Conservative, Christian, Lesbian in a Man's Body 57yr (New Hampshire, NH)
Liberals need not apply. You should be HWP, a few extra pounds ok, own your home, car and employed with no liabilities. Drug and disease free, light adult beverage ok, non smoker. Your photo may get mine.

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make it something worth fighting for 20yr (New Hampshire, NH)
Well to start off, if you are the person who looks around and then feels the need to respond to the ad just to tell the person that you donít agree with what they want or whatever, then please, please donít waste my time with that. You have your opinions and wants and so do I, Iíll respect your right to post whatever and reply to whatever, respect mine. If you donít like what I have to say or what I may want then just donít reply click the back button. With that said, Iíll make this as short and to the point as I canÖ I am 20 years old, about 5í5, maybe 5í6, darker brown hair, blue eyes, white. I work full time in a job I hate, I go to school and I have my own car. I am financially stable and pretty independent. I do currently live at home with my parents, thatís a story in and of itself, feel free to ask Iíll shareÖI am incredibly sarcastic, yet at the same time I know when not to be, I am a genuinely good person with good morals and I am so much more complex then you can imagine, but then again we all are. I am the type of girl that doesnít believe all dates should be paid by one person but each person should offer to pay every once in a while at least.. I mean why should a guy have less money in his pocket just because he has a penis, itís not fair to him.. As for what Iím looking for/what my ideal guy isÖ The type of person Iím looking for is pretty basic I think. I realize there is a certain type of person for every scenario and I will say I am not the type of person who will have one night stands or who will do drugs. I personally do not drink, that is a personal choice and something that as of now I am not willing to change, if you drink I could honestly care less as long as you are a genuinely good person, same goes for the drugsÖas long as we are talking about Ď420í and not like meth. I am an educated individual and I need someone who is as well, someone who can hold a conversation and who can also teach me random small things that donít really matter but is just something that you can say you knew. My family and friends mean the world to me, and that has to be something you are able to deal withÖ with that being said I am not the type of girl who will ask you to hang out with my friends and not hang out with yours, I will if you ask. What I really want is someone who I am also friends with. I truly am the type of person who will put my complete all into something especially relationships and I donít want to feel at the end of the relationship that I just wasted time. As for the physical part, cause letís face it we all are ďshallowĒ. Just because I am already pretty short I donít prefer guys who are under 5í8, or who are overweight/obese. But I will say I will absolutely not go with anyone over the age of 23, so if you are over 23 donít bother responding. I currently donít have tattoos but I do find tattoos on a guy to be a turn onÖ So if you respond, make the subject interesting so Iíll want to read it. Please include a picture, Iíll be happy to respond with one as well. And tell me, your name, age, height, and something interesting about yourself.

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DURAPOWERful love and affection 19yr (New Hampshire, NH)
that how young i feel when your happy with me. i have more courage, focus, and can get alot more accomplished when i feel like my foundation solid and secure. when i dont have to worry about whats going to become of me, and my life as i know it remaining intact, i feel wanted, loved and respected in my space. my life is you, its based on you and all you give me, and if your honest about it all when it comes to me.because when u lie to my face when i ask you a question, no matter what it is...our bond is broken. when you hide things from me, or your not on my side and you don't have my back, then we don't really have a bond. i need to believe what u say to me, lies make your words, promises, your deeds amount to very little. when i would only love you more if you considered me to be the one you could trust and believe that i will keep your secrets, i wont judge u or belittle you for who you are either. please tell me what and who i am to you. and if you think my boundaries are so riddiculous and trivial that you dont have to respect them, then dont expect your needs, or preferences to met, dont expect my respect, and for dam sure dont expect my loyalty either.but you cant keep acting like your disappointed evry time i spend the night somewhere else. that doesnt work. i can respect your thing if you can now what?

To Pretty to be Single? 23yr (New Hampshire, NH)
So that's what a guy told me today. He then went on to ask me if I was crazy. Haha. According to this guy, I'm to pretty to be single and therefor I must have mental problems. Wow! Well to be honest I am a little tired of the single life. Let me stop.....I'm very tired of it. So I'm looking to date with the intentions of forming a LTR. I'm 23, 5'5". Brown skinned, brown eyes and a very pretty face. At least I've been told that. I am in shape. I work out as often as I can. Please be smart. I don't date dumb guys. There is nothing more attractive than an intelligent man. I'm not into 420 either. Sorry. Wait no Im not. Well please send a pic of yourself or someone who looks like you. Lol hope to hear from you.

Let's make a connection before football season starts! 30yr (New Hampshire, NH)
I admit I'm not an avid sports fan, but if I had a choice between going to a chick flick or watching a game on TV, I'll take staying in with a guy to watch the game. It sucks when a guy I'm interested wants to stay home and watch a game, but doesn't ask me over to join him and then he's too tired to hang out with me when the game's over. Hockey and basketball seasons are almost over and since baseball lasts so long, isn't the summer the perfect time to meet someone new? Go to dinner, catch a movie, explore the city, get some sunshine, spend time getting to know each other and see where it goes. Maybe even catch a baseball game. If it's going well by the time football season starts, it will be cool for you to spend Sunday in front of the TV and if you invite me over, maybe I can make you breakfast or lunch while the games dating for married on ;) Me - Cute, early 30s, SAF, professional in SF You - Attractive, honest, SWM also in your 30s, employed, no kids, preferably lives in SF

single men only 30yr (New Hampshire, NH)
i need a boyfriend......i want a SINGLE man, for may be a long term relationship. i am a big girl, with a pretty face men usually tell me i dont need make up. so that is a pic of my body, so u get an idea. i need some1 that can keep up with me. im pretty busy cause i do have children , i work bad hours. that makes me basically available at 1st meet over the weekends. after i am comfortable with our friendship i will meet u during the weekend. i want a man to have a job, i dont care where just have ur own cash. i believe in a woman paying also BUT be a man and treat me every now and than. i like to stay home watch movies and just hold each other.i have not had that in years.... I LIKE WHITE OR HISPANIC MEN, TALLER THAN ME I AM 5'6. if u have kids its cool just NO BABY MOMMA DRAMA..please well please send a pic thanx OH and AGES 21-51

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Take these broken wings and learn to fly 22yr (New Hampshire, NH)
m pretty typical, and typically dating for married ;) haha couldn't pass it up. I love my friends more than just about life, and would do anything for them. Music is my passion, as it is like everyone's, but I spend hours just bobbing around to it a week. My title is from one of my favorite bands, I hope you know them :) I'm an orange juice addict and really wish I could find that drink Yo-J. I think people who text on their phone when they're sitting alone with another person to be rude, and really hate bad manners and drama. I think that everything can be made into an event. Want to get fast food, lets set the table like we're eating a 5 star dinner. Consider yourself warned I am a friend stealer, I have made good friends with every boy I have ever dated friends and normally walk away with them being more mine then his. Sorry, I just honestly try to care about everyone I come into contact. So lets chat about why the special pool ball is number 8 and not number 1, why ugg boots are ugly, which el line is the best, or why people who post in the miss connection section only ever seem to want to get coffee.

What can i say??? 31yr (New Hampshire, NH)
Everyone is looking for Mr. and Ms. Right, right?? Well my searching seems to be failing me. How about you? Im a 31 yrs. young single mother. Im very outgoing with a good sense of humor and sense of responsibility. Ive been doing the dating for married thing and wasting my time. I struggle everyday. Im ready to have a close friend who needs a fun loving person around when they need me. In return for relief of single mother financial struggles. Who knows what could happen? So if this sounds like something your looking for lets talk.

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Dating for married in New Hampshire, NH

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