look here 20yr (Downers Grove, 60515, IL , Chicagoland)
Ok I posted before but some asshole flagged me.....but anyway about me....Im tall 5'10, slim, very pretty , im outgoing, funny, and i love guys who are jokers themselves. Im the type of girl that doesn't really need to find a guy on the internet but i thought it might be more fun that way.....;D Im looking for someone who is also very attractive between the ages of 19-23 years old....nothing more, nothing less, unless u are a very hot 25 year old. You should have a car even though i should'nt have to ask since we can't catch the bus on a date...hahaha. Please be 5'10 or taller, if you are really tall then that is a plus! You should be muscular, theres nothing hotter than a strong guy who can just pick you up as if you way nothing. School has ended and ive been bored so im looking to hang out with a guy that i can have fun with as friends and if we make that connection, we can see where it will go from there and if we dont.....we'll still have a great time...i promise! I like to do competitive stuff so if we go out we should do something that involves a lot of interaction....not some lame movie. Please be attractive, im not shallow but If im not attracted to you, we won't be anything but friends Attraction comes first and personality is second. So dont be shy, email me if this appeals to you with your zodiac sign in the subject and PUT AT LEAST 2 PICTURES OF YOURSELF Two pics...not one Im not putting up pics of myself up here but I'll gladly send you one once you reply below is similar to what i look like. cute huh?

Before we get into where to look, you may be wondering why dating married women is better than, for instance, single women. Simple. Married women have less men approaching them and, unlike single women, they all want casual encounters without any commitment.>>

Any Attractive, Normal, Single men on cl 32yr (60515, Downers Grove, Illinois)
Hey I'm a tall, good looking and single lady just seeing what is on this site. So if you want to chat and do the pic exchange let's go for it Hot Shot. Please no married men or if you have a gf don't email me. THANKS

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DJ Spooky at Lincoln Center Tomorrow 25yr (Downers Grove, 60516 , Du Page County)
I have two tickets to a charity event at Lincoln Center tomorrow night, and just found out my friend is not able to come along. I don't really know much about what it is, but would hate for the ticket to go to waste. Tell me about yourself if you decide to reply.

bbw - a homebody that also likes to explore 30yr (Downers Grove, Illinois , Chicagoland)
I'm a cute & financially-independent SWF, early 30s, brunette, 5'5''. As I'm mostly happy with who I am, I'm looking for a man that can appreciate what I have to offer and if the chemistry is there, would enjoy dating and eventually a LTR. I'm not here for a friends-with-benefits or a one-time thing, so don't please don't respond thinking you can convince me otherwise. Passion is key, but time is involved in getting to know someone more deeply. As for me, I like to think that I'm good balance between being a homebody and someone that likes to explore. I do like to hang out at home, but also love to go out and try different restaurants/grab a drink, or even just take a walk or drive around . I love to travel & explore new places and am always looking for a partner to experience more of the world with. I'm into most forms of art . I'm happy talking/debating about pretty much any topic. If you can appreciate a little sarcasm and giving back as good as you get, that's always a good start. I should also say that if you're into a flashy/materialistic woman, I'm probably not your type. I'm more casual . I don't care about labels and don't like to cake on the make-up. If you don't enjoy a more natural, less artificial woman, please don't respond. Of course, there are many qualities that I like, but instead of listing them off, I'm say please be curious, intelligent, don't take yourself too seriously, and generally try to be as honest as possible . The physical isn't any fun without the mental skills to go along. Bonus points if you're adventurous with food, enjoy picking up a book from time to time, and know the difference between your and you're. If intrigued, shoot me a note with some details about yourself and a pic and I can do the same in return. NO response to a one-sentence reply, a reply without a pic, or to those who obviously ignore what I just wrote.

My type is Intelligent & Ugly ISO Same 38yr (60515, Downers Grove, IL, Du Page County)
When Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree, he realized that starvation wasn't necessary for enlightenment. I'm sure the same goes for six-pack abs and zero love-handles. Honestly, when I was younger, I dated very handsome, incredibly charismatic men. The truth is, although I'm sure they loved me a great deal, they never really loved me nearly as much as they loved themselves. I'm older now. My face is holding out fairly well, but I am not going to be young forever. I don't want someone who is looking for eternal beauty. I don't want to try to compete with 24 year olds. 24 year olds are gorgeous, and God bless them. I was 24 once. I need someone who is intelligent. This is where I hold my staunch line. I'm educated and well-traveled. I went to school in Boston, graduate school in San Francisco. I've lived in New York, and now I'm in graduate school again in Santa Monica. The person I'm looking for doesn't necessarily have to be educated, but we would have more in common if he were. I don't believe that education makes people intelligent, but I do believe that intelligent people choose education. I need someone who knows how to love. The worst sign in meeting someone new is when they begin to tell me of all the people and things they hate. Hating requires a lot of energy. One has to commit to hating. Likewise, one has to commit to loving. It's not easy. We, all of us, have our bad days, our self-indulgent moments. The trick is to try and be be aware of them, to try and hold ourselves accountable, and make amends when necessary. Likewise, in loving other people, it's important to not expect perfection. If I can't be perfect, how can I expect it of you? I want to be loved for the whole imperfect person that I am. I need someone with a sense of humor!!!! If we can't laugh, why bother living? Honestly, it really is the little things in life that bring the most joy. Silliness is a gift. For me, you don't need to be thin, but you shouldn't live a life that's exclusively beer and television. After all, variety really is the spice of life. For me, you don't have to be rich, but you should have a decent job that allows you to live the life you want. For me, travel is more important than designer handbags. It's not that I don't appreciate beautiful things. I just have my priorities. For me, opinions are fantastic when the giver is aware they are opinions. Really, very little makes me angry, but an unyielding person who believes they are never wrong tests my patience every time. My undergrad was in writing and theatre, as was my first master's degree. I'm articulate, hopefully sometimes eloquent, and I communicate well. My current path is in Chinese Medicine. I hope to heal my body and eventually learn to heal others. I am the type of person who constantly seeks betterment. I couldn't be with someone who did not strive for improvement. In a perfect world, I would find someone to help me bridge the gaps where I am weakest, and one who allows me to do the same for him. I have not given up the hope of meeting someone lovely, reading the Sunday paper together in bed, throwing dinner parties with friends, barbecues, theatre, travel... maybe, if the shoe fits, marriage, kids. I'd love to meet someone who, when I'm old, still remembers the younger and more vibrant person I am now. If for no other reason than to remind me of it occasionally. :-) If I'm not the right fit for you , good luck in your search. I am a fond believer dating for married everyone striving toward their dream. Here's to us all getting our heart's desire!

Not Seeking Mr. Right Now 23yr (60516, Downers Grove, IL)
I'm not looking for Mr. Right now BUT for someone to date and get to know. Between ages of 21-30, is intelligent, like being creative, music, etc. If you can spell and use punctuation well, milfs is a big +++. I am 5'10 and voluptuous. I like all the above stated and messing around but getting things done. If you're interested hit me up. Please put ''156'' so I can avoid spam. Your pic gets mine.

Being married and looking at dating websites may seem a bit weird but in our century it looks pretty normal. Of course, you can do whatever you want, nobody blames you.>>

The Plan Is.... 40yr (60516, IL, Du Page County)
To describe myself best dating for married possible, Iím 40, 5'7, size 14, shoulder length lt. brown hair, blue eyes, & attractive. I do not play games and I'm not looking to seriously commit yet. I believe in taking vacations, stopping to smell the roses, turning off phones after 8 p.m, stressing as little as possible on the little things. I'm a non-smoker but an occasional drinker. Prefer you not to be a non-smoker also. I donít do drugs other than perscribed. I am only looking for a white gentleman, 39-43, who lives alone, enjoys going out on an actual date, tall & husky/stocky and endowed to if possible, lol. Someone who is grown up enough to want the same adventures that I want to explore and can offer what I'm looking for. I want to fall in love again having butterflies before seeing him, being kissed and necked on, the touch of a firm hand hugging me. I will be back in town on 5/28. We can meet up and attend St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cubs that day at 1:20 game starts. Hope you are what I am looking for. Email me back if you are such the person I'm looking for.

Amy Sedaris Seeks Brad Neely 27yr (Downers Grove, Illinois , Chicagoland)
I devote most of my day to praising all things cute and hilarious. I'm a huge comedy nerd, in that I know the resume of many well-known and lesser known comedians and I quote them more than I should. But I never depend on other people's funny; I am constantly making my own. I surround myself with people who don't miss a beat; people who can keep up and hold their own. Comedy-wise this is a real asset, your wit will keep you afloat around me. Though this really extends to many other circumstances, such as: intellectually , activities My ideal company are people who like keeping it interesting, roll well with the punches, have dirty minds, are actively creative/productive , thrive in exciting circumstances, are highly agreeable & friendly in a somewhat sardonic manner. When I'm dating for married spreading my crass sarcasm across the county, I'm either: cooking/baking like a real domesticated housewife, writing/recording comedy, pwning the karaoke mic, scampering about various creative exhibits/conventions or grabbing drinks and telling outlandish tales. I'm passionate about people and fascinated with the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. I know myself well enough now to know I'm through with dating; I just don't have the desire to see someone casually who doesn't share a vision of settling down and creating a fantastical life together. I want to meet someone I can wake up cracking up with, collaborate on quirky creative/musical projects with, pet animals with, change the world with. I don't expect these ideals to be delivered to me immediately, or without being preceded by a strong, healthy friendship, but they are the goals of a long-term romantic relationship for me right now, and I refuse to settle for less. You should be: very creative - involved in something you are passionate about and able to balance work without sacrificing your social life. Agreeable - not too fussy or whiney about what you don't like, able to focus more on what you do like. Expressive - comfortable being emotional & open in your relationships. Adventurous - just as comfortable going out into the unknown as you are to stay home and watch Netflix. Aware - you know yourself well enough to know what you want, and how to get it. Active - not sporty but generally outgoing and always challenging yourself to try something new, outdoors. Perverted/Sexual - not afraid to express your sexual desires and explore those of your partner in super open and honest communication. High sex drive - 3 times a week is for old married couples, and we are still young and excitable, if you can't at least double or triple that, you won't be able to keep up with me. I've usually been the more aggressive one in relationships, I'm very strong-willed and opinionated, but I'm looking for someone who can challenge me sometimes. A strong-willed person needs an agreeable partner to balance them out, but also someone who won't lay down their will or sacrifice their own needs. Someone who can stand up to me, and even perhaps discipline me when I've acted out, is what I'm looking for. I have a thing for beardy guys with glasses, especially the ones who have a thing for me. I'm interested in dating someone older than me, as I relate more to people in their 30's and 40's who have solidified their lives a bit more. I dig intellectual types who don't take themselves too seriously and have a very silly side. I tend to date super sweet men with huge hearts who want kids and give great big hugs. I'm looking for someone who has the time and patience to get to know me, spend time with me, appreciate me for who I am - and I would offer them the same. I'm interested in dating an older man, who is secure in himself and knows what he want out of life and a romantic relationship. I very much appreciate the wisdom age brings, and often spend time with people much older than me. It would be nice to meet someone who is also at a place in their life where settling down sounds more appealing than ever. In return for being as awesome as you are, you would get to hang out with me, the silly and fun-loving, giggley and whip-smart girl that will always have you on your toes. You will most likely never be bored again. You will never need to plan to ''go out more'' when I'm around. You will never have to cook for yourself again unless you want to. You will never have to panic thinking you forgot to feed your pet, I will probably have done it for you. You will never feel sexually frustrated or pent-up, you will instead feel exhausted and euphoric. You will never have to wish someone would put music on and dance around with you. You'll never have to think of a joke or comedy sketch and wish you had a partner to record it with. You will never have to play music without someone to sing with you. You will never feel like you can't tell someone everything you are thinking or feeling. You will never have to guess what I am thinking or feeling, or wonder if I'm sugar-coating something and really meaning something else. You will never have to feel bad for your snoring, stinky feet, farting or burping, you will instead be laughing about it with me. If you think we'd get along, are looking for the same things, or just would like to chat - drop me a line AND A PHOTO, and tell me what you're doing with your time and what you're looking for in life.

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