you need to either be in college or already have a degree. 7. In order to go on dates, you need to have a job. 8. You need to have a great personality, if you look like Chace Crawford but you're a dick, don't even bother talking to me. 9. You need to have a sense of humor!!! . 10. Just be yourself and everything will be fine. 11. Don't smoke or do drugs!! So this is basically my little mini-list of what I'm looking for in a man, now I forgot that I haven't even described myself yet so here goes.... 1. I'm 5'5, tan, thick/curvy and I'm half mexican, the other half is really mixed lol. . 2. I have dark brown hair, medium length, and brown eyes. 3. I'm 19 years old and a fulltime college student. 4. I don't drink or do drugs/smoke. 5. I'm looking for someone who could rock my world =) So If anything I've listed applies to you, feel free to reply. To help me with getting rid of spam title the reply, '' I'm your guy'' Hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon! P.S- I didn't post any photos on here because of the privacy issue, but if you send a pic I can send some back in return. So please attach a photo to your reply. Thanks ;} If you don't send a photo, I won't respond to your email....just being clear.

The first tip you must understand when dating a married woman is proper time management. If you don't manage your time with her the right way, you will blow this whole situation, point blank.>>

witTEA, poeTREE, + obscure music comps: Let's go on a date 20yr (18436, Lake Ariel, PA)
So basically, I'm a college student at home with the 'rents for a couple weeks looking to go on a date or two while I'm here. I like tea, coffee, poetry , bicycles, dumpster diving, trees , crosswords , philosophy talking and the comedic stylings of Bill Cosby and Mark Twain. To say that I enjoy music is an intentional would actually take an entire PHD dissertation to properly explain my love affair with music. dating for married a semi-pro folk musician and I listen to the likes of The DeZurik Sisters, Josephine Foster, Nirvana, Parliament, Patsy Cline, afro funk, Jim Morrison's tirades, italo disco, etccccccc I'm headed down the road of starving artist or wealthy inventor but none of that matters. I look like a pretty girl and I'm not fat and I dress like a thrift store mannequin and of course that matters. You like to have conversations and poetry readings over cups of tea, you have extraordinary taste in everything, and you're a handsome 19-23 year old looking for a pleasant date and nothing more. Send me something you think I'd enjoy , a brief something about yourself, and a photo. Then we can get some hot bevs, sip in the shade, and chit-chat away the merry day. oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh

where in the *&)&)uck are all the vegetarians at?! 30yr (18436, PA, Wayne County)
ok so i dont need ALL the vegetarians.. just one.. but u get the picture 30f 5'3'' blonde hair blue eyes athletic - i would be ur friend.. but i'm not going to date u unless U ARE A VEGETARIAN - sorry - meat eaters are grody bro - u is stinky and u has bad breaf - u is also mean.. i hope fate drops u on an island that's inhabited w cannibals and u die a slow painful death being roasted like a piggy and they eat u alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwuuuahahahahahha loves: art,music,the beach, sunshine, gardening, eco-friendly living, organic, vegetarian, reading, new age, mind over matter, equality, fun, dreams, concerts.. art festivals.. cooking.. flowers, magic, cats, - plus points if u look like the singer from uhh the killers or muse.. lol ok i'm not that picky.. hates: aggression, porn, paris hilton, dick cheney, ok so dick cheney is a little more damaging than paris hilton, but i forgot mention that i like comedy, so.. just throwing some of that in there - and can someone just plug up the hole at the bottom of the gulf dating for married meg whitman's fatass already? that will cut down on the materials bill by like half... if u are one of those guys who's like OH MY GOD IT'S BBQ TIME WHERE'S MAH COORS LIGHTS AND MAH CLONE CHICKEN WINGS AND LET'S BLOW UP SOME MORE ARABS FOR JESUS then can u just please not bother? bcuz im going to block u anyway and u wont even be graced w one of my witty replies.. THX DOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if u dont have a pic u dont get a reply!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD ARE THERE CHALLENGES TO PASS IN ORDER TO GET TO THIS PRINCESS OR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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