for a friend 20yr (11706, NY, Suffolk County)
ok! let me start off by saying i am doing this for my best friend and she dose not know about this, so let me tell you a lil bit about her her name is krystal shes 20 will be 21 in july, she is out going but shy at 1st and when she warms up to you its all good from there she is mixed but dosent act like it, peppole say we should switch skin lol, the reson iam doing this is becuz she dose not have that good of luck finding guys i think shes too picky and then guys she likes shes not really there type, shes a bigger girl and like i said she acts more like a white girl so i think it scares them a lil but when u git to know here more she is really a nice loving FUN girl and i want here to be happy some iam puting some pics up and if you like them and what to know more go ahead and e-mail me and we can go from there.........this is how it will happend you e-mail me i talk to you git a fell for you tell you a lil about her send a pic of coures and if i think you would like her and her like you i will show here what you look like and you guys can go from there shes not really in to black guys and you can ask me n e thing and i will tell it like it is, see its better like this no fake shitlol....... thank you for your time hope it all works out theres one of me and her and the rest just her

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I want to date a... (11706, Bay Shore, New York)
...Professional Hair Colorist. This is a real ad by a real woman who thinks a heterosexual, non-player-type of man who is a licensed hair professional is very sexy.

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Cute single girl looking for single guy 37yr (Bay Shore, New York , Long Island)
Hi, I am single and tired of being single. Are you on the same road? I love the outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping or just sitting by the pool with a cool drink. Looking for a good guy who has his stuff together, isn't into playing games, single of course and likes a girl who has a little meat on her bones. I do have 2 children who I share custody with my ex. If you liked a what you read then sent me an email. I do have pictures to share just not up for posting one on here.

Seeking funny, cute, lovable nerd. 22yr (Bay Shore, New York , Long Island)
Please respond with your favorite Wikipedia article as the subject line so I know you're a human being and not a spam bot, as well as a certifiable geek. You: -Are 23-30. -Liberal politics. Your heart is in the right place. -Excellent sense of humor. Bonus points for enjoying The Big Lebowski, George Carlin, Mitch Hedberg, NBC Thursday shows, Arrested Development, Airplane, old SNL, Kids in the Hall, or Upright Citizens Brigade. -Are doing good things for yourself. -Love books and learning. -Are sweet. -Like cats. -Are an ally of feminism -Like the descripton of me and the things I like -Actually live in one of the five boroughs. -Would like to take me on a fun date. Me: -Redhead. Fair skin. Blue eyes. -5'2''. Built like a shorty Christina Hendricks. -Graduate student currently earning M.A. in Geography alongside certification in Geographic Information Systems. I make maps! -Currently teaching Weather and Climate at the undergraduate level. -Have hitchhiked through Moscow at 3 am. -Have swum in the Dead Sea. -Have shaken the hands of Barack Obama and Al Gore, and have had pleasant conversations with Jon Stewart and Eddie Izzard. -Stopped a murder, performed improv at the UCB theater, and can show you abandoned subway stations. -Experienced over a dozen hurricanes , and have drunk champagne in the hot tub at Circus Circus. -Finds happiness in simple fun things, like Trivia Pursuit, Scrabble, swimming, drawing cartoons, puns, baking cookies, Sim City, and karaoke. -Is not a hipster and I have a deep hatred for hipster douchebags. This sounds false, since many hipsters claim not to be, but please trust me on this one. My family's been in the East Village for 5 generations. -Has a cat who is essentially the feline Tracy Morgan. -Politically liberal. Can't stand conservatism or libertarianism. Anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and feminist. -Smokes up here and there but nothing worse beyond that. I drink occasionally, mostly wine. Things I like: Some authors I enjoy: Tom Robbins David Foster Wallace Hunter S. Thompson Jonathan Safran Foer John Hodgman Comics I love: Achewood, Action Philosophers, Anders Loves Maria, Blankets, the cartoons of B. Kliban, Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, Ghost World , The Invisibles, The Pain: When Will It End?, Overcompensating, Questionable Content, Scary Go Round, Transmetropolitan, XKCD, Watchmen Music: The Beach Boys, Beck, Ben Folds Five, Beulah, Blur, Cake, Camera Obscura, The Decemberists, The Dismemberment Plan, The Eels, Franz Ferdinand, Gogol Bordello, the Kinks, The Long Blondes, MIA, the New Pornographers, Of Montreal, Pavement, the Pixies, Pulp, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Stevie Wonder, [old] Weezer, the White Stripes, Wilco, the Zombies Movies: Airplane!, Back to the Future, The Big Lebowski, Bubba Ho-Tep, Death to Smoochy, Ghostbusters, Ghost World, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Everything Is Illuminated, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Great Dictator, Harold and Maude, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, Kill Bill, My Neighbor Totoro, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Office Space, Raising Arizona, Wet Hot American Summer TV: 30 Rock, Arrested Development, the Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Flight of the Conchords, Freaks and Geeks, Glee, Gossip Girl, Kids in the Hall, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Lucky Louie, Mad Men, Mr. Show, MST3K, Nurse Jackie, the Office, Parks and Recreation, Seinfeld, SNL, Stella, Upright Citizens Brigade, Weeds, Wonder Showzen Who I'm Said to Resemble 54yr (Bay Shore, New York , Long Island)
Oh hello, someone special would be nice because that's what I feel I am! I enjoy most out and indoor activities! I am romantic and sincere! I am an artist of fashion and music! I am Black, Indian, West Indian Heritage 5.5'' 145 pds! If I sound like someone you'd like to meet please respond! Thanks again! Peace!

Just Browsing 33yr (11706, Bay Shore, NY)
Iíve been working and traveling a lot lately and now Iím wondering what to do over this long weekend. My friends are all planning on doing the same lake thing that weíve done year after year, but that just doesnít sound appealing to me for some reason. I was just wondering if there was anyone else just wanting a little something different. I love my friends, but just want to hear different stories and different conversation. I am white, divorced, attractive, educated, take care of myself and have a good careerÖI guess Iím looking for the same. I think Iíve fallen into a ďrutĒ of being around the same people and crowd all of the time and Iím wanting to get out of that. Someone that has a great sense of humor, is a bit of a smartass and enjoys banter and good conversation. The only thing that Iíd tell you to move on is if youíre married or just looking to get lucky this weekend Ė Iím not your girl. I understand there are some unhappy and unfulfilling marriages out there, but Iím definitely not your solution. For the horny guys Ė thatís great, but I outgrew that some time ago. It has to have substance for dating for married or I just think itís a hell of a lot less trouble just to take care of business myself Ė but good luck to you too.

Tall BBW for dating 30yr (11706, Bay Shore, NY, Suffolk County)
Greetings fellas, I am a tall milfs voluptuous, pretty woman looking to date. I'm open to a relationship but am not focusing on that. I am educated, creative, kind, laid-back, self-aware, sensual and strong! I'm looking for a tall man who wants to go out or stay in, perhaps travel a bit , who can hold a conversation and likes to discuss/debate. Please tell me about the music you like, the books you read, and the activities you enjoy. Send me your pictures, and we'll go from there. Please refer to something I wrote in my ad, otherwise the email will sound like spam, , and I won't respond. Thanks for reading; I hope you have a gorgeous day! ~~~~~~~X PS: Turn-offs: Messages with no punctuation, messages that are only sexual in nature, living with parents, narcissists, cheaters.

Do you think it is okay for a single person to date someone who is married? Iím thinking of the whole Rielle Hunter - John Edwards affair. Iím a divorced woman in my late 30s, and I would NEVER date or screw a married man. >>

The Type of dating for married I Seek Isn't ''vanilla'' at all............... 20yr (Bay Shore, 11706, NY , Long Island)
Me: Young, funny, goofy, intelligent and very responsible. I am mature and I have a good job but I want more. I just want to be spoiled, catered to, respected and most of all, I want to be happy. So I think that finding a generous man to have fun with would be cool. I am have black-brown hair going down my back, and I'm shapely and athletic. I have medium brown skin. If you're the ''vanilla'' type... PLEASE do not respond. I'm a bit too much fun for that. Hee hee hee:) Please know what I want as well as what you want when you respond, it's clear as day in my ad.

seeking an homme du monde - w4m 31yr (Bay Shore, 11706 , Suffolk County)
SWF looking to get aquanted with an interesting cultured man for companionship that has time to enjoy life and dating for married conversation dynamic social woman, seeking dynamic social man.Your recent picture will get mine.