Guy Seeks Wingman 32yr (42066, Mayfield, KY, Graves County)
It seems that most of my single guy friends are now in relationships, so they are no longer interested in going out on happy hour and evening excursions to meet women. And those that are single don't live in the city so they usually train out of here right after work. That leaves me looking for a couple single guys who want to have a little fun on occasion and chase some pretty women in the process. About Me: 32 year old white male. Moved to Philly 2-3 years ago. Highly educated and ambitious. Hit the gym regularly. Great apartment for entertaining in one of the city's hottest bar and nightlife areas. You don't need to be perfect. I certainly am not. At a minimum, you have to be willing to go get a drink every once in a while so that I am not standing alone at the bar. At best, we have alot of fun while you overlook my average looks, inexperience with women, and other minor issues. I will probably get along best with the person that would like to go out on Friday or Saturday night but is sitting here reading this ad because they don't know anyone who wants to go out, worked too hard this past week to make plans, or is just shy and needs some help with women. I don't bite - email me! Let's grab a drink sometime and see if this might work. Oh yeah - LET'S GO FLYERS!!!

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Really cute Latina looking for a hot guy 21yr (Mayfield, Kentucky )
Hey, I'm a really attractive girl looking for a really cute guy to date. I've been single for a while now just focusing on work and school. I'm tired of meeting all these guys who just like to play mind games. I'm a really honest girl I'm pretty blunt and def straight forward. I like to keep things simple by just being blunt. I have dark eyes and dark hair as well. Guys compliment my body they say I have an houglass figure. I'm a Latina duhhh LOL jk. I love shopping, and hanging out with my friends. I like to go to parties, the clubs and the bars. I love going to the movies, and out to eat. I can be pretty girly but not over the top. I absolutely hate drama LOL. I'm the type of girl who always likes to look good. I wouldn't say im conceited Im just confident. I nvr have trouble with guys but I've been soo busy I didn't have any time to date. I would like to meet a really hot guy about 6 ft tall on the slender size with muscles. Not huge like a body builder but well defined. I'm only attracted to white guys and Latinos. I'm not interested in being someones fuk buddy or friends with benefits. Please no guys over 27 years. I want to meet up with someone and see if there's any connection then take things from there. Thanks for reading, I'll ttyl.

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I'm looking for Gerald in Longview - w4m 30yr (Mayfield, Kentucky )
I saw you on Chemistry, Gerald but I don't want to pay so darn much money to meet you. Call me cheap but I call myself frugal.If you will tell me about the photos in your personal profile, I will know it's you.Just email me so we can start talking, OK?

Agony & Ecstasy; Lust 4 Life! 62yr (Mayfield, 42066 , Graves County)
Life is good! Good friends, very good job, socially busy with the everyday hustle & bustle. Children are successful in their private and professional lives. We are at the stage of life where we have very few needs, but our desires remain as deep as ever. We have no complaints or regrets. What I acutely miss is the companionship with someone compatible; intellectually, emotionally and physically. To share together the moments of agony and ecstasy for the rest of our lives. Someone who is kind and compassionate with a ''lust for life''. You can tell I love to read. Irving Stone is one of my favorite authors. Age: 57-65

Some Kind of Special? (42066, Mayfield, Kentucky)
I woke this morning to much of the same routine I do every Saturday. I pull the sliding window curtains back, look outside, assess the day, pour myself a cup of coffee, and create a plan for the day. Straighten the house up, since I live alone it is rarely what anyone could describe as dirty, place the cup, fork, spoon and plate into the dishwasher, shower, apply make up, blow dry hair, find a something to store? Oh heart be still....that is just what I want to do, is to battle the shopping carts as they impatiently move behind you, or around you.....Yard work? Definite possibility....if only the rain would stop.....Pedicure? Now that sounds good.....but being incredibly ticklish I could not stand to see that stern look of the manicurist as she tries to control my feet. Wait....bake some banana bread, or cookies and watch them go stale since I cannot possibly eat all of what do I end up doing on a rainy day, with no plans to speak of? Usually read, maybe watch a movie, work on the sketch I started months ago. What do I want to do? Not that any of this is a bad thing.....but I don't want to do it every weekend. I am what many could probably see as the typical lady that lives next door. dating for married I smile at you as I walk out to check my mail, I share the left over baked goods to the neighbor and explain ''I did it again...would you like them?'' You might see me muddy from time to time as I weed the flower beds, rake the leaves and clean the gutters on the house. But, truly, there is so much more to me that what you may see. I am not drop dead beautiful, but I am attractive, I am not a clown, but I love to laugh, I don't always wear jeans, but I can wear them nicely, I don't expect diamonds and gold, but I would like to be treated as if I were. I truly am not a special person, and there is not one thing that I can say that would make me more than any other woman out there. But I may be more to the right person. Someone who doesn't mind eating the extra cookies and bread. Someone who laughs at the mud. Someone who thinks my laugh is contagious and my dimples are cute. I want to be someones ''Some kind of special'' So what do I look like and enjoy doing? I am 51 I could use that age old line ..''But I look 35'' all honesty.....I do not look my age and have been told I look amazing....but I KNOW I do not look 35! I am 5'4'' & 1/2, my weight fluctuates with 5-10 pounds as I quit smoking almost two years ago and I am battling that extra fluff that it left behind. So I can go between 140 and 150 - I like to work out, and stay in shape. I have blue eyes, and shoulder length brown hair, that you can see some red in when the sun hits it. I like to dress up or down, wear heels or sandals, or flip flops and shorts in the summer. I enjoy all music, art, poetry, reading, movies, just about anything.....I cannot list everything I like or dislike but that can be something we learn about one another. I would hope that you would be flexible and open to learn and enjoy new things, or share some of your interests, you could be battling 5-10 pounds along with me, but hopefully you would like being active and staying in shape as well. I work and pay my own bills, and pick up the tab for my little shoe sprees, and would appreciate you do as well. Age....hmm...I usually date those between the ages of 45-55, so if your close to that age range....that would be wonderful! Now we come to the true test....I sometimes listen to people talk in general or vent if you will. Their chief complaint with posting a personal ad or responding to one, is the whole picture thing....Some require a picture and some do not....some respond with a picture and some do not....what about me? I am very private, and would like to establish a level of trust before offering or asking for a picture. When we share could be something we both decide? :) I cannot stop anyone from sending one, but I do not expect it. So, if you are still with me....and I may have said anything to have interested you....then please take a chance and drop me a line.....we just might end up being some kind of special! In answer to a recent e-mail ''I am monogamous and am not interested in a couple situation''

re: strip club adventure with him? 55yr (42066, Mayfield, KY)
His ad reads: '' Anyone interested in some quality time at some nice clubs? 240 friendly. '' Do Ladies actually accompany men to strip clubs. I'd say NO! Those girls are at most early 20s You say you are 55 Gramps. milfs brain cells Pops?

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Single smart female looking... 21yr (42066, KY, Graves County)
Single smart female looking for someone with a great personality and dating for married You have to know how to treat a girl right. If you are here looking for random hookups, FWB type you are not my type. Please be drug free, no kids, no drama, ATTACH PIC 21-25

i just want to meet cool guys i want a real relationship if thats ypu reply w pic nd ill return da fav