World of Warcraft player. 19yr (Wakefield, Massachusetts , New England)
Hey. I'm an 80 prot pally lookin for 5man. *wink* if you havent got 4 extra friends then im down to run some icc's with you and take down lich king our selves then have you plunder my dungeon, till we get some good drops or hit the gold cap. hehe You a tauren warrior and like to be the one who tanks? * wink wink* ill show you my submissive side with my level 76 undead priest. we'll start off slow on our first date cruisin around northrend on my recruit-a-friend mount, ganking allies while we camp for the time-lost proto drake together. then run deadmines 12 times in a row... just the two of us :D.... leveling up your troll rogue in enchanting. then we can finish the exausting day drinkin tecate, munchin on cheetos puffs, and raiding stormwind. If we have time i'll log into my rogue belf and we'll pwn some noobs on my twinked vanilla account. Sorry but I don't date Alliance players.... hehe i might make an exception if your a dranei pally....but you have to be leet. Don't keep me waiting... /spoon You need to be cuddled.

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Busy Sat Night?? 34yr (Wakefield, 1880 , Middlesex County)
hello guys. Are you busy tomorrow night? Im not looking for a hook up just wanting to meet someone cool. Im hoping to find a man in his 30 to 40's. Someone who is secure in his life. Not into playing games who would be happy to take me for a night on the town and have a great time with me. Im a single mom who needs some fun in her life. I work full time so my free time is limited. I am not looking for anything long term, but Im not looking for casual sex either...this seemed the best place to post. I am going to keep this short and sweet- I will receive 20 emails either with photos of mens privates, which I do not want or I will get 20 emails asking me for a photo, which I will not respond too. I have more pictures and would be happy to share once I think theres mutual interest. Lets see what tomorrow brings me. If you write me please include a little something about yourself and if you have any ideas how we'll spend Saturday nite in the city.

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SBM for date Saturday night? 40yr (1880, MA, Middlesex County)
Seeking a SBM for companionship on Saturday night. Let's do something fun! You choose what we do - I like almost anything - sports, bowling, dinner, fast cars, dancing . If something else develops, great! If not, I would just like to spend a fun night out instead of sitting at home. Prefer 5'10'' or taller as I am almost 5'9''. I am not skinny - most men describe me as ''thick'' or ''full-figured''. However, I am very cute, very active, very fun, and very charming, I promise! Please attach at least one picture and I will return the favor. I look forward to hearing from you!

Anyone?? 31yr (Wakefield, Massachusetts , New England)
Hi, I'm a 31 year old female. I've never been in a relationship before. Still a virgin....and never been kissed! I've been working on past issues and I have come to realize that I want to start dating, I just don't know how! I'm Caucasian, 5'5'' brown hair blue eyes and my current weight is 195. However, that is going down -- I have been spending a lot of time in the gym. I'm looking for a patient, non-judgemental, caring man. I like super clean guys who are into their appearances.....mani/pedi, facials, and fragrances!! Age doesn't really matter. Hope to hear from you!! :o)

Pop pop in the attic? 27yr (1880, Wakefield, MA, Middlesex County)
If you know where I got my headline, please keep reading- I've been looking through these so-called ''ltr'' ads and people seem to have a lot of requirements these days. I mean I'm not going to date a total douchebag but I could honestly care less about your job, how many degrees you have or countries you've been to. If you're nice, cool, smart, and sane then you've passed my test.. I don't care about many things but there are a few things you should know about me before deciding to respond: I'm intelligent though I have no college degree, I quit my high-paying government job because I want to find something that doesn't make me miserable, I usually wear whatevers clean, apparently I come off as an ice queen sometimes but I'm actually very nice and friendly, I'm a big undercover nerd, I like literally all kinds of music and movies, I have an unbelievable amount of useless facts in my head, I have a very dark, sometimes fucked up sense of humor, I smoke cigarettes and 420 on the reg and do not feel the least bit bad or ashamed of either, most of the time I'd rather text than talk on the phone, and I get super pissed when someone criticizes my hair, even if it really does look like shit.....If you've made it this far, congrats! Now time for the specifics: I'm 5'11'', 1/2 negro and 1/2 cracka, I wear some pretty sweet specs, and I fall dating for married the oh-so-scary BBW category as far as weight goes. Drop me a line if you're down to hang out sometime-if not it's your loss because I'm pretty damn awesome.

Wanted: A Life (1880, Wakefield, MA)
I mean, sure, technically I'm alive, but if that's the best one can say, that's a problem. I have plenty of things going for me - pretty, clever, educated, funny - but all those things don't add up to enough fun or fulfillment to really get me psyched about getting up in the morning. So what would? A nice apartment, say, and a fabulous, creative and lucrative job. And lots of paid vacation. A sizable travel budget to allow short, spontaneous jaunts to Europe and the Caribbean - maybe even milfs Lifetime comp tickets to the Film Forum. A core group of friends who live right around the corner or down the street and are always up for dinner out, a trip to Six Flags, or a night of karaoke. And last but not least, a fella who slays me with his razor-sharp wit, astounds me with his intellectual powers, and melts me with his boyish smile. He likes nothing better than to spend a night together at home, watching Yankees baseball and making sweet, sweet love. Okay, maybe we can start with the baseball? I'm late-30s, petite, curvy, ethnic, and BORED.

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Im black/mixed female...looking 19yr (1880, Wakefield, Massachusetts)
im very picky. i can say im happily single its because i dont settle for less, plus im young i have plenty time. yes i can be very bossy. i deffinetly wear the pants in a relationship...but its worth it ill treat you like your the luckiest man on earth :) overtime i have lowered my standards and this is what i need... NO OFFENSE BUT THESE ARE QUALITIES I LOOK FOR< JUST MY PREFERENCE! I prefer taller guys. 5'8 to 6'3.. no white or asian or muslim guys : can not be cheap. I know u cant give me the world, diamonds and pearls but u have to atleast have a job or some income coming in. I refuse to pay for a date. Im very old fashioned and unless its your birthday a woman shouldnt have to reach for her purse. I am not a gold digger, u can be a truck driver i dont care...ive learned to be very independent. I dont expect u to have the world! also, control freaks are out. cheaters are a very loyal person . unromantic guys r out. thugs guys r out. he/shes r out. atleast have a car u can come pick me up evey now and then and if u dont then thats fine too.. you have to be a sweet and gentle guy and one that i can hold a convo with. -you cant smoke -drink ocassionally -no pretty boys -NO KIDS AT ALL. -willing to adapt to my spanish family..if u can speak a lil spanish then great. -can not be overweight. slim or average...if u work dating for married great but i dont like really big husky guys or meatheads. i just want a sensitive, charming, generous, gentleman, full of life and sincerely a nice guy with goals and a good head on his shoulders. i prefer if you are a zodiac sign taurus, scorpio, virgo, capricorn, or cancer ONLY!! these are just some of the main qualities. email me if interested. if not then dont plz i dont want to read comments. EMAIL ME WITH A PIC & YOUR MESSAGE!! I WILL REPLY SHORTLY WITH A MESSAGE AND MINE ALSO. if u need advice or someone to talk to also email me im glad to help and offer my wisdom :) God Bless.

Blind Date 25yr (Wakefield, 1880, MA , New England)
Looking to find a mate to recreate life. Bored as a whore without cum on her face. Mace had a good religious dating for married and found a mate. Rate and hate just don't fall for the bait which is a good trait. Count and mount a whore as if she were more of a chore than just a boring where. Care and bare as if she were more of a muse than abuse.

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