New to San Francisco... (Van Buren, 72956 , Crawford County)
I just moved here..And I am wondering how do people keep track of events in the city? is there a website u guys get emails from where u get avised of events..

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looking for the one 31yr (72956, Van Buren, AR, Crawford County)
I am a 31 year old from the bay area, Born and raised on the peninsula. I am looking for my mr right. Well I am pretty short in height between 5'1 and 5'3, medium built, short redish hair, and brown eyes. I have a great personality and good heart. I care alot for the people that are in my life. I am family oriented. . I go to the gym 3 times a week. I enjoy going to concerts, sporting events, movies, dancing, drinking, anything really. What ever it is that im doing I am always having fun. What Am I looking for. Lets see I dont' go for looks what I do go for is whats on the inside. Personality, and whats on the inside rather than whats on the outside. But I do have to say that a smile will just make me melt. So I guess what I do look for is a great smile. I am looking for someone who I can call if I am having a bad day and they can make me feel better, someone to text thru out the day and tell them I am thinking about them. Someone I can spend time with. I mean if I give you a 100% of my time I would pefer to have that back. I am not lookin for sex. that is the least of the problem. I guess I ask for alot. I just haven't found someone that can treat me the way I should be treated. Well If you respond to my ad I hope that you send a pic cause I will send one in return. Thank you for looking at my ad. I hope you find what ure looking for if I am not it. MY LOVE My love, I see you in my dreams; I feel you in my mind. You mean the whole world to me. I found what Iíve been trying to find, When I finally found you. Your smile. Your heart. The way you look at me. From that I canít stand to be apart. I need you in my life. I need you in my arms. Youíre the one I want to be with. With me you will see no harm. Iíd give the whole world to you, If thatís what you ask for. I already gave you my heart, And I'll give you so much more. I care for you so much, And I always will. If you move away, Iíll love you still. Iíll be with you always, Through thick or thin. Whenever you lose, Whenever you win. Iíll never leave you lonely, Iíll never leave you sad. Iíll be there when you want, And Iíll step back when youíre mad. I'm gonna love you forever. My feelings will never change, No matter where you go, Or how far out of range. You will always be the one, My one true love, The one I want, the one I'm dreaming of. You will always have a place in my heart, No matter what you do, Even when you leave, I will always love you.

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High Standards? 22yr (Van Buren, 72956, AR )
Let me start off by saying that you fellas out there have fantastic egos! You really think highly of yourself when you have little or nothing to offer. That's great and all, but I'm looking for a REAL man! :) I still haven't found what I'm looking for. I honestly don't believe I'm asking too much-I just have standards and expectations of the way a man should treat his lady and carry himself, that's all. -I'm looking for a WHITE male, age 25-30. I am sick of dating guys my age who don't have their crap together. If men are supposed to be ''tougher'' and ''harder-working'' then there is really no excuse as to why I can keep myself afloat and you cannot. Having said that, if you're 23 and have your feet planted firmly, we can talk. Just know that I don't play games and the minute you do, I'm gone. -Be educated. I'm not asking you to have a PHD but please use proper spelling/grammar. Don't send me an email saying ''pics?'' or ''hey, what's up shawdy?'' DELETE! -Please have a good job/career/transportation. I'm tired of sob stories about how you don't have money because you quit your job to go to Buzzfest. Really...?! Also, please be responsible with your money. My grandma would kill me if she were alive to see me reach for my wallet on a date. I don't mind pitching in on small stuff or if we're spending time as friends, but I'm not paying for your steak dinner. Roll up your sleeves-dishes are in the back. Also, you better take me to the car shows! I LOVE them! -Be ready for a possible relationship. If/when we meet, it will be as friends. We can spend time and get to know eachother to see if sparks fly. If you're not open to the possibility of an LTR, move aside. I'm not looking for a hook-up or anything remotely close to that. -Don't smoke/do drugs of any kind/drink too much. I'm not a ''party girl'' and never have been. I have too much going in my life to waste 0 on booze on a Friday night just to sleep all day Saturday. I'll have a few drinks, but that's it. -Watch your language. I'm not your mother, but have some respect. -Believe in God. I don't think I could date someone who didn't have faith. I'm not by any means perfect and I'm not going to preach to you, but I've thought about this and it's important to me. About Me! I'm a nice, single white girl.Long dark red/brown hair, blue eyes, curvy/full-figured but pretty active. I really do go for personality over looks. I love music, theater, comedy clubs, white water rafting, camping, sewing, SNL, decorating, photography... There are a lot of things! I'm extremely laid back and get along well with anyone who will show mutual respect. I have a great job that I actually love, my own place, and a big heart. I've had a rough life, especially in the past few years, but I've risen above it and I'm looking for someone to share life with. I'd rather be single for 100 years than spend 1 year in a miserable relationship. So...if that sounds appealing to you, let me know. I'd love to chat and see if we get along. If you don't match what I'm looking for, good luck. Never settle.

a little...lonely...ish... 21yr (72956, Van Buren, AR)
hello there, to state the obvious, I'm on list the same reason as you, I've found myself to be a little lonely. Sure, deny it all you want, but you wouldn't be on here if you didn't want to meet someone new. Well, we can be each others someone new :) Reply, and we can go out for drinks, coffee, dinner, movie, what have you, and get to know one another. I'm fun, funny, laid back, intelligent, and easy to get long with . I'm 5'7, blue eyes, dyed red hair, on the curvy side. . I don't have grand expectations, because you know what happens when you do, but if something grand does happen, all the better ;) Pic for pic ;)

Lovin' Life! 23yr (72956, Van Buren, Arkansas)
First Off:: I'm not going to be dat girl all of you guys are looking for. I'm going to be extremely frank. I am NOT lookin for ANY kind of sexual action. No one nighters, nsa whateva. No way. Move on to the next chick. Second, drugs are a really dumb way to throw away your potential. This includes squares. I dont understand y invest your cold hard cash into sumthin temp and unhealty? I'll tell you time you feel the need to light your money on fire, let me go blow it for u on a new purse. Deal? lol iight. So either you're turned off or impressed by now. Please dont even waste the time to type an email to tell me im shallow or stuck up or whatever.. I'm doing both of us a favor by being up-front-games are for kids andim too old to play.. And plus, if I were to find out you did drugs, I would prolly be that chicken head girl to report it. :) Have a nice day! If it turns out you are one of the few who agrees with the above, cool beans!! Then our new friendship is starting right I'm looking for friends first first, of course. Not married, no kids, no drama. I love music: Well i guess not all music I am not a big fan of rap or heavy metel.. I'm more alt/rock/indie/sometimes pop. A few faves: U2, DMB, Matchbox20, The Starting Line, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Queen, a bunch of local stuff, Red Hot Chili Peppers... you get the gist. I am SO down with watchin movies at the crib rahter than going out to the movies. It's kinda a lot of money, especially if you dont know if u will like the movie you're going to see. Plus, those theatre chairs make it kinda difficult to be close! :P I am old fashioned in a lot of ways, but I live in the real world and I certainly aint perfect. I can make and take a joke and sometimes I even show my ankles or my elbows! lmao Anyhoo, I'll close this up. I'm looking for friends first, like I said, but ultimately, someone caring, corny, humble, goofy, intellectual, independent and spontaneous. And if I were really picky, I'd say no piercings and no tattoos. Im generally not that attracted dating for married smaller guys just because I'm thoughtful. Muscular/tall/fillintheblank is wat i want. Yeah yeah, and white guys too. Just stating my preference. Does all that sound like a laundry list? and i didnt even mention the application lol j/p!!!

User-friendly post. 24yr (Van Buren, Arkansas )
I'm free-spirited gal here, looking for a fabulous somebody for the other end of the date table. I've been single since Jan and am starting to miss having a little wooing and romance, this is where you come in. I'd like to find someone compatible to milfs a standing date night. I'm not looking for a long term relationship or a booty call; Let's date. I would like someone to distract me from work and hiking, with some good clean fun and regular company. Could this lovely person be you? So what about these dates you ask? I suggest hiking to a seanic picnicking spot, mulling around a museum and getting a cup of tea, tagging along to do some community service, beer with homemade pizza and a movie at my house, or hanging out on the beach getting some vitamin D with a good book to share. I'm not really one for the bar scene but I enjoy meeting new people and house parties. About you, I'm hoping you'll be a non-nicotine smoker. Have amazing hand-holding skills that I can brag about to my friends. Exceptionally kind, fearless communicator, manifesting happiness around you. I find reading sexy. You'd enjoy my healthy cooking and appreciate the organic, farmer's market goodies in the many meals we'll share. You enjoy being around children, animals, and you compost. Or feel a little bit guilty about not composting. You're probably between 21-40, out, and are complimented frequently on your smile. I consider myself socially conscious, emotionally and physically healthy, outgoing on blind dates . I light candles, write letters and send flowers. I find patriarchy, racism and addiction distasteful and sad. I'm 5'3'', average build, and always wear chap-stick. I'm native to the San Diego area. I'm really excited to want to date you. Enough about meÖtell me more about you. When you e-mail me put your current favorites song in the subject line so I can sift you out from the spammers and send me a photo that I'll be able to recognize you on our first meeting. We are going to have so much fun together.

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Young and Restless wondering if anyone can get me going 30yr (72956, AR, Crawford County)
These descriptions are really difficult to write. Does anyone really get a true picture of who they are talking to by reading this paragraph? Well, I will tell you first and foremost I am a single Mom of an amazing 8 year old boy. He is what my world revolves around. I would love to meet someone that likes children and does not mind that I am a Mom and I dating for married my son with all my heart. That is not to say that we can not have our time I promise. I love to bowl , camp, go to the lake when its nice. I really like watching football and Nascar. I also like to play Poker again not the greatest at it but I do enjoy it. I would like to meet someone that wants to have fun, someone who enjoys life and is open minded and has an honest heart. Also someone that is family oriented as my family is very important to me. well if you did read all of this and still want to chat drop me a line if not good luck take care.

Life is too short-Single only need to apply Eastern Indian 38-48 (Van Buren, Arkansas )
Life is short so why settle for something your not lookng for? I am attracted to Eastern Indian or Latin Men that is dating for married and professionally together that has some time for a least a few hours a week and not just an hour or two...Love their cultural and spiritual background. Residence is irrelevant if we hit it off since things have a way of working themselves out it is meant to be. I am a positive lady who is looking for a companion, friend, lover for LTR.. I am not looking for a one night stand so if this is what you are looking for then we are not on the same page. please read no further. If it is, fabulous! I am a physically and spiritually fit Lady who is looking for the same. I am a French/Native American Irish Gal. Very feminine girly-girl that likes dressing as one but have no problem wearing jeans and boots from time to time. 5'''7', 150, green eyes, long brown hair almost to my waist I am looking for a tall man that is at least 5'11'' since I wear heels and don't want to look down at who I am with uncomfortable for both of us Seeking a man that is fit that respects his body and mind and soul. Places I love are museums art shows, live entertainment of all sorts. Love all types of music from techno to hard rock, and classical, and I love to dance!!! Favorite place in the world is the Ocean. It is my home away from home. It is where I do my meditating and reflections. I love to explore the Bay Area and all that it has to offer us rain or no rain I don't melt! Love to cook and sometimes just hanging out at home and catching a great comical movie and being goofy while cooking a good dinner. Things I love are a great glass of Merlot, Italian or Indian Cusine, Cat's, all types of animals, laughter and smiling happy positive people. If this sounds great to you I would love to hear from you along with a picture.Will not respond with out one other wise Tell me sone things about you, what you like what you still want to do with your life etc...Have a wonderful day!!!!