Pretty Married Latina Looking For Friend 28yr (Lahaina, 96761 , Maui County)
Hello There, I'm looking for a good friend who just wants to hang out for a platonic friendship or maybe even some flirting. I'm not looking to complicate things with just sex. I don't want the guilt that comes along with that crap. Please don't hate on me because I'm married. I notice that a lot of the merrieds here get their ads flagged all the time. But if you'e not married you don't know what it's really like and you shouldn't judge us, seriously. I like to workout at home and I'm 420 friendly. I'm really not looking for sex just a cool friendship with an understanding guy. I don't mind if you are married, have a gf, or single. I will treat you with the same respect I expect from you and will never cross boundries or out our relationship to anyone. I want a secret friend lol I hope you get this concept. I have a strong preferrence for blue eyes and fit types. I am 5'5, 36D, in-shape but not anorexic lol, olive skin tone, and soft wavey brown hair. I love to shop, exploring new restuarants, museums, movies, the beach, I'm not a drinker though. Please be between 30-40 yrs old and don't lie about your age I will find out eventually lol :) Please send a cogent reponse and a recent picture and I'll do the same.

I am currently dating a married woman. I have known her for eight years, but we have just become romantically involved in the last four and a half months. I've known she has not been happy with her marriage for years and wants to end it, but she has not yet done so due to a variety of reasons. I'm certain that she does not love her husband -- I've met him before, and I cannot understand why she's with him at all.>>

i would love to know 20yr (96761, HI, Maui County)
if thier is someone out their like me some who is funny down to earth agressive logical nuturing .and someone who loves to go out or kick it back and relax .....i want a manly man not a little bitch whos over emotional and cant handle me being blunt and raw very wise beyond my years so i dont want noone under 25 italiana 5'2 and thick ...i need someone to be able to put me in my place when needed ..not fight back at me ...make me feel like a lady not have to use my defense mechanism and act like a dude

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Sarcasm... lol ) 23yr (96761, Lahaina, HI, Maui County)
Looking for True Love: Seeking a handsome,cologne wearing, sorry excuse of a man. Must not value toilet paper over alcohol and drugs. You can display addict behavior everyday and I will tell myself to stay by your side, to prove my love to you and get you through your problems. You will put drugs before me, and I will continue to lose the self esteem I had before you. Must get drunk to the point of projectile vomiting I feel that I should spend more time cleaning up stomach chunks from the man covered in puke in the shower possibly dying of alcohol poisoning. No need for strong erections or lasting longer than 30 seconds I like being disappointed. Serious inquiries only. Must know how to make me cry and be able to walk away. Multiple break ups a week a HUGE turn on! Must be willing to yell at me, and call me a cunt or bitch immediately putting your fist through a door or throwing a coffee pot after this is a HUGE plus! I really need someone to make me fearful in my own home, where I pay all the bills, since I am the only one with a job. Its absolutely imperative that you have no regard for what you do and say around my daughter, looking for someone to damage her for the rest of her life. Really looking for someone who has a long list of sexual partners, or better yet does not know how long the list is. Seeking a man around the age of 23-32 but the mentality of a 14 year old. If you are still reading this personal ad, and happen to have unpaid child support, a pregnant ex girlfriend, a crazy baby mama, or a baby that you have never seen PLEASE REPLY! Looking for a real winner, must not have a house with nice things in it, a car, or a license. A suspended license due to a DUI is a HUGE PLUS! Seeking someone to bring back that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach by yelling at me then disappearing for hours on end extra bonus if you can tell me that you were sitting on your sisters couch the whole time. If due to drugs, fraud and DUI's you have found that you are headed to the slammer, just got out of the slammer, have a 20 page rap sheet, or are wanted by the police you may just be the one for me. I will love you unconditionally and accept things that I never should settle for. I will waste years of my life, becoming damaged by the piece of shit that you are. I will watch as you do drugs and throw back a bottle along with our rent money. I will be the only person in the world who has your back and has faith in you. All I ask in return, is that you be willing to punch me, kick me, strangle me, and scream that you will kill me and destroy everything dear to my heart. Hurry up and reply, there are many other men out there more fucked up than your self, applying at this very moment! Don't miss the chance to be my next big train wreck! Oh and I almost forgot... if you could tell me a year into our relationship that you once gave another man head.... I will really love you forever! *** Please reply with a pic... and in case you didn't pick up on the sarcasm... GOOD men olny reply pls.

First try..... 40yr (Lahaina, 96761, HI )
Okay. here goes nothing :-) I am an independent woman that is spending too many nights and weekends with nothing much to do! I feel too young to be alone, but I also do not go into bars alone ~ not much of a drinker and do I really want to meet someone there??!! You see my dilemma? I am not interested in being the 'other woman' or a 'booty call', just to clarify that first out. What I am looking for is a man that has good morals, is educated and loves God and life! Do I really have to mention a job, home and car???? Also, I do not do drugs, do not smoke and am only a very light drinker ~ wine or beer with dinner okay, binges not okay! I love the outdoors, the beach and the springs in particular, movies, Harley motorcycles, dinner shows and all kinds of operas, operettas, musicals and rock concerts. Always open to trying new things...surprise me!! Being of northern European background I am tall , blond and HWP on the slim side. Write me something about yourself, include a picture to show me that you too are in shape to enjoy this world to it's fullest and I will respond with picture myself. Lets see if this works :)

Re:universe, I need a new boyfriend... 40yr (Lahaina, Hawaii )
why flag this? I don't get it. So some of the jokes might not be that funny, have you looked at the other ads out there? OMG! some of them are, shall we say, less than creative. Was it the picture of my dog? I know, a cute dog does not make for a cute woman, necessarily, but it's better than a picture of a trail in some woods or a sunset or something, at least she really is my dog! jeez... or was it the reference to libertarians and tea baggers? so what if I don't want to date a libertarian, what's it to you? I am sure you don't want to go to all the trouble of meeting me to find out we won't get along, I'm just sayin'... so here is the text again, with out the dog picture. this time, consider telling me what is so annoying rather than just flagging for removal. I appreciate honest communication! Universe, I need a new boyfriend So I am not sure if it is a good idea to tell the universe of this via list personals , but at the moment I am lacking other ideas... I am coming up on a year of being single, and it's getting boring, not to mention awkward, since pretty much everyone I know is part of a couple. About me: I am a mom, so all those guys who are uncomfortable with this please click on now. I have a 10 year old, and together we have several pets, so that makes me a busy mom. I have a job I usually love, a house I love, and I am reasonably financially secure. I like gardening, japanese garden tools , growing food, my bike, hiking in the hills, dogs in need of homes , reading good books, finding old furniture and stuff at flea markets or yard sales or urban ore, good food, coffee, a cocktail now and then. My car is old, my house is really old, and if the economy had to depend on me to be a consumer it would be in big trouble... I am fairly self sufficient. I like living in West Oakland, even though it has some serious issues, and some people like to holler too much--mostly about stuff I would prefer not to know. Someday if I move to higher ground it'll be because I am afraid west o. will be under the bay... that makes me really sad. For some reason, old guys think I am hot, I catch them checking me out. If men my own age do this perhaps they are just better at concealing it?, and old guys just don't care anymore? I am not sure what it means but I have noticed it. Physically, I am 5'8', 135, brown hair, not fat, not skinny, reasonably fit. Smallish ass, biggish tits, good legs. I think you could describe me as low maintenance...for example I don't usually wear much makeup, and I probably spend less than 10 minutes a week thinking about what my hair looks like. About you: It would be nice if you were in to some of the same things as me, but I am not looking for an exact replica of myself in dating for married form. Hopefully you have work that you love, or at least like, doing. I don't care if you make tons of money but at least you make a living and are reasonably happy about it. Outdoorsy types encouraged to reply, you are reasonably in shape too, maybe not a gym fanatic, but not a couch potato either. Besides, what good is a guy who doesn't have nice strong shoulders? Also, if I shake your hand and accidentally crush yours with my garden hardened hand that probably won't work out. Don't get me wrong, I sit in front of a computer 5 days a week too, but not the rest of the time. It'd be cool if you were a bit taller than me, see previous reference to shoulders. Please no republicans, tea baggers libertarians etc. I like self sufficiency, but I understand too well the need for that safety net. If you want to live free of the constraints of government, please move to Somalia, I hear the weather is lovely there. Also if you don't know the difference between libertarian and librarian, then don't reply. Librarians are sexy, libertarians not so much. Your picture gets mine, although I am more interested in what you write than a picture. I.e. give me something to actually respond to, and a picture, or not. thanks!

Finding Friends in Forest Grove 21yr (Lahaina, Hawaii )
I'm looking for friends here, as I don't have many, and maybe a boyfriend somewhere down the line. But taking things slowly is a good idea - if it's what you're looking for, I don't just jump right into sex, so look somewhere else. Me: 21 5'1 not skinny, not fat - just not in shape 'goth' if that's what you want to call it - really, I'm just me. That's the box I got put in. living in Forest Grove - for now loves industrial, metal, rock, and just about everything else loves animals - all of them. no exceptions brown hair, brown eyes 3 tattoos, 2 piercings honest, loyal, caring, loving headstrong spontaneous loves movies, concerts, etc... camping, hiking, traveling, exploring, etc... loves to try new things likes to be able to just be me. no pretences, no masks LOVES to meet new people and make new friends a bit socially awkward can't dance likes to sing - along with the radio LOVES Portland, OR - any part of the Pacific North West... is just a bit of a mental case - and loves every minute of it not working currently, though searching hopelessly for a job loves to have fun eats salad almost more than anything else, but loves chocolate dohnuts milfs be a bit childlike sometimes loves to cuddle has a love/hate relationship with zombies - they scare the fuck out of me! is fluent in icanhascheezburger, but isn't annoying with it ... yeah YOU: must be taller than me would liek for you to be in shape, even though i'm not DRUG FREE - that includes weed. I'm allergic. respectful, serious, loving, loyal, honest.... al lthat good stuff MUST have something in common with me NOT just looking for sex... good conversationalist my age or older, but not old enough to be my dad - that would be creepy... cuddly and fun yeah... Post your TV Show as your headline or your e-mail will most likely be deleted.... kthxbai.

So I'm dating this married girl. She's very cool and we only kissed a few times. She cheated on her husband before and I know damn well she is not in love with him. I could have slept with her at least twice but my morals said "NO">>

Single asian down to earth girl just looking to connect with someone and see where things go. So if you're interested in getting to know a nice, real girl email me and let's see if we connect.

Pointless, isn't it? 35yr (96761, Lahaina, HI)
To seek a stimulating dating for married without showing that you know how to stimulate. Pointless to ask for elegance without teasing elegantly. What else matters?

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