Looking for that Real Relationship (46074, Westfield, IN, Hamilton County)
Tired of the fake ads, the flakes and the scams?????????????? We have real women seeking real relationships with real men. No lies, no tricks, we have a list of women seeking long term relationsips that are serious about what they want. Take a chance and try us we are not about membership fees or anything like that we are the hook up place for people seeking long term relationships and marriage. If you want to find that special someone and want to start dating we can assure you that you willl have a date any time any day. Please provide your details, your idea of the perfect partner and your pics. We want to help and we know how hard it is out there so we decided to create a new twist on the whole dating scene and we have a collection of people that are in the same situation and looking for the real deal. Waiting to hear from you...............

Many men are looking for these women for encounters but it is not an easy road especially if you are trying to be discreet about dating married women.>>

Irish festival tomorrow at the Sheridan PDX 30yr (Westfield, 46074, IN , Indianapolis Metro Area)
I know this might odd, but it's worth a shot. Who doesn't like a good Irish jig? It's a competition with dancers from Canada and the U.S. I'm going becasue I would like to get back into it. It will be fun Me: Single Looking to meet people No kids I will send pic if you send one 5'5'' About a buck ten Brown Hazel I love to laugh, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

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Awesome, kick-ass & happy seeks same! 33yr (46074, Westfield, Indiana)
I am a single, fun, incredibly happy & grateful, highly intelligent, life-loving woman. I am very young at heart & I have a lot of young energy and most people assume I am somewhere between ages 21-25 when they first meet me. I am beautiful, attractive, open-minded, a free thinker, and I have my own opinions & beliefs that I am incredibly passionate about & will stand up for. I live in reality, instead of in a bubble. In an effort to filter out the responses that I receive, I have to insist on good spelling, grammar and literacy. I’m 32, but I feel more like 22! I’m tall so please be tall yourself, at least 5’9”– I don’t want to have to stoop over to kiss you. I have to stay active, which normally amounts to 6+ mile hikes, swimming & working out/lifting weights six days a week. I have a lot of healthy, positive energy that is flowing out of me on a daily basis so I use it to fill up my free time with all of my interests & hobbies, which includes my work as an artist and the many projects that I have going on at one time. I am in excellent shape, with an athletic build, but I am very feminine & curvy. I am a mix of Norwegian, German, Scottish, Swedish, English, and Welsh. I have shoulder- length brown/red hair & deep brown eyes. I am a natural cuddle bug, because it feels so good to lie down next to someone and wrap your arms around them. I really enjoy being affectionate. I know the power of touch & I have learned how powerful & healing it can be. I love tickle/wrestle fights. I'm trustworthy, reliable, responsible, serious when I need to be & but mostly goofy, kind, friendly & fun. I am also very quirky and have been lovingly described as ‘weird’ and ‘unique’ by friends and family. I am always honest, even if it seems harsh, and these days my filter is on ‘low’. I have a cat who I rescued off the side of a highway 6 years ago - he is very important to me. I'm a skeptic & I base my beliefs on personal experiences & logic. I don’t have much tolerance for people who don’t use their brains, bad drivers & people who believe everything they hear on Fox news. I have a great sense of humor & enjoy making others laugh, which often happens around me without much effort. It's incredibly difficult to make me upset or angry and I don’t recommend doing so on purpose. I don’t scare easily. I'm an incredibly strong person - emotionally, mentally, & physically. My mom calls me her 'rock', because of my ability to keep those who are panicking calm. I'm handy when it comes to emergencies - I will help a fallen stranger or an injured animal & you can count on me to bring my EMT skills on our adventures. I enjoy long, intense, intimate conversations for hours about anything & everything. I enjoy learning how things work by taking them apart & putting them back together, be it a computer or other technology. I am in training to summit Mt Hood this year. I am also currently working towards getting my conceal carry permit in Oregon and keeping up with my target shooting skills. I am also recruiting for a highly respected milsim airsoft team here in Portland and I just went to my first OP! It was fucking amazing & I had a blast. I am learning web design as well as teaching myself Photoshop and I am designing my own web page for my art portfolio. I am always tinkering with a computer or electronic device and helping my family & friends with their computer frustrations. I’m an artist & I have a natural eye for photographing nature & animals. I work with many mediums including pencil/pen drawings, acrylic paintings & painting on found objects. I have designed jewelry & I want to learn glass blowing. I am a writer & I am always reading multiple books at once. I'm not claustrophobic or afraid of heights because I love caving, rappelling, & exploring underground/hidden places. I moved to Portland in February ‘09 & am in love with this amazing city. I especially enjoy the close access to beautiful nature areas & you can often find me hiking in Forest Park or out in the Gorge. I am always up for trying new activities, new foods, & checking off new activities on my to-do list. Places in Portland I frequent include: Henry’s Tavern, Anna Bananas, Townshends, Backspace, Hot Lips, Proper Eats & others. There's not much in life that I don't like or wouldn't be willing to try at least once. Some of my interests include: astronomy & using my telescope on clear nights, camping, even when it’s cold or snowing, hiking & going backpacking, spelunking, rock hunting/collecting, target practice & keeping my 2nd amendment rights, milsim airsoft training, motorcycles, driving my car & spontaneous road trips, riding horses, listening to loud electronica in my car or while I’m dancing or any music that moves me, spinning poi, pyrotechnics, geology & geography, 2600, computer/video games, pinball & arcades, mini-golf & beating my brother at Air Hockey, growing my own food/herbs, making my own medicine from herbs & generally anything that keeps me happy & sane. I want to learn mountaineering, rock climbing, go zip-lining, hang gliding and much more! I am a busy person with a fun, exciting life. I don’t take anything in my life for granted – I’ve been alive long enough to learn from experience that it’s not worth it to hold grudges or have jaded expectations. I'm not your typical girl and most of the time I can't stand to be around the general female population. I’m looking for new guy friends first, but I’m ultimately searching for a passionate, stable relationship with someone who can be my best friend, my lover, my ‘partner-in-crime’ and my confidant. Standard requirements: be old enough to legally drink but not older than 40ish, have an income source, your own mode of transportation, have your own place . Please have morals, values, and manners, be polite, know that chivalry is not dead and open my door and know the importance of a strong hand shake. You are physically/mentally/emotionally strong, not whiny or selfish; you are always honest, no matter how blunt; you are trustworthy, open-minded & willing to try new things. You share many of my same interests including being a computer/electronics geek, using your brain on a daily basis, you love listening to music that moves you & you are partial to electronic music or are willing to give it a chance, and it is important for you to be active rain or shine, outside, as often as possible. Please do not tell me you love hiking and go all the time, when in fact you haven’t been hiking in quite some time and are actually out of shape. You take care of your body which includes showering, brushing & flossing your teeth, and staying in shape and eating healthy foods most of the time. You know the importance of personal space but also know that taking the time to get to know someone is important in any relationship. You must love animals but also respect nature & keep wild animals wild. You know what you want in your life, you have goals & are constantly striving to complete them. When you're not happy, you do something about it, instead of complaining, and you know it’s not worth worrying if something is beyond your control. You have an awesome sense of humor and can enjoy a relaxed evening in or a fun night out. You can keep up with me, whether we’re debating human rights or hiking in the Gorge. Your family and friends are important to you and you can always make time to spend with someone special. Please have a passion and thirst for acquiring new knowledge whenever possible. *You should be able to understand that physical age is not a reflection of mental maturity and life experience – I am interested in dating guys who can match my own energy & maturity levels. I look forward to hearing from you!

Am I for you? 47yr (Westfield, 46074 , Hamilton County)
I am looking for someone to share life with.....the everyday ins and outs......the special moments only two people can share.....someone that actually wants a relationship and has time for one.....No big laundry list of must haves.....just be open to children.....I have two at home.......they will, at some point, be part of any real relationship.....I am outgoing, quick witted, have a slightly sarcastic sense of humor and fun to be around. Blonde, blue/green,5'7'', slender to average, gainfully employed and 100% single......As we all know, physical attraction opens the door....so your pic gets mine..... If you are young enough to be my son or old enough to be my Dad....probably not a good match. Taking a chance and dipping my toes into this vast sea we call the dating pool.......anyone bold enough to join me?

Married on paper 22yr (46074, IN, Hamilton County)
I've been living apart from my husband for well over a year now, while somebody else has been sleeping in my bed. I don't know the last time I spoke to him so hey. Why not have some fun? For all intents and purposes I'm a SWF in my mid-20's, curvy but I do work out regularly. dating for married sense of humor, and very loyal. When life throws me lemons, I try damn hard to make key lime pie. I'm left-handed, and you must be as well. KIDDING!! Just seeing if you're paying attention. Write me, your pic gets mine.

erudite, iconoclastic sybarite seeks same 42yr (Westfield, Indiana , Indianapolis Metro Area)
i'm a sailor, world traveler, human rights activist, aspiring polyglot, a lover of music , film , animals , nature, books , faraway places, adventure, camping, good wine, good food. examples of my musical loves, music being my ultimate love: leonard cohen, bert jansch, tom waits, the incredible string band, joy division, van morrison, nick cave, erik satie, irish/scottish traditional, afro-cuban, brazilian. if you know and love these same things/people, i would very much like to meet you at the very least. need a partner, platonic or otherwise, latter preferred. i'm also perilously close to running away to india and greece, places i love, and eventually other new places on my list, eg, cuba, brazil, africa, so if you're looking to travel, again, we should meet. your pic gets mine. please play by the rules, otherwise, sorry, but you won't hear back from me. i'm having some strange encounters of the untruthful and unpleasant kind. and not appreciating it. milfs your looks is a very bad idea because we all know it comes down to chemistry. thanks for understanding. best.

The first tip you must understand when dating a married woman is proper time management. If you don't manage your time with her the right way, you will blow this whole situation, point blank.>>

Pamper me (Westfield, Indiana , Indianapolis Metro Area)
I am an educated, very attractive, fit woman. I am a former gymnast and my exotic look draws attention where ever I go . The most beautiful thing about me is that my beauty is the least of my attributes. I am a classy lady in public... being pampered turns me on and is the best foreplay in the world. I enjoy fine dinning, traveling and playing GOLF, shopping after leaving the range for sexy dresses and sexy shoes that make it to the bed. I love wearing sexy panties underneath my dresses that I can slip into your pocket while dinning dating for married the finest restaurants before we retreat to our suite for whatever you like. I am looking for a professional man who enjoys the finer things in life including the trophy on his arm. Someone who is looking for a women to pamper and meet for sexy dates all over the world. One of my favorite resturants is Joes Stone Crab . I looking for someone to spoil me, serious inquiries only please. Pictures are helpful. AJ

Must Love Dogs & Movies 44yr (46074, Westfield, IN)
I'm kinda still new to the Chicago area and there's so much to explore and see and do! Help me use my new Chicago memberships. I've got multiple. And they're diverse. Humor is VERY important to me. I need to laugh early and laugh often. The grumpy need not apply. Here's the nuts and bolts: I'm open minded, sometimes kind of shy, good sense of humor and am down to earth, I've got both feet on the ground and dating for married of expect the same. I'm more the girl next door and not really very high maintenance. I do dress up on occasion, given the right forum to shine. Things I enjoy - the theater, museums, art galleries, movies, . I love 80's music, Rush, Bruce, Goo Goo Dolls, Linkin Park, U2. I'd tell you my favorite movie, but there are really just way too many. I love to travel . Volunteering is veeery important to me. I'm ISO of an open minded, honest man with integrity and a good sense of humor for companionship and possibly more, of course. But there's a lot more. You must be SINGLE. Still reading? Good. You have to live in Chicagoland area or have a very good excuse as to why we should meet. You have to be able to laugh at life, as well as know when to be serious. Notice, please, that I didn't say anything about a job. You must be happy with where you are, or at least trying to get yourself there. I'm not going to ask to see your diploma. I'm looking for the nice Guy Next Door, who will introduce me to their interests as well as enjoy mine. Tattoos are OK, as long as your artwork wouldn't scare my mother. I'm somewhat independent, so I can entertain myself. I need you to be confident enough to respect that and go do your own thing sometimes. I want a companion - but need girlfriend days to recharge sometimes. If you don't have a passport, or like movies it really wouldn't work out. Let's admit it. You must love animals. I don't currently have a Golden Retriever but guys with dogs move to the front of the line. You don't have to be tall, but let me remind you that I am 5' 8'' and would prefer not to tower over you. These are all really negotiable. A short charming man can win me over easier than a tall boring one. The NON-negotiables are really smoking, having a wife, or living long distance. I want to try kayaking or canoeing. I would like to see Europe sometime soon. I have a blooming interest in Ancient Egyptian art and culture. I'd like to try South America. It seems so underrated. I've seen 31 states in the US and would like to visit the remaining, especially Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Arizona, and Mount Rushmore. Is that North Dakota? I'd like to see Austin and San Antonio, Texas. A short weekend trip would be St Louis. Interested? Tell me who you are... Please be single and respond with more than one sentence!

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