Sense of humor a must!Eccentricities a plus. 32yr (Hingham, 2043, MA , New England)
I am cute,5'6', 130 lbs.VERY fun and intelligent. self sufficient, honest, sraight forward, and dont sugar coat things. I am not judgemental I am,generous and giving.I smoke cigs and would prefer a fellow smoker. I dont mind if you drink or party on occasion, I do too, but I dont make a life out of it. I am tolerant and understanding and can work through anything who are still hung up on ex or shes still hung up on you. Men who are depressed and negative, selfish and greedy, sexually harrassing and degradating to women, control freaks,abusers, cheaters,liars or theives. I am disease free and looking for long term/serious relationship, with at least some amount of friendship first! I would love to find a man who is loving and receptive to love,affectionate, honest and faithful and perhaps falls in love easily. Hopefully submissive or at least willing to compromise. Heres the catch...I am needy, love and attention starved,and a touch immature and eccentric....Love it or leave it!!

I have been dating a married woman for seven months. We are together continously such as during lunch at work, after work until 8 or 10pm at night and on the weekends. Sometimes we go out of town together and she tells her husband she is leaving for work reasons. Sometimes I am with her, her husband and family on the weekends. Her husband must know but he never asks.>>

swf for sbm or shm 24yr (Hingham, Massachusetts , New England)
I'm a fun, laid back, girl who loves to enjoy life everyday. I love the beach and just being outdoors in general. I love going for long drives when it's nice out with the windows down and the music blaring! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I'm looking for a man that acts like a man...he should be sweet but also have some street in him. I'm only inerested in black or hispanic men...just a preference. Hope to hear from you soon :)

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Pretty, sweet SWF seeks SWM or SAM 44yr (2043, Hingham, MA)
Pretty, atractive, single, sweet, nice, happy, intelligent, educated, European expat, with a sense of humor too! Looks: petite, slim, I am often asked if I am Russian or Venezuelan, fuller lips, hazel eyes, medium-long straight or wavy dark blond hair . Quite busy, interested however in meeting and perhaps getting to know you better.

Searching for that special someone 28yr (Hingham, Massachusetts , New England)
So, I've tried this a few different ways now over the past few days. But it seems this one keeps getting flagged by the same disgruntled person whom I told exactly what I think of his kind. That aside, I'm just kind of seeing who is out there. I have had some thoughtful responses with a pic, most not so much, just a line or two and no pic, one from Harry Wanger...ha ha, haven't heard that one since high school, and some flat out idiots that just go on about calling names like ''white trash living on welfare'' just because I have two kids. Has anyone else out there ever had a failed relationship after having kids?? I can't possibly be the only one out there. A single dad gets an ''awwwwwwwwwww, that's so sweet'' while a single mom gets called white trash, or is assumed to be living on welfare...I, by the way, am neither! I am happy in a stable job, though I am going back to college currently to get a degree in something else so a few years down the road I can change my career. And not that it matters, but currently I have a 4.0 GPA while I work, take care of the kids, and pay my own way through school and all of my bills. Yes, yes that sounds like welfare livin' white trash to me.... I also have a thing for foreigners, it doesn't mean that I wont respond if you dont have an's just a big bonus. I like an accent, some like brunettes, some like supermodel types, some like tone deaf male prostitutes with a bacon fetish...we all have our thing. But I'm not an ''airhead'' for requesting something I like, isn't that the beauty of diversity on a place like list? Although, I've noticed that along with the diversity, there are also those idiots out there. If you dont like what you read, move on to the next ad...there are a million of them out there!! You dont have to like what I say or like how I look, you also dont have to respond! Maybe it's just me, but if I dont like an ad, I dont email the person to put in my two cents...I just move on, that's what reasonable grown up's do. Now that I've finished with that rant...I'm still looking But I think the above says a good bit about me. I'm just a normal person, yes a single mom. I am probably looking for someone older than me who is also stable in a career, maybe you have kids, maybe you have a weird hobby that includes'm just looking to enjoy my days on this earth with someone. I'm a total sucker for an accent...I sue me. I want to get married eventually, maybe have one more little one...but that's not a must one way or the other...I like to get out and enjoy the simple things: a day at the lake, the shore, a long walk on a summer evening while the kids chase lightning bugs. I like grilling for a picnic in the park, I like going to the movies, to the Y for a swim. I was raised well mostly by my grandparents and so I enjoy and APPRECIATE what I have, what I've worked to get, what I've lost, and I know that it takes hard work to have more, but I dont live to work, I work to live. I work so that my kids can do anything and everything their little hearts desire. I would rather be broke, but enjoy my life every day DOING things WITH my kids, my family, eventually my husband, than to have a big pile of money in the bank or have a lot of stuff. That holds no appeal to me. I can cook and bake, from scratch, yes, I can actually make bread rise rather than just popping some goo into a machine and waiting for the timer to go off. I'd rather mend a pair of pants than throw them away right away and buy new ones. And so yes, I can sew and quilt. I have my gramma to thank for those things. I'm the kind of girl that will slip a little love note into a pocket at some random time, so that when you find it you can smile just a bit. I prefer daisies to roses any day and I dont need or want to wear two months salary on my finger ever, I'd be too scared I'd lose it! Anyway, that's me but if any of this sounds interesting, please, write me...I'd love to hear from you approaching middle aged, single dads with an accent...I wont judge. And if you dont like what you're reading, then feel free to be mature and move on. Obviously, my days are busy enough without having to weed through that junk! I am real..I've attached a's at the Winter Palace in St Petersburg was about a million degrees in there thanks to that good old Soviet heating I'm a little sweaty...but it's me, I'm just normally not that red :) And the guy, well he's a Russian friend of a friend that loved taking pics with everyone...LOL. Hope to hear from you soon! P.S. If you're the one who keeps having this deleted, and we both know who you are...I'll be as stubborn as you and keep's not bothering me a bit :)

questions???? 50yr (2043, MA, Plymouth County)
I have hit 50 and wonder if i am going to be alone all my life? Its all new learning what lust and love is from others views......... so what is urs? I remember when dating in the 70's and 80's was so much easier.... do u all remember that? I was chatting with a friend tonight and he told..... he expects to live the rest of his life alone. WOW! He even went on to say that before he goes to bed he leaves a contact number and instructions. He said it's reality. I know that i dont want to spend my last years on this earth alone dating for married having a contact number next to my bed. I also found out by many friends that most of their relationships whether marriage or not were mostly lust. So where do u learn to love a partner and what it takes? Been alone for 10 yrs... raising a kid and doing everything it took to make him a well rounded person but forgot about me. Does that happen to everyone else? Wow what a rude awaken, lol. Oh and where do u pick up the skills it takes to date and make it successful? I sure missed that class, lol. Well if you find it all funny then send me a message and tell me how it happens we are in this together................... take care

Cantonese speaker - w4m 24yr (2043, Hingham, MA, Plymouth County)
I am a graduate and have a decent job. I am graceful, very kind, open minded, generous. I'm looking for the same type of person at my age for a LTR and marriage, milfs a Chinese from Hong Kong or someone who would like to travel to Hong Kong.

Dating a married man is absolutely verboten, at least this was what our mother used to say, but then she was always a religious woman>>

''CALGON'' take me away! 50yr (Hingham, 2043 , Plymouth County)
YOU- Worthy within yourself. Successful, full of conviction and integrity. Dreamy, real, passionate and a man. Grateful, humble, true and responsible. Know when enough is enough. Please do not respond. Not yet. ME. All or nothing. A half century in age which I believe is a beginning in itself. I can dating for married an intelligent conversation, Iím willing and open minded but donít accept abuse. I do believe and know God. I donít cheat, steal or kill people. Iím not going to say I donít lie but if I do Iím willing to take the consequences which isnít often. Iím open with communication. I do prefer the TV off though. I do have weaknesses but prefer not to have them exploited. Iím private and open at the same time. Some people wouldnít think I love myself but I do. A great deal. Iím still learning to express myself and Iím teachable with kindness and real love. I do know what real love isÖÖI hope I find it. Looking for just a beginning. Don't know for what? Long term or friend. Hmmmm......

i want some good luvin 27yr (2043, Hingham, Massachusetts)
I am a married AA thick woman but is very unsatisfied with my love life at home. I am looking for a man that knows how to make a woman cum. My husband is away and I may consider meeting soon if u are worth it. Please be clean dating for married DDF. No pic= No reply

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