Honestly, 18yr (Opelousas, Louisiana , Acadiana)
I'm not going to sit here and write a paragraph rant about finding love, it's the internet, and the chances of that happening are highly unlikely. Whatever happened to being friends first? Finding love is not my primary goal. I don't rely on a significant other for my happiness. I'm confident in who I am and I spend my time wisely. I just want to talk, that's all. I'm athletic and I take care of my body meaning I don't do drugs nor drink. I work and go to school. My humor is very sarcastic and I am an honest person. Depending on the situation I can be pretty shy or outgoing. Hit me up if you want to have a nice conversation.

I have been involved in an amazing, passionate affair with a married woman for fourteen months. We are crazy about each other, we believe we are soulmates, and have found a deeper love together than either of us has ever experienced before.>>

Sexy, Fun, Bored Divorced Mom - w4m 26yr (70570, Opelousas, LA, Saint Landry County)
I really am fun, however have strict criteria, must be divorced or widowed. I have to have a physically fit man who is a good motivator to have my body as hot as yours. No drama or games, Please!!! Looking ffor a comapanion and all that goes with it... use your imagination...haha

Date married ladies/guys in your neighbourhood.

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Why is dating often so hard? 29yr (70570, Opelousas, Louisiana)
So here's the deal: like to date. I love great foods and better discussion. I like to go out and experience what's the latest in the city with music, art, theatre... My lifestyle gets a little busy at times, however springtime is now here, and it's becoming comfortable and lovely outdoors... and I'm considering it could be nice to get out more and discover all there's to see :) I am not anxious about finding a soul mate. I'm simply just wanting to appreciate at the moment with someone who is comfortable with him self and the environment around them. I do not have a specified ''type'' that I go for , somewhere in between the age of 30-48. And... possibly you might be great under the sheets? Nor for me... I'm 29, no kids, dark hair and eye-color, 5'8'', and in really good shape

Hang out.... 31yr (Opelousas, 70570, LA , Acadiana)
At the point in my life where I have been single long enough. I guess for the most it's been because I am a single parent and I have 3, yes 3 children, whom I have made the priority of my life. I do have free time so I thought why not try to date. I am looking for someone who would like to spend time with me. I am not looking to have someone play dad, being my children has a father and have enough needed attention from him. Here's the deal I just want to hang out with someone charming,witty, outgoing and smart.

WFC WTF? PJs 4pm 34yr (70570, Opelousas, LA)
Today is different! Since I thought I could use my lunch break for dating I think I should use the time to tell you a little about finding a cure for neuro-muscular diseases, like Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy, the most severe kind. I have a band & I will sell CDs to support indie music and sign them for an additional donation into the MDA envelope on my table. 100% of the MDA money dating for married to MDA toward finding a cure. If you would prefer to send a kid to camp it is only 0 for a whole week, with a 24 hour caregiver, 1-on-1. That price includes everything, food and crafts, etc. Amazingly cheap when you think about how much it must cost to have a special needs kid, even at home, with 24 hour care. I'm telling you this to tell you: please don't give me 0 cash, write a check so you get the tax write off. If you have had an excellent year, think about sending a dozen kids to camp. It is life-changing, they meet kids from all over that have the same challenges they have, and it fills them with hope that they are not alone. Friday May 28, Jerry's Kids ring the closing bell at NASDAQ. Every year this activity kicks off the MDA Telethon, hosted at Mohegan Sun. So really my fund-raising efforts are all finished by May 27, at which time I'll return to normalcy & I'd love to have lunch without hitting anyone up for money lol. May is always MDA month. I do this every year, but never through CL, never in response to a failed dating ad, Wherein yesterday I ate all by myself. At PJs. Photo of yesterday taken by my waiter as I paid my check - alone - in disbelief that no one was even interested in meeting me! So I figure it is because everyone has jobs....which made me think: these people can afford to send kids to camp & help find a cure! I am so lucky that I am able to do this. We are all so lucky to be on the helping side, instead of the in-need-of-help side.

Just another BBW who happens to be super cool 28yr (Opelousas, Louisiana , Acadiana)
Hello all. Don't you ever get tired of the dating, singles scene? You feel like you constantly have to put yourself on display to attract someone else, then when you have you need to be on your best behavior around them right? I say screw that. What I am is what you get and I wanna see the same. Whatever happened to just a chill date having a beer, playing some pool at a bar. Put some cool music on the jukebox and just chill. If we don't click then so what...we made a new friend. And if we do great! But it always seems like there are some sort of expectations and then dating just becomes tedious? So here is my proposition. If you are a geek, act like a geek. If you are a dork act like a dork. If we don't click then it is better to find out right away. Ok...time consuming rant is over :) I am 28. I have a professional career and I go to school. I am working on a history degree. I have my own place, my own car, my own pets...the whole shebang so I definitely know how to take care of myself. I enjoy fun conversations, dive bars, random drives to nowhere, walks on the beach or at the lake, vegas trips, hiking, and I am even going to try camping for the first time in a couple months. Any men out there who likes this stuff too? I am eventually looking for the whole marriage and family deal...but lets take it slow ok. I am fairly laid back and just like to take each day as it comes. I am 5'7'', long black hair, blue eyes and approx a size 18. I am also losing weight so if you only like big girls don't say you weren't warned. I also have herpes. Not a big deal but better to just get it out there right now. It is something I have completely under control and the chances of passing it on are minimal but I would prefer to start a relationship with someone who either has it themselves or can handle me having it. I am an open book. If you have questions milfs ask. I do have pictures but I require one to get one. If any of this sounds like you would like to hear more write. What have you got to lose...its not like I bite or anything ;)

Here's the typical scenario. You have a woman who's 27yrs old, and she's been dating/married to the same guy for a couple of years. Thing have become boring, or he's lost his job, or she's just sick of him. Whatever it is, she's looking for guys. The first way you can spot these girls is that they're the hot ones>>

A man with class (70570, LA, Saint Landry County)
That would be you. That means you won't speak about NSA, a nude photo, your phone number, sex, former wives/women. You are able to compose an original message. Spelling and grammar do matter. You are not dull and try to keep yourself interesting and current. One divorce to your name is plenty. You can chat with people without an alcoholic beverage in your hand. You are comfortable in your own skin and you would never dating for married think to write, ''I am age 54 but look 36 tops. Everyone says so. Yes, everyone.'' Please. Your age 43-54 and comfortable with it. You are sweet, thoughtful, and friendly. I will not bite off your head. Above all do not tell me you are handsome, attractive, or good-looking thus I will vomit on the keyboard.

For the Grown, Sexy, and Intelligent 29yr (Opelousas, 70570 , Saint Landry County)
Me: 30 years old, Black female, tall , single, intelligent, humorous, lady-like, imaginative, romantic. Seeking Caucasian or European-descent males for dating and possible dating for married relationships. Not looking for sex, casual encounters, FWB , ''casual relationships'', ''casual sex'', ''Fuck buddes'' , or ''cuddle buddies''!!!! YOU: Caucasian or European descent, SINGLE, TALL , age 27-37 ONLY , intelligent, humorous, gentlemanly, romantic, imaginative, attractive-to-me, and open-minded. You must be seeking a long-term relationship ONLY. THOSE LOOKING FOR SEX NEED NOT REPLY!! Reply with pic if you expect a reply back. Thanks for reading and happy posting! :-D