Hi looking for LTR 21yr (14052, East Aurora, NY, Erie County)
Hi i am 5'6 brown hair and eyes 130. I am looking for long term relationship and i hope u are too. Please respond with a picture and i will do the same.

Before we get into where to look, you may be wondering why dating married women is better than, for instance, single women. Simple. Married women have less men approaching them and, unlike single women, they all want casual encounters without any commitment.>>

Biker Guys! 24yr (14052, NY, Erie County)
Hey there! I am looking to set my best friend up on a few dates. Nothing intense but I would like her to find someone. She is into biker guys with tattoos and beards. She is 5'11, plus size, medium length brown/red hair. She is a total sweetheart and very intelligent. If you would like to meet her, we are going to Amsterdam tonight around 9pm.

Date married ladies/guys in your neighbourhood.

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thick and curvy latina... 29yr (14052, East Aurora, NY)
Hi, I'm trying this for the first time, don't know exactly what to write, but anyway here it comes... I'm a single mother of 3 children, my children's father passed away 7 years ago and I've been single ever since. I'm looking to meet new people and date, we'll see what happens. I'm not picky about looks as long as you are taller than me and have a good sense of humor. Im mexican but don't care about race or color. I am a very responssible person, caring, loving, trust worthy, honest, friendly, and love to cuddle. So drop me a line, I can send you a pic, I don't post one here because of the job I have, I deal with a lot of people everyday in the Gilbert area so I don't want my customers to see my picture here. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Looking for a MAN with a COUNTRY Soul 37yr (East Aurora, 14052 , Erie County)
I would like to think of myself as a giving, loving and caring kind of person who centers herself around the same kind of people. I have great family and friends who are understanding and accepting towards each other and I wouldn't have it any other way.... I consider myself as a social butterfly to the point where sometimes my friends laugh at me because I will talk to anybody, I just love life and love to get out there and enjoy it. I don't stay home much I like to get out and hang out with the people I surround myself with doing everything from BBQ's, Movies, Dancing, Dinner, Concerts, Festivals, pretty much anything that sounds fun I will make the best of, and when I do stay home I like to snuggle up on my couch with my Appletini and a good movie.... I play softballs on Sunday afternoons which is more of a good time than a competition thanks to the people I play with... I love all kind of music, from Hip Hop, Reggae, Salsa, Country, R&B, pretty much everything, and love to dance to all of them just as much, yes even Country I am looking for a man who knows what he wants in a relationship, who wants that one person who he gives his heart and soul to and wants to make happy and wants the same from me, because I am ready to lay it all out there, It's hard to think that their is still such a thing as a fairy tale ending, but I think you create your own life, so I am ready to try..... :)

Sassy, Silly, Sporty, Sublime - Life is Good at 49 49yr (East Aurora, New York )
All that's missing is you, a man with similar sensibilities. So, here goes. The following describes me. Do some of these attributes describe you, as well? Physically fit, live a healthy lifestyle , down-to-earth, no drama, mature, bright and articulate, authentic, well educated, warm, playful, fun and funny , kind, attentive, nurturing, socially conscious, politically aware, athletic, have learned things from past relationships that make me a better partner, and looking for a great connection. Some things I enjoy: · Athletic pursuits · Live music · Theater · Dancing · Indie and foreign films · Meandering road trips in search of the best Mom and Pop restaurant · Great food · Scintillating conversation · Unabashed silliness …And lots of fun! And, of course, you'd like a physical description. ;) dating for married petite, fit, thin, auburn hair, blue/green eyes. No reply without a photo.

Looking for fun 20yr (East Aurora, 14052, NY )
Two lonely, bored milfs who are looking for some fun... If you want us to reply then please send a pic

The first tip you must understand when dating a married woman is proper time management. If you don't manage your time with her the right way, you will blow this whole situation, point blank.>>

good, honest, true men dating for married 23yr (East Aurora, New York )
Hmmm... goodness, I do not really know what to say in here. Although i am still in luv with pink and fashion stuff, I wanna achieve a higher level of sexual maturity. Looking to get in touch with a nice guy who is cool to hang with. My friends think i'm hot since i'm 23 and have long blonde hair. This young pup would like to learn some new tricks, wanna teach me? Please hit me back here. Ciao for now.

Some Kind of Special? (14052, East Aurora, New York)
I woke this morning to much of the same routine I do every Saturday. I pull the sliding window curtains back, look outside, assess the day, pour myself a cup of coffee, and create a plan for the day. Straighten the house up, since I live alone it is rarely what anyone could describe as dirty, place the cup, fork, spoon and plate into the dishwasher, shower, apply make up, blow dry hair, find a something to wear.....then....grocery store? Oh heart be still....that is just what I want to do, is to battle the shopping carts as they impatiently move behind you, or around you.....Yard work? Definite possibility....if only the rain would stop.....Pedicure? Now that sounds good.....but being incredibly ticklish I could not stand to see that stern look of the manicurist as she tries to control my feet. Wait....bake some banana bread, or cookies and watch them go stale since I cannot possibly eat all of it...so what do I end up doing on a rainy day, with no plans to speak of? Usually read, maybe watch a movie, work on the sketch I started months ago. What do I want to do? Not that any of this is a bad thing.....but I don't want to do it every weekend. I am what many could probably see as the typical lady that lives next door. I smile at you as I walk out to check my mail, I share the left over baked goods to the neighbor and explain ''I did it again...would you like them?'' You might see me muddy from time to time as I weed the flower beds, rake the leaves and clean the gutters on the house. But, truly, there is so much more to me that what you may see. I am not drop dead beautiful, but I am attractive, I am not a clown, but I love to laugh, I don't always wear jeans, but I can wear them nicely, I don't expect diamonds and gold, but I would like to be treated as if I were. I truly am not a special person, and there is not one thing that I can say that would make me more than any other woman out there. But I may be more to the right person. Someone who doesn't mind eating the extra cookies and bread. Someone who laughs at the mud. Someone who thinks my laugh is contagious and my dimples are cute. I want to be someones ''Some kind of special'' So what do I look like and enjoy doing? I am 51 I could use that age old line ..''But I look 35''.....in all honesty.....I do not look my age and have been told I look amazing....but I KNOW I do not look 35! I am 5'4'' & 1/2, my weight fluctuates with 5-10 pounds as I quit smoking almost two years ago and I am battling that extra fluff that it left behind. So I can go between 140 and 150 - I like to work out, and stay in shape. I have blue eyes, and shoulder length brown hair, that you can see some red in when the sun hits it. I like to dress up or down, wear heels or sandals, or flip flops and shorts in the summer. I enjoy all music, art, poetry, reading, movies, just about anything.....I cannot list everything I like or dislike but that can be something we learn about one another. I would hope that you would be flexible and open to learn and enjoy new things, or share some of your interests, you could be battling 5-10 pounds along with me, but hopefully you would like being active and staying in shape as well. I work and pay my own bills, and pick up the tab for my little shoe sprees, and would appreciate you do as well. Age....hmm...I usually date those between the ages of 45-55, so if your close to that age range....that would be wonderful! Now we come to the true test....I sometimes listen to people talk in general or vent if you will. Their chief complaint with posting a personal ad or responding to one, is the whole picture thing....Some require a picture and some do not....some respond with a picture and some do not....what about me? I am very private, and would like to establish a level of trust before offering or asking for a picture. When we share could be something we dating for married decide? :) I cannot stop anyone from sending one, but I do not expect it. So, if you are still with me....and I may have said anything to have interested you....then please take a chance and drop me a line.....we just might end up being some kind of special! In answer to a recent e-mail ''I am monogamous and am not interested in a couple situation''