You've got to know how..... 39yr (Marion, 72364 , Crittenden County)
My fantasy…. So it’s Friday night, we are drinking a nice glass of wine, shootin’ the shit about the highs and lows of our week, actually communicating and not interrupting that with texts every five minutes from someone. I make that pesto pasta thing, I love that is embarrassingly easy. We discuss which random movie we want to watch on Netflix tonight….will it be the random documentary about artists from the 90’s that took popular ads and billboards, reworked them and showed them the hypocracy, that foreign film, the eye-candy animated one that just came out or the romantic one that you really wanted to see and thought it would be nice to snuggle up on the couch too? The cat is really chatty tonight and waits for us to settle on couch so she can find a spot to take over. We watch the movie, have some more wine, snuggle on the couch, say how pretentious that artist is, but his stuff is pretty cool and it reminds you of when you were in college. I rub the back of your head, you kiss the back of my neck, nibble my ear, you know the right buttons to push….fade to giggle and fireworks. Saturday night we decide to go out with the gang, grab a few drinks, maybe we will end up back at someone’s place to play board games or whatever. But the point is we have this great group of friends, that we all more or less get along with, they are there for us and we always have a good time and leave the evening thankful for such good friends and feeling like it was time well spent, we don’t feel drained we feel renewed. …and these people really never bring much drama, thank god. The best part about us is that we are honest and compassionately direct with each other. If something is going sideways, we find a way to talk about it, accept that sometimes to get to the good stuff, you have to process the bad stuff. Talking isn’t like pulling teeth, it actually feeds our relationship, we respect the other person’s perspective, we like each others querks , value each the other’s strengths and are gentle with each others weaknesses…not in an eggshell walking kind of way but in a “I know that’s a thing for you, if you wanna talk about cool, if not I’m gonna respect it and not emotionally crap on it”. The other great part about us is that the sex is just….well yeah awesome. We seem to have the same non-verbal-sexual-physical cues and when there is something the other person wants, they ask for it playfully, respectfully. There are times when it’s just animal and other times when it is just really good…when we just radiate bliss…or just connect. So here is me and my baggage: I am 39, but I look younger. I am a really straight forward person, but I am also a great listener and I am very compassionate. I can be tightly wound at times, but I am a work in progress, and a gentle nudge from those that love me on that front is greatly appreciated. I am trying desperately to be untangled from my marriage, but the other side is just not letting me move forward. I am so done, I have moved out, but I have some legalities to sort through and I don’t hate him. I am not petite, I am curvy, but like all things in my life a work in progress, my goal is to be healthy and the rest will fall in line. I am me, I will never be supermodel, but I know I am beautiful. I can been geeky: computer geeky, movie geeky, pop-culture geeky…..I can dork out with the best of them. Basically I am a happy person, I believe we make our own realities and we are responsible for the state our lives are in and if we don’t like it, it’s on us to change it. I'm not religious, don't go to church, think it's fine for other people just not my thing....that's thanks to hippy parents. I like artisitic stuff and people that are creative although personally I am more of a grounded organziational person myself. My dad did elevator construction and my mom is mask maker and jewelry designer so I am a combo. I am a bit granola, have a few tattoos, and generally open to what life has to offer...within reason. I am not in a rush, since it’s obvious that I am working through some stuff…but I know that life and perfect timing rarely if ever go hand in hand. I really like people, I like to talk….the best aphrodisiac for me is conversation ….smart, funny, thoughtful, with some back-bone in it, gets me every time. I am open to what life brings me, but I am hoping this post weeds out the jerks just playing the odds with no care for what the person is actually saying or looking for. Your deal: You have a really good positive sense of who you are, you don’t give a crap about what other people think of you…which is cool because that is my approach to. Life is too short to build your life around what other people think of you. But just because you don’t let others opinions dictate who you are doesn’t mean you’re an asshole. You have a good relationship with your family, your Mom in particular and you don’t need consult them 24/7 but they gave you a good foundation of love and security, so you don’t mistrust others because of it. You are cute in your own way, able to carry a decent conversation on varying levels . Your not obsessed with golf . You aren’t above being silly, but also know when the occasion calls for a bit more serious consideration. You pick up on what’s emotionally going on around you without needed a literal-overly-obvious translation. I don’t have a type really, looks aren’t critical, although chemistry is, and the combination of confidence and comfort in your own skin are mandatory 30ish-43ish. Please don’t be overly sensitive, too politically correct… lighten up Francis. ;0)Oh yeah and hopefully you smell good. I don’t know if what I am seeking is really a chick or what….but I would like to think that there is a man out there in the world who has had enough life experience to have clearly put together in his minds eye what he wants and he’s not afraid to seek that out, and just really gets what it means to connect. Maybe we can meet for coffee or drinks some time…not strings, no expectations, just a chance to get to know each other. I will provide pics if you do…. extra points if you know what my post title is from.

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Looking for a soulmate, build memories and leading a ltr 27yr (Marion, 72364, AR )
Hi . First at all I will set some requirements. please -Be single and available. No baggages, no ex wives around, no exgf in your head.I wnat somebody never married or divorced completelly. if you are finishing with the papers is ok.Not kids , even with the mom -Be between 24-33. -Be healthy, mentally and physically. I meant have a balance, do excercises sometimes. Be independent, employed, wnat to have a normal and sane relationship. -Don't do drugs. A social drinker is allright. No have problems with the cigarretes, or alcohol. -Be SDD free -Have a balance in your body. No overweight or very skinny. I like good body but I don't need a hot model. They go fast sometimes, but if your body is beautiful and you know appreacite a good woman is allright. -Be taller than me. I am 5.6, so taller than 5.8 it would be nice. - I don;t have a steryotype, but I prefer white, latino, mixed races. -Please have a good heart, and be kind of humble. what I want I want a great , beautiful ,growing relationship, if doesn't work as that we can have a good friendship. Basically I will start by a friendship and see how musch chemistry you can get. All must be natural or almost all. I will be cautelous about know eachother more, because when I fell in love I do wtih all the senses. But I am a stable person. I will support you emotionally and I wnat to receive the same.I need a person who will want to be in love looking for a goal of happiness later on. not just to spend time as a goal How I am -I am basically all that I ask. -I am easygoing, I have my ideas but I am tolerant too. -I am usually humble. -I can be the sweetest or the sexisest girl in the world. My friends doesn;t know that but I am like that.I just to be in love and everything will come out. -I am beautiful if you like latinas. I am not overweight, I will say I am fit and my hair is long. - I like to study and work. but I want you do too. I like -men who are hardworking, dreamers that do action, phylosophers, active, no perfect man, sweet and strong guys, men with goals. -I am willing to learn new activities that are not that extreme. why I am alone. many people says that is for the crazy schedule, busy, bad luck . I will says a littel bit of that but basically because nobody fillfulled my heart in many years. If there were a guy he just was not ready for a relationship. I want a guy who will share everything with me how I will do with him.Conecction of heart and body.I am not picky I just wnat soemthing real in thtaI will invest my time and heart. I am open to a beautiful friendship also, so there is a worth there too. Let me know about you, tell me what do you wnat form the life, what do you do for leaving, what do like in a relationship. send me a picture and will send you ne , bye pd; I don't need players, guys who look for a night of sex, insecure guys that never will know what they want. they could hurt my heart. I will have summer break so it would be good time to have enough time to know more eachother.

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Kick Ass! 19yr (72364, Marion, AR)
Hi...I just watched the movie Kick Ass, starring Aaron Johnson as the main character who attempts to become a real life superhero. Of course his real identity is just a nerdy teenager named Dave who likes reading comics with his friends, and who has never had any luck with girls. I think his character is adoreable and I want to meet a guy just like him. If you are a guy who looks anything like this picture, I wana meet you! Please send a picture along with your response and you'll get mine in return. Bye :)

Woman seeking man 29yr (Marion, Arkansas )
And by 29, I mean 31. So I'm going to tell you a few things that you would learn about anyway after spending any time with me. This can save time, so later on you won't be yelling, ''YOU BIG HEADED SLOB!!! WHY DID I EVER DATE YOU?!'' If you are that person, I am saving you a lot of trouble. So, let's start with the head. I have a very large head. You might not notice, because I'm a nice person so sometimes you don't notice faults like these, but I should tell you that yes, I do have a very large head. I think it's an Irish thing. My friend spent time working in Obstetrics and said that Irish babies have trouble lifting their heads because they are so large. I was able to overcome this issue when I was an infant, and my mother still brags that I was a very early head lifter. Also, I am a bit of a slob. I mean, my apartment is sanitary, it's just that there's stuff everywhere. I don't even know where the stuff comes from. I just moved from Manhattan to Queens, I'm in an apartment 3x larger than my previous one, and somehow my stuff has expanded. So, if you think you can handle a slob who might stretch out your hats, drop me a line. Otherwise, I've just saved you some time!

Sleeping single in a Double bed 45yr (72364, Marion, AR, Crittenden County)
My title says it all! Going to give this one more shot......... please guys....... no spam or married men! Recently divorced, looking for a friend and a lover. Yeah. i'm old enough to say it and want it but i dating for married have that special connection first. I'm not into the bar scene at all. I miss having somone to talk to and share daily experiences. I work, support my myself and my 2 teens. I just miss and crave adult conversation. I know that i look good for my age so i ask that you do too. Not a fitness buff but my job keeps me moving and active. I enjoy walks in the park. outdoor concerts, bowling, shooting darts, reading, cooking and curling up and being plain lazy! If you can relate........... send me an email, but please be UNMARRIED!

The heart and soul the fire down below 64yr (72364, Marion, Arkansas)
As Carly Simon sang so well in a song ''All I want is you, and the sexy hurricane that we share'' - someone who is active, dynamic, happy. I prefer clean shaven men, though I have met one mustache I would love to fall in love with, men over 5'8'' and not too big or too thin, healthy, sexy, strong, single and unattached, and has an ongoing passion of some milfs I don't want a man Who tiptoes up the stairs No I don't I am strong, healthy, not to thin and not too big, sexy, happy, active, single, looking to be attached, and have an ongoing passion for photography, the arts, nature, and what makes people tick. Chemistry and common ground is very important. Live within 20 miles of the middle of what is referred to as the Peninsula. So chase me 'round the room Make me crazy like the moon

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If you want a friend, feed any animal... 24yr (72364, AR, Crittenden County)
Bounus points if you know what song my title is from. I am domesticated but I'm also a fearless warrior. I would consider myself to be brawny until it's time to be delicate. I'm very intuitive to my surroundings and the people close to me. I can be oblivious to a knock knock joke but I also have a quick wit about me. I'm charming, creative, and curious. I love music and movies I have good taste but I also have my guilty pleasures. I like to read, garden, and make jewelry. I'm 24, live in SE, and I'm a buxom woman. You are funny, sometimes sarcastic, and adventurous. You're intelligent, romantic, and have manners. You appreciate a good beer but enjoy the highlife. You're ready to learn and teach. You're a swashbuckling gentleman. Be atleast 25 to 37, have a source of income, and have dating for married place of your own. Please send a picture too. I like tall , tattooed, dark hair boys but I'm not limited to. We exchange a few emails or maybe some texts and go from there. We want to get along, laugh together, and have a good time doing whatever. Happy Hunting-Samantha

RE: Single Mom dating for married 54yr (Marion, Arkansas )
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