black girl for asian guy 23yr (Violet, Louisiana )
any cute and sexy asian guys out there that like thick and curvy black girls.....hit me up

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You don't get what you don't ask for... 38yr (Violet, 70092, LA )
Hello there, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself so you can see if it makes sense for you to contact me. While I sincerely enjoy my own company as much as I enjoy the company of others, there simply are some things that are a drag to do by yourself . Only so much excitement can be generated from “hearing about” vs. being “a part of” the discovery of a Tasmanian honey paired perfectly with an English Blue Cheese, the growing anticipation of the first summer tomato…I can’t “globally dominate” myself very well in the game of Risk, a dancing twirl looks a little unusual without a spinner and general silliness resonates just a little further when some is laughing along. Most of my friends consider me a vibrant part of their lives, a large portion of their tell tale pictures and a mind full of memories and adventures. I am a full spectrum person. I am organized…but casual. I like to play dress up, in the mud and with matches. I like to stay active but give me the scissors as I will not be inclined to run and you will not likely see me scaling the side of a mountain. I blend in with most crowds as long as they are not a Charlton Heston gun brigade or an Amway convention. Pardon me while I rattle off some formalities that you will want to consider before contacting me: I operate stag rather comfortably and I have a wonderful circle of male and female friends. I am in a fortunate position to not feel like I have to change my current balance. Sure, I am looking for whipped cream on the proverbial sundae– but it’s not essential – get what I mean? My current circle satisfies me – at the same time sparks are f-u-u-u-u-n-n! I have a strong belief that communication and listening skills are important in my closer relationships. It’s one of the top things I look for in connecting with people. I am comfortably aware of who I am and where I stand. I look for this similar characteristic in others, being able to speak what they want, feel or believe in a non-abusive or manipulative way. I can appreciate and often enjoy differences, but I will stand my ground when I feel it’s necessary and I will question if I don’t understand. Meyers Briggs personality type:''ENTP''...that “E” is for “extrovert,” so I tend to process out loud and can strike up a conversation standing in line to get a flu shot. Do I have baggage? Come on people, we all do, life does not let us pick out our own hand - I actively participate in chewing through mine, but I don’t claim to be perfect. I gravitate towards others who tend to be comfortable in their own skin but enjoy bouncing off and taking in the contributions of others. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I work hard for internal happiness and to make myself available to all the healthy possibilities life has to offer. “The stats:” Never married, no children, 5’11, 38, red hair, blue eyes. I wake up listening to NPR. I am self employed. I read only an occasional book…but am in the process of writing a non-fiction book. I am looking for someone in a similar age range . I prefer activities where alcohol or mind altering drugs are not the focal point of the event. It is my preference that someone be financially sound enough do some social events or outings – maybe even eventually a trip out of state – overseas maybe? Not really religious or very political – In more recent years I have developed an appreciation of staying current on events but still need blanks filled in at times for world events prior…I am not detail oriented and I am a crappy proof reader in emails. I will only respond to those that offer up a current picture of themselves. I am interested only in the height weight proportionate – I make effort to keep fit and I am looking for the same in someone else. Given that I am 6’2 in heels, I gravitate towards the tall guys of 6’2” and above. I have no children and I do not wish to date someone raising children…nothing against children at all but I like being just an aunt. Interests and hobbies: Cooking is a large focal point of my life I make pretty much everything from scratch right down to ketchup, yogurt, soup stocks, ice cream, lunch meats, pesto etc...I am currently dabbling in how to cure meats - skill level is probably slightly less than a soux chef - there is still much to learn and explore. I am a tango dancer - I hate being on a treadmill so this hobby helps me stay active and I get to play dress up - I have several dance partners and we practice pretty regularly -I try to get in at least one social dance a week . I like walking, hiking - will do the occasion saddle or dog mountain. I love comedy I like The Daily Show and Colbert Report. Very side hobby of special effects make up and have been known to attend the occasional theme party. I like to travel and I am probably one of the few people who has managed to get a ticket on the Autobahn in a Kia. Well then, I think that’s a good general summary. My pics are all current and taken within the last five months. Thanks for reading – even if you find that I am not a good fit, my best to you in your search –I like the idea of us all finding happiness and good times.

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Mixed female seeking white male 18yr (70092, Violet, LA)
I'm a mixed bbw seeking a white male to be my sugardaddy. Please be younger than 45. Send a reply with ''support'' in the subject line along with your name, age, location, and a pic, and i will get back to you with a pic asap. No, i'm not a spammer. I promise.

Living life to the fullest.. 53yr (70092, Violet, Louisiana)
And lovin' every minute of it! I am an attractive,honest,fun,caring,outgoing woman. Looking for that special someone to spend quality time with, could you be the one? Are you outgoing,honest,fun, drama free and a good communicator? Then we have the basics in common..There is so much more to me then I can write in a few sentences, so I will keep this simple. If you are interested,I would like to hear from you! I do have pics so and will exchange pic for pic..Thanks for reading! Good luck in your search..

Can dating for married be my Prince? 26yr (Violet, Louisiana )
Hi My name is Vanessa I am looking for a mature man who is ready to settle down. I am a responsible, honest, fun, independent, and out going person!!!.....I currently work in the medical field i have my own place and car. I like to go out on the weekends with family and friends.....Have a few drinks and go dancing. If you think you can be my prince charming please reply! Send email with picture. Thank you!

for my friend 20yr (Violet, 70092 , Saint Bernard County)
if u find something wrong with this post plez e-mail me and i will fix it thank you......ok! let me start off by saying i am doing this for my best friend milfs she dose not know about this, so let me tell you a lil bit about her her name is krystal shes 20 will be 21 in july, she is out going but shy at 1st and when she warms up to you its all good from there she is mixed but dosent act like it, peppole say we should switch skin lol, the reson iam doing this is becuz she dose not have that good of luck finding guys i think shes too picky and then guys she likes shes not really there type, shes a bigger girl and like i said she acts more like a white girl so i think it scares them a lil but when u git to know here more she is really a nice loving FUN girl and i want here to be happy some iam puting some pics up and if you like them and what to know more go ahead and e-mail me and we can go from there.........this is how it will happend you e-mail me i talk to you git a fell for you tell you a lil about her send a pic of coures and if i think you would like her and her like you i will show here what you look like and you guys can go from there shes not really in to black guys and you can ask me n e thing and i will tell it like it is, see its better like this no fake stuff i will keep it 100 lol....... thank you for your time hope it all works out.....2 of me and her 2 of her

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On Euphemisms: Seriously, Can You Just Say ''Fat''? 26yr (70092, LA, Saint Bernard County)
Dear men of list , We have to talk about euphemisms and how they fuck everything up. Specifically, let us discuss fatness. Let us discuss personal ads dealing with fatness. ''Curvy'' is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Curvy is a shape, not a size. I am curvy. I'm curvy because my waist is smaller than the tits-and-ass parts of me, which means that if you were going to describe my shape, you would make those wavy hand motions from the olden days before the internet. I am ALSO fat, which means that your hands would have to be farther apart than if you were describing, say, Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson? Curvy. Me? Also curvy. Pamela Anderson? Not fat. Me? Fat. When you post an ad looking for a ''curvy girl,'' it is vastly and irritatingly unclear whether you are talking purely about body shape, or whether you are talking about body shape while maintaining the default settings we presume men have when they talk about women's bodies , or whether you are using ''curvy'' as a minor euphemism , or whether you are using ''curvy'' as a major euphemism . It makes fuck-all sense. I don't particularly want to respond to an ad when it's entirely possible that the person who wrote it is looking for Jenna Jameson. But it is ALSO entirely possible that the writer is looking for fat girls. Does the inefficiency of this system begin to become clear? ''Thick''? See above. Both ''thick'' and ''curvy'' sometimes come with the fun disclaimer ''not obese,'' which makes everything nice and extra-nonsensical, because ''obese'' is a specific clinical term and women with ''thick'' bodies would almost ALWAYS get slotted in under ''obese'' in a BMI chart. Because what are ''curves'' and ''thickness'' made of? Oh, that's right: body fat. The body type that turns you on is obese: deal. ''Chubby'' sounds like it should mean ''kind of fat, but not that fat.'' The problematic vagueness here, it leaps to the eye, because how the hell am I supposed to know what you think is ''that fat''? But even better, there is again, the is-it-or-isn't-it euphemism problem: is this term only difficult to interpret because it is vague, or is it EXTRA difficult to interpret because it might be yet another euphemism for ''fat''? I don't respond to ads for ''chubby'' because I think I'm fat, not chubby, but because you are deathly-freaky-terrified of a) admitting you like fat girls and b) offending the fat girls you want to fuck, I do not know if you are looking for a specific sort of girl or just tiptoeing around the twin facts of a) your desire and b) my ass. Which is fat. So we're clear. ''BBW''—please, don't even. Gross. GROSS. Yes, I have mixed feelings about my body sometimes, but I'm a sassy & well-adjusted sort, and my ego is not so tattered that I need a euphemism that skeezily transparent. Just like not every thin woman is beautiful, not every fat woman is beautiful. This compact euphemism packs up some nasty assumptions about fat women's presumably abysmal self-esteem and a handy reminder that the culture at large is ragingly fat-hating all in one ridiculous-sounding phrase. This one is basically designed to play on fat women's presumed self-hatred; it has got to actively weed out women with dignity. Because come ON. ''Oh, baby, dating for married know the media tells you you're gross eighty-four times a day because of your size, ignoring all your individual attributes both physical and otherwise, but not me, baby, I'm different; I think you're beautiful because of your size, ignoring all your individual attributes both physical and otherwise.'' Get out of here with that. ''Big'' is not too bad, but it's not very particular. It could mean tall. It could mean broad-shouldered. A tank is big. A skyscraper is big. Serena Williams is big. But tanks and skyscrapers and Serena Williams aren't fat. I guess if what you want is that whole Amazon-lady thing, the overall-impression quality of ''big'' works just fine, but it lacks the snappy correctness of ''fat'' if fat is, in fact, what you're looking for. ''Fat.'' FAT. It's so simple. It's evocative. It's elegant in its straightforwardness, really. I am a fat girl. You like fat girls. Or you DON'T like fat girls. WHATEVER. Either way, when you avoid ''fat'' like it's ''Voldemort,'' you are treating fatness like it's unspeakably shameful. While it would be awesome if *no one* thought fat was unspeakably shameful, you know who should start by thinking of fat as not unspeakably shameful? That's right: you, right there, the one who likes fucking fat girls. The one who is making sentences on the internet hoping the sentences will help you meet the fat girl of his dreams. Hello, I am talking to you. Stop insulting the women you want to meet. You will probably meet cooler women if ''responding to insulting euphemisms about their implicitly unattractive bodies'' is not one of your criteria. Unless you really get off on low self esteem, in which case, by all means, use all the euphemisms your craven little heart desires, and I will ignore you with vigor and grim satisfaction. But if you'd like to make everyone's life a little easier and nicer, define your terms, okay? And please, please: try ''fat.''

Hello 29yr (70092, Violet, LA, Saint Bernard County)
I work for the government. Not looking for anything serious or too personal, just someone to talk to and listen to. I'm not married and no babies. Italian/Indian, calm, collected and drama free. Well those are the basics, if your interested, send a picture and a good impression. Thanks. FYI: The dating for married was taken for work Cheers

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