Looking for a guy with a big unit 26yr (Shawnee, 74801, OK )
A/C unit that is! Dirty mind. Every summer it is hot and sticky and I detest it! I live in a small one bedroom with only a window unit and let me tell you it is not doing the job at all. So I'd like to date a guy who has a good cooling system. Bonus points for central air. But I'm not looking to date you just for the a/c. It would be great if we could click, like a few of the same things, made fun of eachother until I laugh so hard I pee my pants like that time in 3rd grade. Wait what. About me: Good dental hygiene Culturally aware Hates Twilight Loves Arrested Development Kenny Powers Good manners Cute Sexy, even when wearing glasses and Grateful Dead t-shirt Intelligent Kick ass dog Awesome maker of peanutbutter and jelly sandwich Best back scratcher....period Nice butt Will let you win at ping-pong Hope to hear from you! P.S No men old enough to be my father

I am currently dating a married woman. I have known her for eight years, but we have just become romantically involved in the last four and a half months. I've known she has not been happy with her marriage for years and wants to end it, but she has not yet done so due to a variety of reasons. I'm certain that she does not love her husband -- I've met him before, and I cannot understand why she's with him at all.>>

Asian Looking... (74801, Shawnee, Oklahoma)
Asian female, Taurus, 26, from Vallejo. Working college student, majoring in Engineering. I work in San Rafael, I go to school in Napa, hoping to transfer out to Davis or Berkeley. I really don't have a lot of drama, other than school or work related dramas. I'm single, no kids, never married, not into drugs, no diseases, but I am shy in the beginning but can warm up fast. Looking for: Caucasians or Asians, ages 26-32, has great sense of humor, good hygiene, has a good head on their shoulders... meaning; has a stable job and/or in school. Has NO drama, meaning; never married, no kids, not getting over an ex, not a player, not on drugs, has no diseases, etc. If interested, reply back telling me about yourself with pic attach. No pic No reply. No 1-3 sentences please and on subject write something unique or can stand out, to make sure you're not spam. Got yahoo im? ''dreamerplayette''

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Why are WM afraid of dating BF 25yr (74801, OK, Pottawatomie County)
So I was doing some heavy thinking today about white men and why they are afraid to date black women. I understand there is a difference in cultures however why limit yourself to one race your soul mate could be from another. I understand at times we can be a little to aggressive or assertive but not all of us are like that. I know some of you are afraid that we may be ''ghetto'' however there are many educated level headed black women out here like myself. It's weird now because I think white men understand me more and I get along with them so much more. I've been dating out my race for a year now and I can see myself marrying a white man well I was actually engaged to. All I ask is that you all don't judge a book by its cover get to know us because you decided your not interested.

I am not picky I just know what I want 26yr (Shawnee, Oklahoma )
So I sound picky but I really just know what I am looking for, what I need and want so I am going to throw this out there and see what happens. I have dated people of all races and religions and this is what I have come up with. I am not perfect and I am not looking for someone who is. I am just looking for someone who is perfect for me. I am sorry if this sounds picky. I am looking to date and see what happens, hopefully it will turn into something more serious but we will just see. I am looking for a white male between the ages of 27-31, at least some college, be Catholic, even if you not practicing, as I know that if it is going to work I would at least like some of the same background and I do not push religion on people, be willing to go out and explore SF as well as sit at home and play video games. A little about me, I am about to turn 26 years old, 5í7 and I weigh 195lbs, blonde hair and blue eyes. I recently graduated w/my masters and I come from a huge family I can be goofy, silly, sarcastic, serious, nerdy, random, okay very random, sensitive, quiet, and shy. I am not one that expects a lot from my significant others and I am not looking for someone to buy me stuff or be my sugar daddy. I would do anything for my friends and family and am more independent. I am not into playing games and will let you know if I feel that it isnít a right fit, as I would hope you would do the same. I am not looking for a one night stand and if you are please do not respond. If you are interested please send me an email telling me a little about yourself and a picture would be awesome. I hate to sound arrogant or conceited or anything like that but an attraction is a must, right? You will get one in return. I am working today so please donít expect a reply right away. Have a great day. Thanks for reading!!!!

Ready to throw in the towel..... 24yr (74801, Shawnee, OK, Pottawatomie County)
It seems like the harder I look, the more I realize maybe my guy is not out there, and like the title says, I'm starting to want to give up. I either have to learn to be alone or accept that there is no one out there for me. I've been married, now going through a divorce. Gotta be honest right away just in case this is something that is not appealing. I thought I had found my forever, but he didn't have the same visions I did I guess. But since, we've both moved on. So here I am, ready to be grabbed and held onto for good. About me; I work for a surgeon. I love my job and I work a lot. So I need someone understanding of that, who doesn't freak out on me if I can't answer a text or email right away. Trust me, I love to talk to my boyfriend all day, but I do get busy and can't always reach dating for married cell during work or sit at my desk. I love music, and I listen to all types. But, I am a true bred country girl! Yes, I listen to country, but I also listen to rock and everything else. So I guess that goes with saying that I dont really have a specific type of guy I like. I can fall for a southern country man who isn't afraid of getting dirty, or a guy with tattoos and piercings who can play guitar. I am also a sucker for romance. Love the simple things. Some people don't understand that. What I want; to smile and get excited to see my boyfriend or just to talk to him. To wake up in the morning and play under the covers before getting ready for work. To cuddle on the couch and fall asleep in his lap. I want to spend time with someone and share laughs and memories. There is too much to name so if we talk, you will find out lol Please reply with a pic, no pic no reply. I'm sorry. If it's too big to send, let me know and I'll send my email. And please send more than one line. Don't be dirty and dont try to give me or get a number right away, I hate that. And I'm real, Lee DeWyze won American Idol tonight. Yea, I watched it, don't judge me!

Needing a mature man 23yr (74804, Shawnee, OK)
I'm so tired of all the games, and guys milfs are afraid of commitment, and just plain immature guys that I keep coming across. I'm at a point in my life when I've done the irresponsible, party thing, and I'm ready for something different. I'm ready to look for something serious, and for a guy who's mature, intelligent, romantic, kind, and patient. Seems like they are difficult traits to find in one guy, but maybe he's out there, and I just haven't met him yet. If your idea of a good time is sitting in front of the tv/computer and playing video games all day, please don't bother. I mean, I like the occasional nerd-sesh , but if it's your life, we won't get along. I'm sweet, caring, outgoing, smart, love to cook and bake, musical, responsible, and fun. I have a year and a half old son who is a total crack up, and has a promising stand up career in his future. Obviously, being a single mother, you're not going to find me out at the bars, trashed, and stumbling down the sidewalk, but I definitely like going out every once in a while. I can't always be spontaneous, but I love to go on road trips, and plan fun weekend trips to Seattle, the coast, etc. And just because I have a son, doesn't mean you need to step in and be dad, but you have to realize that I am a package deal, and you will have to be respectful of my son. My last boyfriend used to get upset because he felt that I gave my son more attention...obviously, he's my child! But believe me, you will get a LOT of attention! I have a full time job, so I'm not looking for a sugar daddy or whatever, I'm just looking for someone who doesn't mind telling me I'm beautiful, who is thoughtful, enjoys nights at home where I'll make you dinner and then we can watch a movie, and have some alone time after wards....just because I'm a mom, doesn't mean I don't have strong sexual urges...because I definitely do :) I mean, I am a redhead! I have blue eyes, about 5'5'', curvy and very busty...but definitely not fat. I have tattoos and piercings, and I like guys with the same. I love classic rock, metal, alternative rock, punk, rockabilly, etc. My favorite kinds of movies are comedy and horror. If any of this sounds good, please send me a pic and a detailed e-mail about yourself. one paragraph responses won't get you far. I'll send you a picture back if you send me one :)

Dating a married man is absolutely verboten, at least this was what our mother used to say, but then she was always a religious woman>>

cute scientist in mood for fun with intelligent guy with a silly side 34yr (Shawnee, Oklahoma )
May as well be honest and put it out there - my social circle has gotten smaller, friends are procreating, and I'm just not meeting anyone. Iím looking for a fun relationship that could move into serious territory if things seem right, but no need to rush it. I put my work in the title hopefully to attract the fellows willing to offer up some intelligent and witty conversations. I suppose I'm somewhat nerdy, but the hair is already down and contacts replaced the glasses long ago. I'm outgoing around the right people, avoidant of the overly sarcastic, and charmed by a kind, considerate man with a wicked gleam in his eyes. It will be important for me to make a connection with you and feel safe. I'd also enjoy gaining an activity partner for outdoorsy pursuits - biking, hiking, exploring new places in New England, but that's more on the long-term relationship side of things. I'm rather liberal so I hope to find someone with similar politics and a wish to make a contribution to our world. Here's some detail in list format: You: 30-39 yo.- at least 5'9'' Any race or ethnicity Non-smoker D & D free- but social drinker good. Politically liberal, at least on social issues Single- donít want anyone with a wife, girlfriend, etc. Decent conversationalist Laughs easily- doesnít take self so seriously Is interested in what you do for a living, or trying to get there Me: 34 yo- 5í8Ē- Caucasian redhead, thin Into outdoor activities but no set workout routine Non-smoker- Social dating for married D&D free Passionate and affectionate Warm, friendly- but with a slightly naughty side Busy- full time student, working part time, and play in a band, but very much want to fit someone in! Looks- I don't like to post a picture of myself but I'll happily send a picture if you reply with yours. Tell me a little bit about yourself . Feel free to risk a display of humor... If we are both interested, weíll meet out in public to get to know each other better- and then take it from there! There has to be an intellectual/friendship connection before anything else would happen. Warning: I do discriminate on grammar and proper capitalization... :)

Why is finding love so hard? 18yr (Shawnee, 74801 , Pottawatomie County)
This is my second attempt to possibly meet someone, however all the guys tend to be all about ''hooking up'', looking for a hot bimbo or just sex. Why are some people so fake? So wishy washy? It's a gamble I'm willing to make nonetheless, hopefully finding a decent guy here. I'm not looking for flings, sex or a sugar daddy, I'm looking for someone that see's the world differently than most, someone who's higher than the ''typical man''. I'm unique and yes, even weird. But I wouldn't want it any other way, I enjoy life, and try to never let it bring me down. Although we all have our days. Loyal, Funny *hope I don't fail at that lol* Romantic, Free spirited, Warm, Caring, Compassionate, Open minded, words to describe me can go on and on. I put love before money, sensuality over ''games'', paper before plastic. I keep things real wither the truth hurts or not. I can be mature, immature *but at least I'm aware of my flaws! and aren't we all at some point or another?* I'm ready to find Love. from amusement parks to getting lost in a park, to people watching to going out to dance and have drinks *no I'm not a druggie alcoholic, although I drink on special occasions and do smoke once in a blue moon* to just being plain random. I hope to find a guy one day that completes me, and true I'm young, but I know what I want in life *unlike most* and I do have my goals I want to achieve in life. I'm ready to go out into the dating scene, although I tend to be shy around new people. >_< lol But overall I believe I'm a good person, I consider myself low maintenance, and fairly down to earth *sometimes out of earth* I want to be able to share a special moment with someone just as special, is all I could really hope for, even if it's just for a cup of coffee or a day at the museum or more. I love emotional and physical closeness, I do tend to love my attention *although not an attention whore* I'm over protective *some see that good others bad, so just letting you know* towards people I love, which is only a small handful of people. I am so tired of games, but know my patience is a good thing, I'll know when I find that right person. Looks don't matter for me, as its for the personality that gets the best of me. True attraction is important, but without a personality your just a cover. as for me, I'm white 5''7 brown hair and eyes, weight about 160, so yes I'm not a model, but wouldn't wanna be! :P I'm also a Scorpio... Hope you like the horoscopes too :] and please don't be my dad's age, true age is just a number *but that's for friends*, but I prefer 18-20 anyone over 23 will not get a response from me, if your interested and my ranting hasn't put you to sleep, please type in your horoscope sign as the title *let's see who's paying dating for married now lol* so I know it's not spam, and a picture, If I'm interested you will get a picture and reply back. Any questions? Feel free to ask :) just because I might sound to good to be true... Doesn't mean I'm fake or a bot =) Have an awesomefullnesslessness Day :)

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