just seeing what's out there 21yr (Louisville, 44641, OH )
I'm a full time student and I work, so recently I haven't been putting too much time into meeting guys. With summer starting though I have a lot more free time than I'm used to, and I thought I'd post on here and see what sort of responses I'd get. About me: I'm 21, 5'2'', and about 120 pounds. I work out regularly and take care of myself. I like movies, reading, being outside , and dancing when I get the chance. In case these are deal-breakers: I have two tattoos and I don't smoke or use drugs other than occasionally alcohol. I have everything I really need in my life right now--school's a high priority, and I have a job I love and great friends--but I can't deny that having a good guy to round it out would be pretty cool. About you: Intelligence is one of the first things I look for--not necessarily impressive educational background, but at least the ability to write something interesting and longer than a sentence in response to this, and the ability to hold an interesting conversation if we end up meeting. I'm a fan of sarcastic humor. Also, it's awesome when a guy has high expectations for himself, and for the girl he's involved with. You should be dedicated to the things you love, whatever they are, and committed to excellence in something. Physically, there's no really specific type I go for. I'm a fan of skinny to average body types, and shorter guys are usually awesome. Being within a few years of my age is good. Well, if any of this makes me sound like a person you'd like to get to know, I'd be happy to hear from you. Pictures are appreciated, but not required .

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i need sex... what about you? 40yr (Louisville, Ohio )
the only way to get a response with these ads seems to be if you say you want sex so, here goes I WANT SEX! and when the sex is over will you be around or will you hit the door? and when the sex is over are you looking for a long term friends with benefits or more? and when the sex is over do you think you will bring me around your family and call me your girl? are you ready to hang up your playa shoes?

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Seeking to share living, laughter and much more with kind man over 55 60yr (44641, Louisville, OH)
Lets start a new chapter in these hard times. I would like to find the person whose heart I can make skip a beat! Lets explore the possibilities of sharing living arrangements, and expenses, so we can take trips, explore new horizons and share the joys of companionship. I am a woman of character, witty, independent and self supporting. Not beautiful, but attractive, short and well rounded in the usual places. Seeking the man with character, honesty and a generous.nature. So, if you are out there, let me know. I don't believe in endless emails; prefer to meet you in person without games and pretense. Full of hope and wishes!

Single, Sincere & Soulful SJF 55yr (Louisville, Ohio )
A gem, a diamond amongst the zirconia. But who wants a highly polished precious gem when they are attracted to the glitz of the fabulous fakes? She is honest, expressive, kind hearted, creative, personable and witty. She cares about people and is not superficial nor selfish. But who does she trust with her heart? A very special single person, one who is honestand warm , a man of his word, intelligent but not boring, trustworthy, considerate, funny, sane and well grounded. Her search is about to end because she is disillusioned about finding that special someone. People seem to be motivated by selfish greed and not respect or love for someone other than themselves. There has to be respectable single male on the same page with good values who is not looking for a brief moment in time but a lasting happiness with someone unique and special. Time is precious and of the essence but it will no longer be wasted on emptiness or nonsense.

tonight 39yr (44641, OH, Stark County)
Meet see a movie, maybe eat something who knows just fun about dating for married I am 37 years old single lives in San Francisco, responsible, height weight proportionate healthy active easy going woman about you; looking for the same just male

Are you cool? 22yr (44641, Louisville, OH, Stark County)
I've had some interesting responses - several dudes who want in my pants but I really should reiterate I really am looking for friends! I guess I'd also like to meet some people who want to meet in the flesh... let's see about 7 number exchanges later I've met two people [both losers] and have just cut off the rest who want a simple texting buddy. I swear I'm not a creeper! Let's hang out! I'm 22, I have a job, my own place, and a vehicle. I currently workout 6 days a week as I'm trying to get in shape for a career change - I've lost 28lbs so far, I'm very serious and dedicated even if it may not look like it right now ;) I don't do drugs of any kind, I am NOT 420 friendly. I do drink on occasion but I don't get trashed all the time and if I'm drinking it's with friends. [Drinking alone is pathetic!] I'm not really religious but I have good morals and values. I don't have sex on the first date... I'm like a 3-dater kind of chick and even then I'm picky about who I get naked with. I have two tattoos and my nose and ears pierced. I like camping, the beach, camping at the beach, horseback riding [I have a horse], shopping downtown etc. I'm looking for friends first with the potential for more. If the attraction is there I'm not opposed to a benefits situation, ideally I would love to be in a steady relationship but it isn't something I'm pushing for. I'm not looking to get married or meet your parents tomorrow - however we can go to best buy together, and I'm not vegetarian but if you are I'll take one for the team :p. [Weezer anyone?] I am generally attracted to guys who are Average to Athletic in build... heck yeah if you workout I really want to do some weight training so if you're into that maybe you could help me out. Teeth are ridiculously important to me. I can't stress this enough, dental hygiene is super important and it's important that your grill isn't entirely messed up either. This is my only weirdness and something I cannot look past... I'm weird. I really appreciate honesty - if we meet and you're like ''Eh...'' tell me! I can handle it! I really hate being led on, I'm being honest about my intentions and you should be milfs about yours too, we're both adults here. [Well, I hope you're an adult!] Also - no one over 35 please... I don't have a daddy complex at all. Would be great if you include a picture - I've included mine and they are all recent!

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Awesome, kick-ass & happy seeks same! 33yr (Louisville, 44641 , Stark County)
I am a single, fun, incredibly happy & grateful, highly intelligent, life-loving woman. I am very young at heart & I have a lot of young energy and most people assume I am somewhere between ages 21-25 when they first meet me. I am beautiful, attractive, open-minded, a free thinker, and I have my own opinions & beliefs that I am incredibly passionate about & will stand up for. I live in reality, instead of in a bubble. In an effort to filter out the responses that I receive, I have to insist on good spelling, grammar and literacy. I’m 32, but I feel more like 22! I’m tall so please be tall yourself, at least 5’9”– I don’t want to have to stoop over to kiss you. I have to stay active, which normally amounts to 6+ mile hikes, swimming & working out/lifting weights six days a week. I have a lot of healthy, positive energy that is flowing out of me on a daily basis so I use it to fill up my free time with all of my interests & hobbies, which includes my work as an artist and the many projects that I have going on at one time. I am in excellent shape, with an athletic build, but I am very feminine & curvy. I am a mix of Norwegian, German, Scottish, Swedish, English, and Welsh. I have shoulder- length brown/red hair & deep brown eyes. I am a natural cuddle bug, because it feels so good to lie down next to someone and wrap your arms around them. I really enjoy being affectionate. I know the power of touch & I have learned how powerful & healing it can be. I love tickle/wrestle fights. I'm trustworthy, reliable, responsible, serious when I need to be & but mostly goofy, kind, friendly & fun. I am also very quirky and have been lovingly described as ‘weird’ and ‘unique’ by friends and family. I am always honest, even if it seems harsh, and these days my filter is on ‘low’. I have a cat who I rescued off the side of a highway 6 years ago - he is very important to me. I'm a skeptic & I base my beliefs on personal experiences & logic. I don’t have much tolerance for people who don’t use their brains, bad drivers & people who believe everything they hear on Fox news. I have a great sense of humor & enjoy making others laugh, which often happens around me without much effort. It's incredibly difficult to make me upset or angry and I don’t recommend doing so on purpose. I don’t scare easily. I'm an incredibly strong person - emotionally, mentally, & physically. My mom calls me her 'rock', because of my ability to keep those who are panicking calm. I'm handy when it comes to emergencies - I will help a fallen stranger or an injured animal & you can count on me to dating for married my EMT skills on our adventures. I enjoy long, intense, intimate conversations for hours about anything & everything. I enjoy learning how things work by taking them apart & putting them back together, be it a computer or other technology. I am in training to summit Mt Hood this year. I am also currently working towards getting my conceal carry permit in Oregon and keeping up with my target shooting skills. I am also recruiting for a highly respected milsim airsoft team here in Portland and I just went to my first OP! It was fucking amazing & I had a blast. I am learning web design as well as teaching myself Photoshop and I am designing my own web page for my art portfolio. I am always tinkering with a computer or electronic device and helping my family & friends with their computer frustrations. I’m an artist & I have a natural eye for photographing nature & animals. I work with many mediums including pencil/pen drawings, acrylic paintings & painting on found objects. I have designed jewelry & I want to learn glass blowing. I am a writer & I am always reading multiple books at once. I'm not claustrophobic or afraid of heights because I love caving, rappelling, & exploring underground/hidden places. I moved to Portland in February ‘09 & am in love with this amazing city. I especially enjoy the close access to beautiful nature areas & you can often find me hiking in Forest Park or out in the Gorge. I am always up for trying new activities, new foods, & checking off new activities on my to-do list. Places in Portland I frequent include: Henry’s Tavern, Anna Bananas, Townshends, Backspace, Hot Lips, Proper Eats & others. There's not much in life that I don't like or wouldn't be willing to try at least once. Some of my interests include: astronomy & using my telescope on clear nights, camping, even when it’s cold or snowing, hiking & going backpacking, spelunking, rock hunting/collecting, target practice & keeping my 2nd amendment rights, milsim airsoft training, motorcycles, driving my car & spontaneous road trips, riding horses, listening to loud electronica in my car or while I’m dancing or any music that moves me, spinning poi, pyrotechnics, geology & geography, 2600, computer/video games, pinball & arcades, mini-golf & beating my brother at Air Hockey, growing my own food/herbs, making my own medicine from herbs & generally anything that keeps me happy & sane. I want to learn mountaineering, rock climbing, go zip-lining, hang gliding and much more! I am a busy person with a fun, exciting life. I don’t take anything in my life for granted – I’ve been alive long enough to learn from experience that it’s not worth it to hold grudges or have jaded expectations. I'm not your typical girl and most of the time I can't stand to be around the general female population. I’m looking for new guy friends first, but I’m ultimately searching for a passionate, stable relationship with someone who can be my best friend, my lover, my ‘partner-in-crime’ and my confidant. Standard requirements: be old enough to legally drink but not older than 40ish, have an income source, your own mode of transportation, have your own place . Please have morals, values, and manners, be polite, know that chivalry is not dead and open my door and know the importance of a strong hand shake. You are physically/mentally/emotionally strong, not whiny or selfish; you are always honest, no matter how blunt; you are trustworthy, open-minded & willing to try new things. You share many of my same interests including being a computer/electronics geek, using your brain on a daily basis, you love listening to music that moves you & you are partial to electronic music or are willing to give it a chance, and it is important for you to be active rain or shine, outside, as often as possible. Please do not tell me you love hiking and go all the time, when in fact you haven’t been hiking in quite some time and are actually out of shape. You take care of your body which includes showering, brushing & flossing your teeth, and staying in shape and eating healthy foods most of the time. You know the importance of personal space but also know that taking the time to get to know someone is important in any relationship. You must love animals but also respect nature & keep wild animals wild. You know what you want in your life, you have goals & are constantly striving to complete them. When you're not happy, you do something about it, instead of complaining, and you know it’s not worth worrying if something is beyond your control. You have an awesome sense of humor and can enjoy a relaxed evening in or a fun night out. You can keep up with me, whether we’re debating human rights or hiking in the Gorge. Your family and friends are important to you and you can always make time to spend with someone special. Please have a passion and thirst for acquiring new knowledge whenever possible. *You should be able to understand that physical age is not a reflection of mental maturity and life experience – I am interested in dating guys who can match my own energy & maturity levels. I look forward to hearing from you!

tired of being single, it gets lonely 24yr (44641, Louisville, Ohio)
Well I have posted here before but have yet to make a strong connection. I am asian, 5'6, wear glasses, I am a bit overweight but I am currently working on that little problem. I have a full time job, have my own place, my own car and will soon be attending school to become a nurse. I am not really picky on looks but I do know there has to be a physical attractions. Looks aren't everything but it is that first initial physical attraction that gets you to talk to someone. I do prefer someone who is taller than me. I would like to find a LTR but I will not try to force something that isn't there. I have many interests. All you have to do is ask. I am a very family oriented person. I love my family with all my heart. I don't have any kids dating for married would like some one day. I am just not ready for them quite yet. Have a few more things to do in my life before I have them. I do not play games and I ask that you don't play them either. I am straight forward and you should be too. I love to laugh and have a good time but I know when it is time to be serious though. Well if any of this interested you feel free to email me. I have pics but I will not post them here.

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