BORED (55304, MN, Anoka County)
What I am looking for is just a normal good guy who is reliable, caring and sane. Seems to be a hard thing to find these days EVERYWHERE and trust me i've looked in more than one state and country LOL .. list is probably not the place to find it but I am willing to give it a try? A little background on me, I am a very interesting person who is well-traveled and cultured currently a personal trainer and will soon be manager of my own gym this August, right now i live in staten island, NY but have I drive a car :)...never married and i have no children but have no reservations on dating a man with a child as long as all emotional ties are broken off between you and the childs mother...i have visible body tattooos... I speak a bit of 3 languages but not fluent in them YET : and have now resorted to the internet in an effort to find one that I can at least tolerate for extended periods of time. While I have been in long term relationships, every time I find myself single, it just gets worse and worse. There seems to be this new strain of man out there these days that is pretty bad. Like when a virus mutates over time. You want to know about me? Iíll tell you what Iím not. 1) I'm not your mother. I will not tolerate childish BS when you donít get your way and I will not drop what I'm doing to be with you. I work a lot and can't manipulate my schedule to meet you for a drink whenever you feel the wind blow the right way. If we make plans and you expect me to always come to you, it won't work If we are hanging out or dating it's a two way street and I am all about compromise. 2) I am not your hobby. Thatís why you have friends. This road goes both ways though, and youíre not expected to do anything with me you donít want to. Iíve got friends for that too. 3) I have a life, and friends and family and my own hobbies and interests and you should too. If you can't deal with the fact that I'm not your clone, you shouldn't be with me. We should be able to set aside time to spend together that works for both of us. Hereís where we get to you. As a staunch rationalist, I realize youíre probably every bit as bitter with women as I am with your bretheren, possibly having almost given up on us. My theory is you have not yet lost all hope but have simply turned to a less social lifestyle and are casually perusing the personals just waiting for my ad to pop up so we can end our days in perpetual bliss or whatever storybook gobbledygook people get off on. Or in the case of the guys on here, the very erroneous thought that this ad is a possible opportunity to get laid. I'll admit to being a little picky, but that comes out of experience and knowing what works for me and what doesn't. If you go to a restaurant and order tuna and then get sick you won't order tuna again. So be it with me and certain types of men. Being my dream guy is more a matter of the things you arenít than the things you are. My ideal guy -when asked about his hobbies, has more to say than, ď420, drinking, shooting pool, hanging out with friends.'' -can think outside his own head and understand that while his wants and needs are his priority , those around him have their own desires. -takes care of himself. We canít help certain aspects of our appearance, but if you donít bathe regularly, look like you haven't shaved or had a haircut since the Clinton administration, make excuses for not hitting the gym, and have eaten yourself fat it demonstrates a fatal lack of respect for yourself that one would expect to bleed into other aspects of your behavior. If youíve read this much crap and are actually interested, we might just stand a chance. Send me an email that makes me think, laugh, or hope. For the love of God, just someone show me youíre not all the same.

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Can you make me LAUGH?! ) 37yr (55304, Andover, Minnesota)
Like my title says....Can you make me Laugh. I've got one for you to think about... A horny husband helps his wife setup a password for a computer. He typed: MYPENIS. She fell on the floor laughing when it said *ERROR:NOT LONG ENOUGH I'll be Burger King and you'll be McDonalds, I'll have it my way and you'll be lovin it. ...Looking for the one, an LTR, dating, or friendship. I'm an attractive, sexy lady who only should have the same in return. Someone who is close to my age, tall, honest, romantic and can make me laugh. Send me a picture and if I'm interested, I'll send you one of me. MAKE ME LAUGH

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slender ebony ISO SWM, or not... 22yr (Andover, 55304, MN , Twin Cities Metro)
Hello there.... I am a 5'7 140lbs, friendly, open minded, goal oriented ebony girl. I'm looking for a respectful, easy going, fit, intelligent, Caucasian guy, who can make me smile. Nothing crazy, you don't need to be the one for me.... Just be yourself. Don't fake anything for me.... I'd like to get to know you.... I want you to be sincere in getting to know me.. Please send pictures. You will get mine in return..

Moving to Philly Soon...Chat w/SBM 24-28 24yr (Andover, Minnesota , Twin Cities Metro)
So I'm moving to Philly in the next few weeks. I just finished my Masters. I'm funny, intelligent and probably one of the most chill, down to earth females you'll get to know. I figured I'd see what kind of guys are waiting for me up there, plus Im bored lol, so get at me and help make the rest of this night a little more interesting...

Looking for love!! 24yr (Andover, 55304 , Anoka County)
Well pretty much im a well rounded girl with her head on straight. I work and attend college.. when Im not in the books or making my money.Im working out..I hope to find love but I do like to get a good feel of whats out there when you take your time and date instead of jumping into something fast.I like to have a good time..bars..dining..kickbacks..drinks..clubs ..chillin.. pretty much anything like that ...Im into going out and all that but I can be chill dating for married the house as well its all good!! As far as a guy goes. I like any race theres no preference there..but I do like a guy thats older 25 n up whos personality is like mine aggressive..not afraid to tell what he really feels and thinks...just be you!!

I Need... 30yr (Andover, Minnesota , Twin Cities Metro)
I need, want..a man that looks like Reb Beach milfs who is 'color blind'!

Here's the typical scenario. You have a woman who's 27yrs old, and she's been dating/married to the same guy for a couple of years. Thing have become boring, or he's lost his job, or she's just sick of him. Whatever it is, she's looking for guys. The first way you can spot these girls is that they're the hot ones>>

Looking for TWO guys 30yr (55304, Andover, MN, Anoka County)
We are two real girls looking for two cool, cute guys dating for married hang out with.. Ones 5'3 blonde hair, green eyes, hwp. The other has brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'8 and a smaller bbw/ thick. We are both pretty chill down to earth girls. Dont look our age.. We do prefer clean cut white men. :).. Anyways if interested send us an email .. pics would be cool.. Yes we have pics as well....

Different Relationship 28yr (55304, Andover, MN)
As I get older I am so relieved that I didnít get married right out of high school or college like many of my friends. So many of my friends as they passed their 30th year found themselves in relationships they didnít want and were unhappy in. I feel a bit angry when they tell me that theyíre jealous of my life. Jealous that I get to come home and do whatever I want because I donít have a steady boyfriend, husband, or kids waiting for me. Iím angry because I want someone waiting for me when I get home other than my dog. I have for awhile now. I think most girls dream of a wedding right out of school, kids before 25 and happily ever after and I was no exception. I was an exception however that I didnít marry the first guy that I got into a serious relationship with or popped the question. Luckily, I had the self-awareness to know before things got too permanent to see that the relationships I was in that were headed to the ďnext stepĒ whatever that means, werenít right for me or my partner. I donít know if itís pathetic to be single when you havenít found what youíre looking forÖsomeone youíre compatible with and wants the same things from life. Iíve seen too many people try and change people they were in love with and/or wait for them to ďget itĒ and wonít pretend I didnít fall victim to it myself. Iím sure most of you are familiar with Einsteinís quote ďInsanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.Ē Again, Iíve done it. I get it. I just hope to never do it again. Which is why Iím hereÖwrapped in a blanket at my desk watching it snow while my dog cries at the door because I made the mistake of mentioning ďdog parkĒ before I was ready to go. Iíve exchanged a few correspondences with men on CL and will anticipate the ďtell me a little bit about yourselfĒ question. I am 29, single, and I live in Denver. I moved a few years ago from the East coast. Since Iíve been in Denver I have done a lot of moving within the city. I have never been married, I have been engaged before, and donít have any children. I work a lot and sometimes I work long hours but can absolutely have time and can find more time to build a relationship. I have a variety of interests and keep my weekends fairly mellow. I am so busy and pulled in so many different directions during the week that on the weekends I prefer to go with the flow and just relax. dating for married like being outside, riding when itís nice, camping, fishing , read, and travel. I stay pretty true to the philosophy that Iíll try most things once and am willing to do just about anything as long as Iím with people I care about. I have a very small but close family and some amazing friends. My family is scattered on the Eastern seaboard and my friends are mostly all wives or soon to be wives and/or mothers so theyíre not as available as they used to be. I spend as much time with them as I can. I havenít and will not abandon my friends who are in different places in their lives but our time together has been less do to the nature and schedule of their new mother statuses. A man that would be a good match for me is tall , caring, educated , witty, and knows who he is. Someone who is over looking for someone to help them find themselves and can maintain their own individuality in a relationship while still becoming intimate in a relationship. Someone with a career who will understand sometimes after 14 hr days I just donít want to get together. Someone who has never been married and doesnít have kids. Again Ė I know this is not seen as a good thing by many, but I am hoping to experience both those things and at this point in my life I want to be the first wife and am not ready to be a mom. I know many men with children say theyíre not looking for a mom for their kids, but if things do get serious I will be in a motherly situation with the kids. I certainly donít want to disappear on the nights or weekends you have with them. There are many women out there looking for that situation. Iíve tried it and it hasnít worked out. I will admit however, that if everything else was there I would try it again. Whoever that man is would have to understand my hesitation. Someone who likes to laugh at life and himself but doesnít recognize that there are times and situations in our lives that need to be taken seriously. Someone who wants to travel and get out and see the world with me. Of course, I can and have gone alone, itís just more fun to share it with someone. A man who is calm under pressure and emotionally stable. Someone who wonít go off the deep end if I break a glass or spill a glass of wine or donít know what type or how much oil was put into my car at my last oil change. Lastly, someone who wants to embody some of those now ďold fashionedĒ gender roles. Someone who is and wants to be a man in a relationship and wants a woman to be in one with. That doesnít mean I indent to be barefoot and pregnant after marriage or be dragged in tot he bedroom by my hair to take orders. If you understand what I mean then I think weíre a good match already. Obviously, Iíve taken some time to share who I am and what Iím looking for with the gentlemen scanning ads on this chilly and wet evening, so if you respond, please do so with a thoughtful and genuine response? I donít need a poem or a novel like the one Iíve written, but rather something that shows your read this and at least are at the beginning stages of understanding what I am saying. I wish you the best in finding what youíre looking for, whatever that may be.

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