Make love to my mind 30yr (Holden, Massachusetts , New England| Greater Boston)
Posted to women seeking men on los angeles -- central LA list -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im posting this ad in hopes to find someone i can call a Friend. I am a bbw .I have two jobs and i am willing to travel to you Im looking for a person who is funny, smart someone who can carry on a conversation, and someone who isnt childish...someone who knows what he wants and isnt going to waste my time trying to figure it for him.Someone who will appreciate my affection and not confuse it with thinking that hes gods gift to woman or me. Someone who is going to be mature enough to let our friendship grow before he starts thinking hes a little too special for me.I like people who are confident but not cocky of course, A man that is romantic but not mushy. I like men who will take control sometimes...without being rude of course confidence, confidence, confidence. If you are a real man you will know the difference. I would like someone who would be okay to having an open relationship.Because i want to have the chance to date while you figure out if you want to keep me around or not.I dont want to be kept waiting for someone who is unsure about me. I am latina from watemala and i have a two year old daughter and im very loving affectionate and sweet, with that special someone of course. Im very genuine and speak from my heart but at least allow me the oppurtunity to open up to YOU. I promise you wont regret it. Im recently DIVORCED so im not in too much of hurry to settle down...unless i meet a man who will sweep me off my feet with his personality alone. For that i would runaway with you. These are some of my likes: to cook, to read, to take walks, shopping, museums,dinner out or in, when it rains, the cold weather, taking different classes, learning new languages, and im fascinated by a man who wants to teach me things Someone who will fill my mind and my soul with something beautiful. You would be surprised that something could just be you.If you think wearing a white t shirt out on a date is nice, Dont respond.If you are between jobs dont respond get off the internet and head to the unemployment line .If you If you are materialistic dont respond, If you think you are better than other people, dont respond,If you are intimidated by a woman who is smart and will have her own opinion, dont respond . If you have all your kids names tattooed on you, dont respond.If you live with your parents and think your doing big things,dont respond.If you are worried about allowing yourself to just let things happen, dont respond. If you were a geek and now your a jock out to seek vengance from every woman on CL dont respond GO SEEK COUNSELING But if you are a man that can make love to my mind first. Be sure to send a picture with your response or i will not respond, I am real and hoping to hear from you soon., Rosa And to the cunt who keeps removing my post GET A LIFE.

Your dating a lady who is married. Even thought u may love her I think its best that you move on and find somebody else because if this lady is cheating on her husband with you, whats to say she wont cheat on somebody when she is with you?>>

HungOver And Working Seeing Whos ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 26yr (Holden, Massachusetts , New England| Greater Boston)
ME: Chill... OK sometimes ;) 26 single and I mean single. Any cool self respecting honest men on C list? Hmmm? Cute, nice smile and a handful lets chat and see where it leads ;) Please NO married men and or men looking for casual sex. I have and live an unconventional lifestyle, be open minded and easy going! It is a must. Ohhh wait and patient with a niiiiiiiiiiiice smile!!!!!!!!!!! I totally write how I talk, no grammar emails please, I know I know!!! *teehee*

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Bring your good Energy: Island Girl 39yr (1520, Holden, MA)
I grew up on an island and I've learned the hard way that not everyone is as nice as they say they are. People get caught up in greed and selfishness and confusion all too often in this world. Oh this world is not for the sensitive soul. On the island people were mostly sweet and kind, I want to return to the island at some point in the future and possible build a cabin there. Please tell me there is someone out there who has this kind of self-sustaining dream too? I try to always bring the good energy and I'm seeking someone who also understands the energy thing and can match mine. It would be a huge plus if you've read any self help books, been to therapy or practice meditation or yoga. I'm seeking someone who is on the path to evolution but doesn't take themselves too seriously. I love thrift shopping, gardening, walking my dog, building things, painting, reading, drink a good cold beer once in a while and I love live music and festivals, movies, galleries, wine tasting, tattoos, traveling, into RX 420 culture moderately, food and so much more. I'd like to get out tonight if there is a cool guy out there who can connect with me. I'm a hard worker but I know how to play too. I get along well with most, I'm an easy going and fun person to hang out with. I'm active, athletic and a real hoot sometimes. Please be a cool person in your 30's or 40's who is not a meanie. RX 420 blaze & beer tonight?

If at first you don't succeed, you're not Chuck Norris. 24yr (Holden, 1520 , Worcester County)
Just to warn you this will probably be long and boring to most so if you make it through I say thank you now. -Me- I'm happy, outgoing, tend to laugh to much. I love my family and friends and would do anything for them. I have old school morals so I tend to think differently then most girls my age, well even women older than me. I believe in the relationship the male is the dominate one, and it't not just because I was raised that way, it seems to run more smoothly that way. I was raised in the country, so working hard is part of who I am and I really enjoy it. I think the greatest thing of how I was raised is, my parents taught me how to take care of the one I'm with, even if that means just getting up at three in the morning to walk them to the door and tell them to have a great day, or crack a beer for them, or just simply give them a shoulder rub. More about me and what I like and enjoy, anything outdoors. Camping, paintballing, just sitting around a campfire, or just watching movies. Or taking it inside the house I like to cook, clean, and bake. I sometimes chew but honestly you would never know because I don't do it in front of anyone, I don't smoke but I personally love beer. My jeans, sweatshirt and romeo's is my normal outfit. I'm not a girly girl, I can be but most the time I'm just me. So if your looking for a super model, hot girl who can tell you every named brand thing and tell what's in fashion well I'm not her. I'm average on looks, and not huge but not skinny. I'm happy with who I am, I'm comfortable and I can make fun of myself. -you- You should be happy, and fun. I love to laugh so please be funny, and I do like crude jokes. I will ask you now to be white, I'm not racist or whatever I just don't believe in mixed relationships. I believe it's wrong and if that offends you I guess carry on. I will warn you now if you are anything but a white guy I most likey won't talk to you. Also I don't do any kind of drug so please if you do them just again carry on. I have already dealt with that and I hated it. I know I may sound like a bitch or rude but I can promise you I'm actually very sweet, and kind, sensitive, caring, and very polite you can ask my mom. I just decided I need to be specific when it comes to a guy. I have been hurt in anyway you could think well not shot but close but I will tell you none of that follows my I laugh about it. Every guy starts with a new slate nothing from my past relects you. I know I have just rambled on but it does have a point. -my ending- So if you have read this all the way through thank you. I'm not going to tell you how wonderful I am because I believe I'm not. I'm not going to pump you full of lies then when we start talking you realize I'm just a fake girl. I am who I am and very happy with the modest person I have become. I don't want to be messed around with so if your just getting out of a relationship move on, if you just want a quick lay move on, if your just looking for a few month thing or trying to make your ex jealous trust me she won't be jealous of me. I know that meeting someone on the internet is wrong but it's just like meeting someone in a bar or store, just without seeing the actual person. I work nights so I never really meet anyone well that actually works. Oh yes please have a job and drive so tired of people who don't have either. Anyways I hope your day goes well and I would like someone between 25-34

Beautiful SWF For You (1520, Holden, Massachusetts)
Beautiful SWF available for you anytime. It's summer lets go to the beach, catch a sunrise or sunset, drive to the mountains and kiss passionatly. Red hair with green eyes and curves, single, non smoker, professional. pic dating for married pic

Single White Female Looking For SWM 39yr (1520, MA, Worcester County)
Looking for dating, fun, lovable, and long term. Please be single, seperated, disease free and easy milfs am attractive short cute, looking for tall, average, and fun. Picture is a must. No spam.

Do you think it is okay for a single person to date someone who is married? Iím thinking of the whole Rielle Hunter - John Edwards affair. Iím a divorced woman in my late 30s, and I would NEVER date or screw a married man. >>

I might not be there yet, but Iím closer than I was yesterday. 21yr (Holden, 1520, MA , New England| Greater Boston)
It's said that 1 in 5 relationships start online. So here it goes: I believe loving fearlessly is the bravest thing in this world.. It's not loving without fear. It's loving FEAR-LESS-LY. Courageously. To be afraid + leap regardless. There is so much power in that. I still believe in fairy tales + chivalry w-h-o-l-e-h-e-a-r-t-e-d-l-y. I like to explore things outside my frame of reference. I like complicated things. [nothing is ever worth it, if it doesn't come with a little fight] I am extremely shy at first, so don't give up on me. I make mistakes. I'm still living and learning and I'm not afraid to laugh at myself. I have scars. I'm not any good at video games, but I'm an expert at getting balls thrown or kicked at me. I've learned that more is never enough + growing is a mixture of surrendering to that... none of it matters + all of it matters. What we stand up for and what we let go of. This is the real stuff... I'm not looking for a one night thing. I want a real relationship, the real thing. I go to school and I bartend so my schedule is everywhere. For the superficial men, I'm 5'3, 115, Asian. I love cars and motorcycles. Hoping to get a bike soon. I've been told I'm mature for my age and I have a good head on my shoulders. My mother raised me right, so I know how to treat a man physically and emotionally; however, that only works if it's both ways. 420 friendly. I love all kinds of music. Everything from Tech N9ne to Tiesto to Luke Bryan. But lately, it's all about country (Holden, 1520, MA , New England| Greater Boston)
I broke up with my ex recently, and I'm totally happy to be out of the relationship, but I miss the companionship. So, if you are a responsible person , and perhaps you are in a similar state of mind right now, then contact me. I want to be able to spend time with someone, talk to someone, and if it leads to it, be intimate with someone, but I don't want the responsibility of a new relationship right now. I want the option of walking away if we are both ready to, or turning into a meaningful relationship if we both agree that it's what we both want from each other. I want someone who will be respectful, as I would be respectful to you... and not treat me like what we are doing is a ''casual'' thing. I'm not looking for a one-nighter, or whatever you want to call it. Hell, I don't know WHAT I am looking for but I definitely know what I am NOT looking for and that is: Being treated like a booty-call, being disrespected. I don't want someone that constantly complains or can't handle heat under pressure. I don't want you checking other women out if we are spending time with each other, and I wouldn't do that to you. I would like to be able to cuddle up with you at the end of the day and listen to you tell me about your day or be able to tell you about mine without trying to ''fix'' each other. I do not want someone who is insecure and blames his problems on other people. Just easygoing? I still am not completely sure but maybe I might be sure if I met you. Maybe we dating for married be incredibly happy together and neither of us will ever know exactly why, but we would both be amazed that we are able to make each other smile all the time. Wouldn't that be great? I hope we find each other soon. Please be between 29-37. Please be over 5'9''. I do not generally prefer Indian or Middle Eastern Men. ME: early 30's, full figured, Hispanic. Tell me about yourself and what you are searching for. What type of woman do you like or don't like? If I cannot get a clear response from you, I will not reply. BTW, the email address in the photo is not real. It shouldn't take a brain surgeon to realize that, though.

The Whole Truth and nothing butt 39yr (1520, Holden, MA, Worcester County)
I am putting it all out there, err, here on the CL. as being single kindofsucks and all my favorite reality shows are ending and if I don't so something to shake up the social life I may switch my late night eating habits to late night drinking, and drinking solo seems even more pathetic than eating cereal for dinner and why the heck not. whew. this is it. the good the bad and the queen. es todo. *I love the sunshine, the ocean, hiking, and most things outdoors in nature *I'm educated, sometimes professional with good wits and senses, and seek similar. *I am very mellow and hate drama *I am a nature loving girlie girl. I like to be able to dress up at times, get frequent mani/ pedi's, yet love being casual in a tank & ball cap. *I sometimes hate people. *I sometimes hate people even more when I'm driving. I have a sick desire to drive them off the hwy, I know thinking this is wrong. *I'm an animal lover and carefully take spiders back outside, I feel guilty killing fruit flies. No, I am not catholic. *I love Tabasco, peanut butter,whip cream, smoked cheeses, and avocados. Sometimes I love an ice cold can of diet coke just for the taste of it. ahhhhh. I don't drink soda daily and if you are a habitual pepsi drinker, I pass. Pepsi is for idiots. *A man cooking is a big turn on. *I love a good alpha male who is not a neanderthal. A gentleman with an edge. *I am a size 10 right now. This means I am no skinny mini and I don't shop at biggie gal stores. I am giving up gelato tomorrow. I can probably beat your athletic ass up Cowles mountain, so please don't worry your pretty head about me being a sloth. *your BMI should be dating for married Althetic Average Overweight. NOT underweight or obese. I like fit men to 25 pounds of being fit. You can be a scrapper, just not scrawny. *be 39-48yrs old and very mature and very young at heart. I a young 39, I am not a Mrs. Robinson type, within 5 years of my age is ideal. *no baggage, no recent or still going through divorce /split. don't be so set in your ways. I abide. *I'm fun. and much more fun when I feel secure. *I don't do drugs, rarely drink, and think if you are over 30 and use ''420'' in any sentence you are a loser. I am not interested in someone in recovery, I prefer people who were smart enough not to f-themselve up in the first place. *I'm blue eyed blond. I know the pic is small and funky. I will trade pic 4 pic. You first. Keep it clean. Men, if you feel the urge to send pics of your junk to unknown woman, you are gay! gay men love seeing the junk, straight normal woman do NOT. *Turn me on with your mind first. Banter with me. this is the most important and if you get it, OMG, you might be able to get me drunk, take me to Vegas and make me forget I'm a commitment phoebe. If I'm not for you, its okay. Move on. if you are not between the ages of 39-48, do not email me. If you can banter, please send a hello and tell me about you.

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