Do you like strong, assertive women? 26yr (Wilmington, 1887, MA , New England)
Prove to me that there are still mature men out there. I am looking for guys who are goal-oriented, know what they want of life, honest, independent, funny, and possess intellect. I am not looking for guys who play games. It's a bonus if you enjoy music or art, as I do both. I am looking to meet people for dating, and a potential relationship. If you are just interested in a fling, than you are not looking at the right profile. I am a smart and fun girl to get to know. *Please be between 25 and 32. *Please send a pic-thanks.

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New to NYC 36yr (Wilmington, Massachusetts , New England)
Just moved here from california to start a new life. So far I've been here a week and I can honestly say I have been screwed. Anyway, I need a room to rent from someone honest, I can't pay much but I will keep house clean and will be good company!

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the missing piece.. 21yr (Wilmington, Massachusetts , New England)
so i've decided finally that i'm tired of being 'picked up' at places the like the bar or partys in random corners of SE portland. sick of the same faces and the same people and the same ways men try to coax me out of my phone number. the point is i'm looking for something more specific. i'm at a point in my life where i'm ready to meet my partner in crime. the person that completes me and that the one that wants to go on this adventure with me. with that being said if you're not looking for a relationship and/or are not ready for one, please don't bother. i need to be able to consider you my equal so please have a job, some way of getting around town and be able to take care of your own shit. i love musicians and artists, i tend to adore creators as i am a person with a lot of creative energy. i'm pretty laid back, would be fine watching you work on your car for hours at a time. i don't trust people that don't like dogs. i'm weak for tattoo's. i like tall men and someone that can protect me. let's make it like an old west bar fight, when shit happens we'll go back to back and put our dukes up. long story short i want my other half, and i figure maybe i could weed out some of the crap and meet someone i can really relate to. so about me..i'm tattooed, about 5'7 or so, i'm a cutie. i have a job and will have a second one soon. i will be relocating to NE Portland in a few weeks. i have a car and i tend to be all over the city. i want to go back to school in the near future. i'm a musician and i'm fairly ruled by music and words. i read a lot and i write. i'm very close with my family and my friends. i'm a horror movie nerd and i have a somewhat gory sense of humor. i use strong language and have been accused of having a sailors mouth. i'm really up front and loyal to a fault. i definately take care of myself. write me something of substance. i won't respond to one liners. i want to see a pic and will be happy to send some back. i'm much more interested in who you are.

Looking for a LTR 37yr (Wilmington, 1887 , Middlesex County)
Looking for a serious relationship. I'm Hispanic with no kids. Looking for that special someone around my age that would like to settle down hopefully Catholic as well with no baggage.

i wanna be loved by you, just you ... 25yr (1887, Wilmington, MA, Middlesex County)
My name is Amber I am a single mother... I am looking for LTR: Long Term Relationship I like guys that are sweet! and care! and maybe have kids, b/c i do! I am not a skinny girl.. if you have questions or wanna see a pic see my dating for married If they arent answered there.. ask me!lol! just write to me.. i love to make new friends and am hoping to find someone wonderful LOL!

Cute, down to earth seeks long term potential or just new friends 30yr (1887, Wilmington, Massachusetts)
Let's go with list form. It just tends to make things easier. † Things I've Learned: † - There are tons of available guys in Santa Rosa. Iíve seen them out and about. Havenít you ever heard of list? - I need a man who knows who he is and what he wants and isnít afraid to go for it or put his heart on the line. Because Iím a girl that isnít scared or scarred. I know when itís worth it to take the risk, and have usually been willing to do it. If youíre too scared to take a leap with some level of faith then youíre probably not my type of person, let alone my type of guy. - That I am a boatload of fun. There isnít much that I wonít try at least once and probably twice if I wasnít sure whether or not I liked it the first time around. I like adrenaline but donít stupid risks. Going really fast clears my head and gives me a good reason to hang on tight, especially if itís on your motorcycle. - Iím not that young anymore. Iím not anywhere near old but Iím done playing games and wasting time with people that I donít see long-term potential with or could make a new friend out of. This doesnít mean that Iím no fun or take myself or other people too seriously, in fact, itís quite the opposite. If thereís chemistry, we have fun together and youíre open to the idea of finding ďthatĒ person, then it is all fun and games and milfs prefer to take it easy and take it slow. But if I donít see a possibility for long term, I think itís better to end up friends, and that's not a euphemism for blowing you off politely. - That while I can be easily swept off my feet by the right type of guy, I prefer to keep them on the ground. That I make a better girlfriend than I give myself credit for. Iíve stayed with people through the good and bad when everyone in my life was screaming ďRUN!!Ē . - That Iím pretty dang attractive. I donít stop traffic but Iím skinny , have a good rack, nice ass and beautiful eyes. Also, Iím not as much of a tomboy as I thought I was, I guess. I take care of myself and wear make-up but prefer jeans and heels with cute tops to dresses or skirts. - That horrible dates that go horribly wrong where you canít wait to get the hell out of there and laugh while you tell your friends all about it can be just as fun as the good ones. Everyone loves a bad date story. - That I can do anything I set my mind to and the universe gives me what I need when I need it. I donít buy into any hippie/new-age philosophy but itís just been my experience: you get what you need when you need it. In that same vein, I donít believe in God but I believe in being a good, moral and fair person. I donít need the threat of some horrible afterlife in order to be a good person. If you put a gun to my head and forced me to choose a religion, it would be Judaism and if you want to get technical about things, I am ďhalfĒ Jewish . - Iím smart. I read books with big words and like to think about things larger than myself and current events and issues Ė prop 8/equality-civil rights, the environment. The extreme/religious right scares the daylights out of me. - I dig dorks with a bad boy side. Not bad boys with a dorky side. Being able to build stuff or identify mechanical parts makes my brain flutter its eyes and sigh longingly. - Iím also shallow. Iím a pop-culture sponge and celebrity news fan. My Tivo line-up includes some crappy reality/celebrity gossip shows as well as educational/information stuff from Discovery, Current TV, A&E and the History Channel. Prime-time favs include House, True Blood, The Tudors, CSI . - I work for a small company and I love my job. Iíve been here for almost 6 years and I donít hate the idea of coming into work every day. The only downside is that thereís not a lot of opportunity to meet new people, although I count my bosses and few co-workers as friends. Iíll sum it up with the parameters you should fall between: SWM between the ages of 28 and 42. Divorced is OK as long as the baggage is minimal. Kids are not. I like kids and want my own someday but Iíve been there and know that dating a father is not going to work for me at this point in my life.Be employed Ė I donít care what you do but you need to have a job that you at least enjoy, pays you enough so that youíre not scraping by each month and doesnít involve a uniform . You can be a little older or younger but please, not by much. Iím 420 friendly and smoke it occasionally but Iím not looking for stoner friends or what I call ďmaintenance smokersĒ Ė people who need to smoke up every day . Iím cool with just making new friends but not looking for a just a casual fling. You should take the time to craft a response if you expect one back from me. It doesnít need to be lengthy but it needs to give me an idea of who you are. If you have a motorcycle you should mention it. Including a picture will get you mine but not if youíre naked in it. Iím pretty sure that this post is well-written and coherent. Please show me some intelligence in your response and use punctuation, capitalization and leave the ĎLOLsí for IM conversations. Good spelling and grammar will go a long way.

Here's the typical scenario. You have a woman who's 27yrs old, and she's been dating/married to the same guy for a couple of years. Thing have become boring, or he's lost his job, or she's just sick of him. Whatever it is, she's looking for guys. The first way you can spot these girls is that they're the hot ones>>

Love a hot sexy Marine (1887, Wilmington, MA)
I love a hot sexy Marine! The confidence is my weakness. I'm looking for someone to hang out and have some fun, maybe a potential LTR but not in a hurry to get there! If interested in seeing makes dating for married tick, drop me an email along with a pic and oh please be between 27- 39.

The Truth. 20yr (1887, MA, Middlesex County)
K here's the straight up truth- Im not skinny-In fact I wear an XL I have blonde hair, and blue eyes. Im a workaholic, but i consume my work in things I enjoy. Im a christian-but far from the stereotypical one. I get called a punk, almost on a daily basis.. I have 9 tattoos and piercings. and I am Bi, but im attempting to change that and im a music freakkk-its what makes my lifee. What Im lookin for- a sweet guy that wants to have fun! blonde hair blue eyes dating for married ideal tattoos and piercings are a plus I dont perfer skinny guys, I like a lil beer gut =] If your over 23-dont respond. offense. Your pic gets mine-reply sayin' the truth.

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